10 Best Open World Games IOS That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Best Open World Games IOS

When people talk about open-world games, games like Red Dead Redemption 2, Skyrim, and Minecraft come to mind. This is a good thing. Players who like games with big worlds want to play them in a way that consoles and PCs can store.

Many open-world games can be found on consoles or PC, but there are a lot of interesting places to visit on mobile. The mobile games market is one of the least-known parts of the games industry. There are a lot of different types of games for people who like to play games, from casual to competitive. There are also a lot of open-world games on mobile that aren’t on other platforms.

The Legend of Neverland

The Legend of Neverland

The Legend of Neverland is a JRPG that fans of the genre will want to check out, so The game has a lot of different people and things to do in a big world. The Legend of Neverland has four different classes that players can switch between. It’s easier to make each class unique because each class has a skill tree of its own.

Also, players can dye their clothes in the game to make them look like they have their own style. Besides fishing, cooking, and mining, there are a lot of ways to relax, from fishing and cooking to fishing and mining. The Legend of Neverland can be found on both IOS and Android.

Stormfall: Saga of Survival

It’s called the Eastern Marches in Stormfall: Saga of Survival, and it’s a wasteland where people have to fight to stay alive. People who play the survival MMORPG will have to hunt for food and look for water and resources. In this game, players will make the things they need to make their campsite even better. The game also has ways to learn powerful magic through runes to protect yourself and improve your tools and equipment. There is now Stormfall: Saga of Survival available on both Android and IOS.

Dawn of Isles

Dawn of Isles

During Dawn of Isles, players can build their own island paradise from the ground up in a world full of colour. During the game, players will need to gather resources and build workshops and piers to make, process, and sell goods. Besides gathering and building, players can also tame exotic pets and play fishing games that are easy to play. You can learn a lot more about your pet’s skills by exploring the world. Also, in Dawn of Isles, players can choose from a wide range of weapons and skills to set up their own unique fight styles. Dawn of Isles is now available on both Android and IOS, so you can play it.

Perfect World Mobile

In Perfect World Mobile, you can only use it on your phone or tablet. The mobile MMORPG got a huge makeover and a huge open world. Fantasy game fans can take part in hot air balloon races, test their teamwork as they fight the Dragon God on the high seas, and learn a lot of new things.

Choose from eight different classes: Soul Hunter, Cleric, Wizard, Blademaster, Archer, Barbarian, and Vulpine are some of them. Each class is good at different things when it comes to fighting, from taming powerful pets to dealing a lot of damage with your body. Perfect World Mobile can be used on Android and iOS.



For people who want to play a game that is more relaxed and casual, Wilderless should be on their list. In Wilderless, there are no enemies or quests. Instead, there are miles of untamed wilderness for players to go on adventures and find new things to do. Wilderless wants players to enjoy the quiet times and to take in as many views as possible. The single-player open-world game was made by a single indie developer and is ad-free for mobile devices. Players can also fly through the sky as a hawk, skate on frozen lakes in the north, and take pictures in photo mode. Wilderless can be found on Android and iOS.


In the mobile game Flight, players will take on the role of a monk who turns into a raven to venture across the world. Players will fly through the valleys and mountains of Nepal. There are no enemies or dangers that threaten the player, leaving them free to hover in the wild. While the primary gameplay mechanic is exploring the open world through flight, players are able to transform back into a monk to explore the jungle floor and underground. Flight is available on Android and IOS.

Forsaken World: Gods and Demons

Forsaken World Gods and Demons

The game Forsaken World: Gods and Demons is a fantasy RPG that can be played on your phone or tablet. The game has a colourful world with a lot of amazing landscapes and hidden things.

Players can set up and join guilds and build guild fortresses to help them plan with their friends. At any time, players can change their class or specialise in the skills that they want. Forsaken World also lets players specialise in the skills that they want. Players can go on a new adventure every time they log in, from dungeon crawling to dragon slaying. The game’s dynamic gameplay lets them do that. Forsaken World: Gods and Demons can be played on Android and iOS, as well as on PC.


Baldo is a new open-world adventure game that has a magical land full of mysteries for you to explore and solve. The game also has a lot of hard puzzles that you can solve, as well as very complicated dungeons.

On your journey, you’ll meet people you’ll never forget. Some of them will help you in your fight to decipher the prophecy and thwart destiny. You’ll face dangerous enemies, find new towns, and collect magical items that will let you use powerful new weapons.

Crash Drive 3

Crash Drive 3

After the success of Crash Drive 2, this new game is even better than the first one. It has a lot more features and a bigger open world to explore. Monster trucks and tanks are some of the powerful vehicles that you drive in the game, which takes place in an open-world setting.

You can drive on your own and compete with other people in multiplayer completions, which are fun. It’s up to you how far you want to go. You can go to the forest, storm the castle, enter the saloon in the wild west canyons, or enjoy ice drifting in the arctic snow. As you can see, the fun doesn’t stop there. There are a lot of other places you can go in this game.

Genshin Impact

If you play Genshin Impact on your phone, it’s one of the best games. There is a lot of life and energy in Teyvat, a huge, open world that the game takes you to see. There are seven gods of the elements in this new world, and you need to find out how to deal with them.

You’ll meet a wide range of people, form alliances, and solve many mysteries in the land of Teyvat. You’ll glide, climb, swim, and enjoy the jaw-dropping scenery in Genshin Impact.