10 Best Games Like Infamous That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Games Like Infamous

Sucker Punch Production and Sony Computer Entertainment developed and distributed the action-adventure video game Infamous.Second Son. It has a similar gameplay style to its predecessor, Infamous, and lets the user manage the protagonist’s superpowers, which he can utilize in combat to destroy his enemies. The game is set in a fantastical setting, and the player can choose to go around by foot or vehicle. Desperately battling an organization called (D.U.P) Department of Unified Protection, Delsin Rowe is the protagonist of the story’s narrative. Because the game is played in third person, there are no restrictions on the player’s movements. You will need to complete missions and fight against enemies with your super powers and advanced weapons in order to obtain experience and money that can be used to unlock additional content. Second Son is the best game to play and enjoy because of its upgraded mechanics as well as captivating gameplay and stunning graphics.

#1 Saints Row 4

Saints Row 4

Action-Adventure, Science Fiction, RPG and Third-Person Shooter are just few of the genres that make up Saints Row 4. Saints Row 4 begins where Saints Row left off. It was the end of the third. The leader of the Third Street Gang ascends to the position of president of the United States, and the course of history is forever altered. An alien invasion is on the verge of taking place after the Third Street Saints’ defeat of the criminal organizations. When it comes to defending the United States and the Third Street Gang, the protagonist and his band of Third Street Saints go all-out. The President (Third Street Saints Boss) confronts Zinyak and kills him in a violent struggle before moving on to the Steelport gang alliance, which he destroys with all his might and manpower and ultimately defeats Zin’s men. Zin Time Trave Device gets the new leader, the Boss, and he travels back in time to fix all of the mistakes made by his predecessors. Only Third Street Saints reign as an undisputed authority, and their leader is still elected president of the United States, despite the fact that Zin invasion and the gangs never appear on the planet’s surface.

#2 Just Cause 3

Rico Rodriguez, the hero of the Just Cause series, is back in Just Cause 3 for another action-packed adventure. Let loose your Wrath and unleash Chaos in ways that are inconceivable to the majority of players in this new version of the game, which allows you to explore a 1000-square-mile environment. A Power Hungry Dictator is in power in the Republic of Medici, and General Di Ravello is the most violent man history has ever seen, according to the plot. Rico Rodriguez, the protagonist, must once again journey to the Republic of Medici. To save Medici, you must enter General Di Ravello’s inner circle and eliminate his authority and hold on the city. Just Cause 3’s addicting and intriguing goals are met with a wealth of new Perks, Weapons, Gadgets, and Vehicles that players can find. You can cause massive explosions and demolish military bases, mega structures, harbors, and anything else you want with the ability to Sky Dive, Base Jump, and Free Dive, as well as use Grapple, Parachutes, and Wingsuit to reduce distances. You can also use these features, as well as many others, to immerse yourself in an amazing and quite brilliant world.

#3 inFAMOUS First Light

inFAMOUS First Light

Sony Computer Entertainment and Sucker Punch Productions have released inFAMOUS: First Light, a standalone DLC (Downloadable Content) pack of action, adventure, and single-player content. Play as Abigail Walker, a young woman with superhuman powers, in this action-adventure videogame. The story takes place in a gorgeous setting, which is shown through the eyes of a third-person protagonist. Neon powers are used by the player to defeat monsters and traverse the terrain as she attempts to complete several stages. Curdun Cay, a fictional jail in Seattle, is the subject of the game. Action Adventure, Third-Person and Open World aspects are all present in this game. To become the master, the player must complete all of the stages, defeat all of the enemies, and complete all of the side objectives. It is possible for the player to soar through the air and leap from building to building to reach their destination. There are many missions to choose from, and each one has specific goals that must be met. This amazing game, inFAMOUS First Light, has it all: great features, enthralling gameplay, and stunning visuals.

#4 Sleeping Dogs

Sleeping Dogs is an action-adventure video game set in Hong Kong’s stunning natural setting. As an undercover cop, Wei Shen joins a triad of Sun On Yee gangsters in order to bring down their organization. Using your fighting, shooting, and parkour talents, you may take on your foes in a thrilling and interesting game play. In an open environment, you have the option to stroll, run, battle other pedestrians, operate various vehicles, and even fly planes. Sleeping Dogs allows you to participate in both law enforcement and criminal activities simultaneously, which adds to the game’s intrigue. You always have a variety of melee and rifle weapons at your disposal. It’s hard to beat Sleeping Dogs as an action-adventure shooter because of its realistic graphics, gripping narrative, vast open-world, and exhilarating gameplay. Do give it a whirl.

#5 The Last of Us


NaughtyDog’s The Last of Us is a post-apocalyptic action-adventure game with third-person shooting and interactive drama elements. This game is one of the best in its category because of the combination of horror, survival, and role-playing elements. Joel and Sarah, his daughter, are at the center of The Last of Us, a zombie apocalypse drama in which the Cordyceps Fungus has turned most of humanity into monsters and the undead. It’s a vicious cycle that continues until there are no more of them left to be found. The gunshot that killed Sarah as she was scavenging for food and supplies was fired by Joel, who was waging a war against the authorities and everyone with a gun against them. Smuggling weapons and ammo into the country becomes his main business, and he begins looking for Robert to buy them from him. During his encounter with Robert, Joel reveals to him that all of the weapons have been sold to a rebel group called Fire Flies. After Tess assassinates Robert, she joins forces with Joel, and Ellie follows suit, as they set out to take out the leader of the Rebellion. This is the point at which you assume control of Joel and begin your journey through the play. You’ll have to lead your team against the insurgents who are spreading the Cordyceps Fungus in the real world. There are a variety of weaponry at your disposal in the game, so you must get to the Rebel Head and kill him before he kills you or your team members. One of the best video games out now, The Last of Us has a terrific mix of several storylines that are woven together in a dramatic fashion and put on a show for you to enjoy.

#6 Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition

Slumdog Millionaire is a single-player, action adventure video game that has been remastered for the next generation of gamers. It includes all twenty-four previous DLC packs, including the North Point horror theme, and more. Also included are improved mechanics, responsive controls, a detailed setting, and enjoyable audio effects. The game is set in a fictional setting, and you play as the protagonist, tasked with navigating Hong Kong’s congested streets and highways to complete his assignment. According to the tale, Hong Kong has been taken over by the most dangerous criminal organization in the world. You take on the role of Wei Shen, an undercover officer tasked with taking down a criminal gang before they can wreck the city. It is possible to participate in the war and to use martial arts in order to fight against hand to hand fighting. Ultimate Playground, Epic High Speed Thrill, Open Environment, Weapons, different Vehicles, and more can be found in the Sleeping Dogs.Definitive Edition. You’ll enjoy it if you give it a shot.

#7 Gravity Rush Remastered

Gravity Rush Remastered

Developed by Japan Studio and published by SCEA, Gravity Rush Remastered is an action-adventure role-playing game with a third-person perspective. Kat, the game’s protagonist, is a powerful young woman who is fighting to secure her future in a world that is collapsing around her. The only one who can save Hekseville, a floating metropolis, is the protagonist, who has tremendous gravity skills. The protagonist, on the other hand, is said to have lost her memory and was unaware of her past. Kat, the player character, must traverse the globe from a third-person perspective while engaging in combat and collecting points. To help the player recollect her past, she must overcome numerous barriers and defeat a variety of adversaries in order to progress through the game’s various levels. Beautiful 3D world and upgraded graphics are featured in the game. There are more than 600 comic book-inspired illustrations to choose from. Gameplay, graphics, and user interface all receive a significant upgrade in Gravity Rush Remastered. Take a stab at it.

#8 Just Cause 3 XL

In Just Cause 3 XL, Avalanche Studios and Square Enix have created an action-adventure, third-person perspective, and single-player video game. Sky Fortress, Bavarium Sea Heist (as well as Mech Land Assault) are all included in this updated version of the Just Cause 3 video game series. An evil dictator known as Di Ravello is enslaving Italy’s Medici Republic known as The Mediterranean, according to the plot. Rico Rodriguez, the game’s protagonist, is a guy who sets out on an epic adventure to destroy General’s grip on power. Take use of the contemporary weapons and the expansive open world to explore in any way your imagination can conjure up, as well as the more than 400 kilometers of total freedom from the sky to the seabed. He can look around the world from a third-person perspective, engage in combat with foes, and take them out for points by employing equipment and gears. Bundles such as Just Cause 3, Flame Wingsuit and Parachute Skins, Just Cause 3.Sky Fortress, and more are included in the XL version of Just Cause 3.

#9 Uncharted


Uncharted, developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment, is an action-adventure computer game and a third-person shooter. The plot revolves around Nathan Drake, Victor Sullivan, and Elena Fisher, three treasure hunters. Victor Sullivan is a veteran treasure hunter, while Elena works as a journalist in the video game. Along with their partners, the trio sets out on a global treasure hunt and investigates some of history’s most enduring mysteries. More than 17 million copies of Uncharted: Drake’s Deception, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune II, Uncharted: Drake’s Deception III, and Uncharted: Drake’s Deception IV have been sold worldwide. Uncharted has a unique and interesting storyline for all of the action-adventure and shooting games in the Uncharted series. As a result of the great setting and portrayal. Among the many appealing aspects of the Uncharted series are the captivating plots, memorable characters, a wealth of available upgrades, the numerous locations to explore and the swarms of foes to face.

#10 Mafia 3

Developed by Hanger 13 and published by 2K, “Mafia 3” is the third fantastic installment in the Mafia series. Players assume control of Lincoln Clay, the game’s protagonist, in this action-adventure game with open world and shooting aspects. In 1968, in a fictional city called New Orleans, the story takes place. the orphan protagonist and his Vietnam veteran partner form a new criminal gang to take on the Italian mob. You can play the game as Lincoln Clay, who must avenge the deaths of his companions at the hands of the local crowds. Play through hard missions with a variety of iconic weaponry, vehicles, and scenery. Make your way through the game’s world by defeating adversaries with a variety of weapons. Completing objectives will provide you access to more regions of the game. The basic features of Mafia 3 are Exciting Missions, various Vehicles, 3D Open Environment, Upgradable Weapons, and more. Compared to other Action Adventure games, Mafia 3 is the best.