8 Best Anime Video Games That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Best Anime Video Games

It’s pretty cool to be an anime fan these days.

Toonami still has its usual lineup of dubbed shows, but popular anime streaming services like Funimation Now, Crunchy Roll, and even Netflix have even more great animated shows for you to watch. Once upon a time, anime fans had to buy tapes with a few episodes of their favourite shows. There were a lot of big video game companies that tried to cash in on the anime craze, but many of them failed horribly. Games like Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout, Beyblade: Metal Fusion, and Yu Yu Hakusho: Spirit Detective, which are embarrassing to play, point to this sad truth.

Even now, an alarming number of anime games that aren’t very good are still being made. But you can also play a lot of games based on popular anime and inspired by Japan’s famous art style. We went through all the trash to find all the gems in the world of anime games. We found the top 20 anime games where you can play with your favourite characters with spiked hair and do the coolest special moves.

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‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’

‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’

Fans of Goku and the other Z Fighters have been asking for a 2D fighting game on par with other top-tier anime fighters for a long time. Arc System Works decided to step up and make that dream game a reality by answering that request.

Dragon Ball FighterZ looks and sounds like it should, but most importantly, it plays like it should. In 3v3 battles, you can do crazy combos that use the power of your teammates’ help attacks and super moves. When a foe is killed by kicking them into a mountain, it reminds me of the most epic fights in the anime. And this fighter has a huge cast that includes great versions of classic characters that fans love. Dragon Ball FighterZ is the best fighting game with characters from popular anime.

‘Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 – Road to Boruto’

The long-running Ultimate Ninja Storm series finally came to an end with the sixth game in the series. And it sure ended with a bang. Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 brought back the popular battle systems of Ultimate Jutsu and Awakenings. It also made the game even more fun by letting you switch between characters in the middle of a fight. The story mode wrapped up the last few episodes of the anime and made sure that the boss battles of the biggest ninja battles were as epic as possible. The addition of Boruto’s first adventure as DLC is the icing on the cake for Naruto’s best arena fighter.

‘One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4’

‘One Piece Pirate Warriors 4’

In the past few years, a lot of animes have been turned into Omega Force Musou games. The button-mashing chaos of Dynasty Warriors has been used to show Mobile Suit Gundam, Berserk, Fist of the North Star, and The Heroic Legend of Arslan. The best of those games has to be the One Piece-themed Pirate Warriors games.

The latest entry in the series is undoubtedly the best – it features the largest collection of playable characters, the combat is even more hectic (in a good way, though), the inclusion of original characters & brand new scenarios is pretty cool, and the wider range of special moves at your disposal allows for even more combo potential. One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 is a great game for mashing the light and heavy attack buttons.

‘Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise’

If you like Fist of the North Star and SEGA’s Yakuza series, then you should add this open-world action RPG to your collection of anime games. In Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise, you can use Kenshiro’s Hokuto Shinken martial arts skills and get involved in the fights that are happening in and around the city of Eden.

Some of the best boss fights in the game usually happen when the anime’s most important heroes and villains make special appearances. Like the Yakuza games, Lost Paradise has some great minigames you can play. It’s fun to play old arcade games, run a hostess bar, hit home runs in baseball, work behind the bar, and so on. And, of course, Kenshiro’s fists of doom never get old for making the heads of enemies explode.

‘Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2’

‘Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2’

Don’t lie, if you watched Dragon Ball Z when you were young, you drew your own Saiyans with spikey hair and wished they could fight in the show’s beam fights. The first Xenoverse game let the same fans make their own characters, and it was pretty good. It was the follow-up that really helped the Xenoverse idea reach its full potential.

The main hub world of Conton City is huge and full of different ways to play that will take up all your time. It’s fun to improve your custom Z Warrior and put things right in Dragon Ball Z timelines that have been changed. In Xenoverse 2, there’s a lot to see and do. There’s a lot of story mode content, character skills, costumes, parallel quests, and so much more. Xenoverse 2 is almost exactly the MMORPG version of Dragon Ball Z that fans have always wanted.

‘Persona 5 Royal’

The best Persona game to date was made by P-Studio and came out in 2017. The JRPG was a hit with fans of the genre because it had a great soundtrack, a group of cute characters called the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, and a lot of meaningful gameplay. Persona 5 Royal came out in 2020 and added even more good stuff to a game that was already full of it. Persona 5 is almost perfect because it has a new Phantom Thief member, a new Palace, new songs, and a lot of system changes and improvements.

‘Persona 4 Arena Ultimax’

‘Persona 4 Arena Ultimax’

With Persona 4 Arena, Arc System Works was able to put the good guys and bad guys from Persona 4 against each other in a good 2D fighter. Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, an updated version of the game, was made in the same way that most fighting games are updated. Eight new characters were added, charge-up attacks made the battle system even more open, and Shadow Types gave players more ways to master their characters. Persona 4 Arena Ultimax keeps all of the things that the Persona series is known for and puts them in an excellent 2D fighter.

Attack on Titan 2

Attack on Titan 2 lets us play as any character we want, joining the main characters of the first game in their fight against the scary beasts. Attack on Titan 2 is based on the first game, and some of the cutscenes and missions are the same. However, the story is built on in an interesting way. It’s not the most beautiful game, but it’s a fun way to relive the Attack on Titan story and help kill the huge monsters in the show.