10 Best Games Like Pokemon For PC That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Games Like Pokemon For PC

For those who adore the Pokémon series, these releases should be a welcome addition.

One of the most successful video game franchises ever is the Pokemon series. Since its inception, it’s become the most successful video game franchise of all time, with adaptations in just about every medium imaginable. In terms of sales, Pokemon Sword and Shield have been the best-selling Pokemon games since Gold and Silver in 1999. First of all, they’re the first Pokemon games to incorporate paid DLC packs, the second of which was released in late 2020.

The new and old legendary Pokemon, as well as many of their Galarian versions, can be found in the Crown Tundra. It’ll keep players occupied for a while, but no new material has been revealed, so it’s only a matter of time before they’re left with a hole the size of Pokemon. Fortunately, there are a number of games that are similar to Pokemon, and while none have been able to surpass the success of the series, many have come close in terms of playability..”

10. World Of Final Fantasy

World Of Final Fantasy

Square Enix’s World of Final Fantasy is one of the many spin-offs of the Final Fantasy series. Many people compare it to the Pokemon games, however there aren’t many parallels beyond the fact that you catch monsters in both games. While this may be a distinguishing characteristic of the Pokemon series, in World of Final Fantasy, the training and battle mechanics that go along with it are simply absent.

World of Final Fantasy, on the other hand, will not let down die-hard Final Fantasy fans. Many of the monsters in this collection will be known to fans, but there are also some newcomers to the collection. If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy, you’ll enjoy this one the most. Chibi art, on the other hand, may not be to everyone’s liking.

9 Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

The Higgledies in Ni No Kuni II.Revenant Kingdom aren’t quite as numerous as Pokemon’s, yet it’s impossible to look at them and not be reminded of Pokemon. Each has a special affinity for a particular element and a set of four combat moves. Although there aren’t as many as in ‘catch ’em all,’ they have the same vibe.

Although Ni No Kuni II’s tale doesn’t focus on Higgeldies, their influence in gameplay is undeniable. In addition, selecting a team of Higgeldies necessitates the same amount of forethought as choosing a Pokemon squad. There may not be as much substance, but there’s still a lot of charm in this story.

8 Jade Cocoon: Story Of The Tamamayu

Jade Cocoon Story Of The Tamamayu

The PlayStation RPG Story Of The Tamamayu is one of the most overlooked. In terms of gameplay and plot, it’s still a fantastic experience. The game has a striking resemblance to Pokemon, but it also has its own unique twists. Even if some of its ideas don’t quite work out, it’s clear what the developers were going for.

Minions can be summoned and employed in battle in Jade Cocoon. Breeding and fusing them together is possible, and there are a total of 175 of them. Minions can be collected easily because of the catch level, which is a gaming mechanic that makes catching more Minions easier the more you capture. Such an idea would fit right in with a present day Pokemon game.

7 Monster Sanctuary

Before turning to Kickstarter, Monster Sanctuary began as a side project for its author. The game was picked up by publisher Team17 after a successful crowdfunding effort and has now expanded much beyond its original scope. As an early access title on Steam, the game has been in development for about a year and is expected to be a terrific experience.

In order to take on wild monsters and other monster keepers, gamers assemble their own teams of monsters. As in many Pokemon games, the player can choose a companion monster to accompany them outside of combat. While Pokemon can be used to help players go around the game’s world, the following creatures have special abilities that can be used to aid them in their exploration. Another reason to be eager for the game’s complete release has been added to the follow mechanic.

6 Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy Of The Duelist: Link Evolution

Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy Of The Duelist Link Evolution

Given its widespread appeal and extensive history, the Yu Gi Oh! series should require no introduction. Despite the fact that many are familiar with the concept, Yu Gi Oh!Legacy Of The Duelist may surprise some. LINK EVOLUTION is truly remarkable.

In terms of gameplay, it’s more like Pokemon trading card games than a Pokemon video game. For those who enjoy the tactical aspects of the Pokemon franchise, the game’s depth of combat and wide range of creatures make it an ideal choice.

5 Yo-Kai Watch 3

If you want to see all the series has to offer, you’ll have to settle for playing Yo Kai Watch 3 until Yo Kai Watch 4 is available in the Western world. Fortunately, it’s one of the best games in the series and contains a variety of playable characters and interconnecting plotlines..

Allow users to become friends with and fight with Yo Kai in the games of Yo Kai Watch. They can grow into more powerful versions of themselves, and there are even legendary Yo Kai for players to befriend in this game. Pokemon fans will recognize the similarities, yet it’s distinct enough to feel like a fresh experience.

4 Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth

Digimon and Pokemon’s rivalry is almost as well-known as Ash’s and Gary’s. Digimon and Pokemon fought it out in the late ’90s, and although Pokemon won, Digimon has never been really defeated. In Japan, it’s still a huge hit, and many Western players have good recollections of the series.

Pokemon and Digimon Story share many similarities, but there is a great chance that anyone who enjoys Pokemon will find something to like in both video games. Digimon Story is without a doubt the best of the bunch. Although many of the older Digimon Story games are excellent, Cyber Sleuth is by far the best.

3 Dragon Quest Monsters

Dragon Quest Monsters was compared to Pokemon when it was first published in North America, and for good cause. After a while, the series has become self-sufficient and no longer relies on the success of other IPs to continue. It’s huge in Japan, and it’s starting to gain traction in the West as well.

Akira Toriyama’s unique art style and some very different mechanics are still present, but they’re matched by the game’s familiarity with Pokemon. You can play it in a matter of minutes, but if you put in the effort, you’ll get a lot more rewarding experience out of it.

2 Nexomon: Extinction

Nexomon Extinction

Extinction of a Pokemon-like clone may be detrimental to the game itself. While it has many of the same features as Pokemon, there is a strong case to be made that it is a superior version of the franchise.

While the game’s excellent cast of people helps bring its plot to life, its stamina system compels players to change their teams on a regular basis rather than merely focusing on a core group. The Nexomon are all well-designed, and the dialogue is full of witty asides. Even if the edges are a little rough, the pieces all work together perfectly.

1 Temtem

Pokemon, despite recent changes in Nintendo’s approach to mature themes, remains a family-friendly experience. As a result, more experienced gamers may find the series’ writing and challenge to be lacking. In comparison to Grand Theft Auto, Temtem’s themes and level of difficulty are more appropriate.

It’s a graphically stunning game that’s exceptionally well-balanced. Now that we have a better look at it, it’s hard to believe that this is a Kickstarted project. Even though it’s still in Early Access, it’s already sold over 500,000 units. This might be a big challenge for the Pokemon franchise when Temtem is released in full early next year.