11 Best Oculus Games For Kids That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Down the Rabbit Hole

Oculus Quest games have made games that can take your kids on safe and fun adventures or help them learn something new while they are at home. You and your kids can choose what kinds of adventures they will go on, but Oculus Quest gives you a lot of options to think about. Here are seven of the best games your kids can play.

Dance Central

Dance Central

Dance Central is a great game to add to your VR collection if your kids like to dance or just need to burn off some energy. This face-off style dance challenge lets your kids compete against virtual dance partners. Your kids will have to copy the dance moves they see their partner doing to the right. Each of the 32 songs has its own dance moves, so your kids won’t have time to get bored before they get tired.

Pet Lab

Pet Lab is great for people who like animals and magic because they can make, train, and experiment with magical creatures in their magic shop. Your young magician can come up with new kinds of animals by giving them different shapes and sizes. They can create new species by giving their small creatures special ears or horns, and they can train their small creatures to compete with those of other players.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Down the Rabbit Hole

This game is set in the world made famous by Lewis Carroll, where Alice had her own adventures. Down the Rabbit Hole, on the other hand, doesn’t have Alice in it. Instead, it’s a story that happens before Alice’s adventures. Your child plays the part of an adventurer and goes deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole. Your child will have to solve puzzles that take them back and forth through the looking glass. This crazy romp is fun for the whole family, which is great.

Eleven Table Tennis

The classic board game is now available in virtual reality. Eleven Table Tennis is the best way for your kids to learn how to play table tennis. They can play against other kids who are as good as they are, or they can play against the best AI table tennis players. Your kids can also play mini-games that help them train their hand-eye coordination, serve, movement, and other skills.

Acron: Attack of the Squirrels!

Acron Attack of the Squirrels

Acron is great if you and your kids have ever laughed at the funny things squirrels do when they gather nuts in your backyard. This fun game is kind of like “capture the flag,” but instead of a flag, it’s a big pile of acorns. Your child will fight the huge army of squirrels that are trying to steal the acorns. Everyone in the family can take part in Acron because everyone can download the app on their own devices and play as one of the squirrels who are fighting.

Radial-G: Proteus

Radial-G is the game for your family if you have a future speed racer on your hands. This game has a sci-fi, futuristic setting for kids who want to race without any limits on how hard they can be pushed into their seats. This high-speed, gravity-defying, space-racing VR experience goes perfectly with the fast-paced techno music.


Fujii is the perfect place to go to get back to peace and quiet after a space race adventure. The goal of this peaceful game is to bring nature back into balance by giving your home garden the things it needs. To reach this simple goal, you have to figure out how to solve a few puzzles.


The idea of a full VR MMO has been around for a long time.

It’s a very ambitious plan that will be very hard to carry out. Zenith doesn’t have all the answers yet, and it’s still early, but it already has a strong quest line, a lot of events, fun character growth, and cross-play with almost every VR headset.

Even though it’s a rough game with a lot of bugs and problems to fix, Zenith is just getting started on a journey that will hopefully last for years. If the game’s maker, Ramen VR, keeps working on it, it will easily move up our lists of the best Oculus Quest games and the best Meta Quest 2 games.

Blade And Sorcery: Nomad (Quest 2 only)

Blade And Sorcery Nomad (Quest 2 only)

Even though it needs more work, Blade And Sorcery: Nomad is one of the most entertaining combat games on Quest 2. You can fight waves of enemies in arena modes or sneak through dungeons in a new, more linear mode in this physics-based game.

That sounds simple, but the game’s action is a complex explosion of real-world rules, with weapons that need to be swung with force and piercing mechanics that are gruesomely realistic. Blade and Sorcery: Nomad is one of the best Oculus Quest games and Meta Quest 2 games because it has fun magic options and mod support.

I Expect You To Die 2: The Spy And The Liar

Why isn’t I Expect You to Die, Schell’s classic VR puzzle game, on this list? Simple, because it just got an even better sequel. Yes, there are six more levels of death-defying brain teasers in a game that tries harder to tell a story that people will remember.

There are a lot of virtual reality escape rooms out there, but I Expect You to Die 2 stands out because of how well it handles VR interactions and world-building. It knows when to follow the rules of our reality and when to break them.

This is one of the best Meta Quest 2 games and one of the best Oculus Quest games, but you should also play the first game in the series.

Star Wars: Vader Immortal Trilogy

Star Wars Vader Immortal Trilogy

Vader Immortal is not a long Star Wars game with deep combat and skills that can be upgraded. By the standards of traditional games, it’s a pretty slim package that lasts just over 90 minutes. But if you look deeper, you’ll find something much more interesting: an episodic series that wants to give everyone a VR experience that is completely immersive and fun.

Both the story and the great Dojo mode have fun lightsaber fights, but the best parts of Vader Immortal are when you get to hang out with the Dark Lord himself and meet other characters in VR. It’s a pretty good way to learn how to tell a good story.

So, it’s not really a game, but not enough to keep it off our lists of the best Oculus Quest games and the best Meta Quest 2 games.