11 Best Games Like People Playground That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Games Like People Playground

By mestiez, the People Playground video game is a Casual, Puzzle, and Solo-Player video game. Throughout the course of the game, the player must find numerous ways to kill a stymied character. The player must come up with a fresh way to get rid of the on-screen persona every time. It’s appropriate for adults because of the spooky horror sequences, which can startle children.

The main figure can be stabbed, burned, poisoned, or crushed in addition to being shot. Tanks, electrical conductors, and poisons are just a few of the many weapons available in the game. The player is able to build machines and use them to kill the main character, which is a novel twist.

Explore the world, find new ways to murder, discover new things to utilize, and apply logic to build machines. Multiple Death Scenarios, Adult Playability, Crafting, and Many Objects are all essential characteristics of People Playground.

#1 Beat the Boss 4

Beat the Boss 4

Android and iOS versions of Beat the Boss 4 are available for download from the Game Hive Corporation. Gameplay centers on revenge-seekers who desire to exact their revenge on their bosses and coworkers. There are a plethora of new items to discover and put to use throughout the course of the game. There are several levels, and each one has the same gameplay. Select your weapon and delve into the gaming world where you can defeat your boss in your own unique style. To get the most out of the game, make it to the end of every level and get all the points you can. Using guns, kick and punch him, and providing him with all the facilities he is entitled to, shoot your employer. Beat the Boss is back with a bang, and this time it’s better than ever. The game has over ten maps and over thirty stages, and the player has the ability of customizing anything from their weaponry to their bosses to their stages. Premium weapons, unique bosses, multiplayer, over 180 handcrafted bosses, and more are included in Beat the Boss 4. You’ll enjoy it if you give it a try.

#2 Beat the Boss 2

Game Hive Corporation developed the Android and iOS action, puzzle, and single-player game Beat the Boss 2. Players seeking vengeance on their bosses will find a plethora of tools, weapons, and equipment in the game. It tells a tale about a resurrected boss who intends to ruin your life. You’re not the kind of person who just goes along with everything the boss says. To retaliate against your boss, you can use magical powers, lethal weapons, and deadly swords, as well as deadly poisons. There are several new features in this follow-up to Best the Boss. Reward points can be used to unlock more content in the game after completing your mission. Over the course of the game’s seven stages, players will face various bosses and uncover new mysteries. More than 80 skull-cracking, nerve-racking, and bone-breaking weapons are included. The key elements of Beat the Boss 2 include Funny Moments, Premium Weapons, a New Way to Play, and New Maps, among other enhancements. You’ll enjoy it if you give it a shot.

#3 Office Zombie

Office Zombie

Fluik, the developers of Office Jerk, have created a fantastic Action, Puzzle, and Single-player video game called Office Zombie. It’s a lot of fun to play, and there are dozens of different things the player may use to ruin the undead zombie’s day. There are a number of stages, each with an own set of gaming elements. The game was inspired by Beat the Boss 2 and has a wide variety of elements to keep the player engaged and entertained. In order to keep a zombie at bay, the primary goal is to finish its work and create a huge nuisance for it to deal with. Strike zombies in the face and shoulder with a voodoo doll or other strange object, such as a chainsaw or skull. By accumulating enough points, you’ll be able to activate the undead humorous reactions. Completing each level and getting the most points possible is the finest way to challenge your friends. As the player progresses through the game, new stuff is unlocked. More than 20 items can be used to torture the zombie and complete the checklist in Office Zombie’s key features. This is a must-have app.

#4 Office Jerk

You may play Office Jerk on the Android and iOS mobile platforms made by Fluik. If you’re a fan of bosses, you’ll adore this game. It’s both challenging and rewarding. You can use a variety of weapons and things to inflict pain on them and gain points that can be used to unlock new content. Immerse yourself in an exhilarating gameplay experience in which your main goal is to damage the guy and fend him off by working.

At higher levels, you’ll be able to use more powerful weapons. Fishbowl, ice cream, blue water balloon, mousetrap, cheesy button, fire extinguisher, zombie mask, and more can be thrown. Office Jerk has more than 30 items, including the ability to master the Office Jerk, complete daily challenges, receive thrilling rewards, and unlock amusing reactions. This is an excellent game that will keep you entertained for a long period of time.

#5 Kill the Bad Stickman Boss

Kill the Bad Stickman Boss

Get rid of the Bad Stickman. Boss is an Android Action/Puzzle game that you can play right now. Role-playing and puzzle components are combined in this game, which delivers an engaging experience in which you must assassinate your evil boss in his own unique style. Weapons include rocket launchers, pistols, machine guns, and more. Create a torture room and put your boss in it to inflict the most severe agony on him. Take revenge on the terrible boss and give him what he deserves now that the boss’s time is over. In order to obtain more powerful tools for torturing your opponent, you must defeat the boss in successive stages and rack up the maximum possible score. Similar to the Beat the Boss series in terms of gameplay The main elements of the game are tap and drag controls, a variety of weapons, and the ability to smash your boss’s face. You’ll enjoy it if you give it a try.

#6 Kick the Buddy: Second Kick

KICK THE BUDDY: SECOND KICK for Android and iOS is a combination action-puzzle game. Exciting gameplay and a range of weapons and things are provided. To retaliate against the pal, there’s an opportunity to do so. In order to please himself, the player can use any means necessary to harm, burn, toss, or blow up his companion. Throughout the game, you’ll encounter a variety of challenges that keep things fresh and interesting. It has a similar style of gameplay to the Beat the Boss series. In order to progress, the player must complete each level’s goals and earn three stars. It gets more difficult as the game progresses. First-time gamers will appreciate the tutorials and directions included in the game. It’s impossible not to love Kick the Buddy: Second Kick thanks to its amazing features, engaging gameplay, intuitive controls, and stunning visuals and audio. Try it out, and you’ll have a good time with it..

#7 Whack the Boss

Whack the Boss

TerranDroid has developed Whack the Boss, an action, puzzle, and single-player video game for Android and iOS devices. As you go through the game, you will have the option to defeat your boss and earn incredible gifts. Your options for dealing with the boss are nearly limitless. Your boss can be defeated with a wide assortment of weapons, goods, and tools. To get the most points, you must clear each level to the best of your ability. You can kick the boss, fire him with a machine gun, and use nuclear missiles to slash him up. As a result of the game’s customizability options, you are able to alter the face of the boss and add a genuine picture of your boss to the character. 3D Physics-based stages, fantastic graphics, customizability, over 80 weapons, upgrades, and more can all be found in Whack the Boss. You’ll enjoy it if you give it a shot.

#8 Kick the Buddy

Crustalli created and released Kick the Buddy, an iOS action, puzzle, and single-player game. The game has a variety of weapons, tools, and wacky equipment that you can use to wreak havoc on your friends. The game has a lot of fun and is specifically made for gamers who wish to avenge themselves against their boss, friends, and other people. The player must proceed through each level in order to continue the game and gain access to additional content. The player and a friend can do anything they can think of, including shooting, exploding, firing, freezing, and exploding. Give him a go at proving his mettle on the wacky assignments and rack up the experience points necessary to advance to the next level. Once a level is completed, the player is given money, and he can use it to buy weapons, explosives, and other stuff to use in creative ways against his companion. Shoot your friend with a variety of weapons and get lost in the puzzle action. Take a spin and enjoy yourself.

#9 Pushing Hands: Fighting Game

Pushing Hands Fighting Game

Henne Inc. produced the Android and iOS game Pushing Hands: Fighting Game for the casual sports and single-player genres. When the player is an attacker or a defender, they must use turn-based fighting to assault or protect their character. There are two buttons on the screen, one for attacking and one for defending.

The defend button protects the player from the opponent’s attack, while the attack button allows the player to engage in combat. In order to avoid losing the game, the player must construct a solid defense and try to assault the opponent with more power. A counter-attack will be triggered if the player strikes the opponent at a specified time that will result in victory for the player.

The game features a variety of characters, each with a unique set of abilities to protect and attack. As the game progresses, the player has the option of unlocking new characters or enhancing the abilities of characters they already own. Defend or attack, turn-based combat, upgrades, and many characters are all part of Pushing Hands: Fighting Game’s fundamental features.

#10 Slap Thy Neighbor

A Casual, Action, and Multiplayer video game developed by Moong Labs called Slap Thy Neighbor. For a two-player match, the purpose is to bring down your opponent’s power as rapidly as possible.

It is possible to play three, five, seven, or seventeen rounds of the game in a single match; the player who has won the most matches wins the match. To win, a player must rack up a large number of points from each strike. If a player misses a hit, the other player has a golden opportunity to take control of the match.

If you miss your shot, your opponent will have an opportunity to capitalize on your mistake and win the game. Players can compete with their friends and family to see who can slap the ball the farthest. Features such as Duel Player Gameplay, Challenges and Addictive Gameplay are included in the Slap Thy Neighbor game.

#11 Slap That: Winner Slaps All

The Winner Slaps That: Lion Studios has released All, an action-adventure game for Android and iOS, as a single-player and multiplayer title. The player acts as a slapper and must slap their opponents to win the match. Each battle offers two chances to acquire the opponent’s power-down; if the player could not get the competitor down in the restricted hits, the opponent wins.

The player can compete with their buddies to see who is the best slapper in the world. The opponent has a golden opportunity to win the match if the player misses a shot. In this case, aim at the opponent’s face, and if the player fails to do so, the other players can take their turns.