12 Best Games Like Overcooked That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Games Like Overcooked

However, Overcooked isn’t a one-of-a-kind combination of arcade sensibility and easy mechanics and fast gameplay.

With the rise of competitive and online multiplayer romps, as well as single-player epics, local co-op games appear to be a lost art. Such a style, however, may still be enjoyable and engaging, as demonstrated by Ghost Town Games and Team17. Overcooked and Overcooked 2 are two examples of how they’ve accomplished this. With its simple mechanics and fast-paced gameplay, the series has a lovely arcade feel to it.

The emphasis on multitasking and teamwork in these games allows them to stand on their own, but they also have a distinct personality. Since then, this has led to many more, albeit some titles predate it in some form and are in some way comparable to this one. Let’s get started in the kitchen and see what titles fans of Overcooked would enjoy. When it comes to gameplay mechanics or objectives, these games all focus on multitasking.

Stephen LaGioia updated this page on February 8th, 2021, with the following information:

Overcooked and its sophisticated successor are among the few games that have proven to be as persistently addicting as they have. Even more so while playing virtual chef with loved ones. To be sure, players will want to try their hand at other games that put a fresh spin on the multitasking concept, despite the game’s apparent unlimited replayability. As a result, we thought it only right to sprinkle this list with a few delectableOvercooked-inspired names.

12. Among Us

Among Us

Innersloth’s wacky party game simultaneously injects gamers with a sense of dread about who they may put their trust in.

With a variety of innovative minigames and social interaction, Among Us is a great game to play. Despite the fact that it was released in 2018, the game’s popularity skyrocketed because to the endorsements of numerous YouTubers and Twitch Streamers alike.

Minigames ranging from attaching colorful cables to delicately swiping cards may be found throughout the spaceship, forcing players to tackle a variety of tasks. They must also keep an eye out for homicidal Impostors who are on the prowl.

While sabotaging or outnumbering the ship’s crew, the Impostors must cleverly blend in and divert attention away from themselves.

11. Snipperclips: Cut It Out Together!

There’s something endearing about this quirky mashup of a puzzle game and a virtual art project that’s all its own. Through a variety of funny and yuk-invoking means, players in SFB Games’ delightful adventure will work together to solve a variety of puzzles and perform objectives.

Communication, creativity, and experimentation are encouraged in the game, which relies on physics-based moves and plenty of snipping, which is triggered by the overlap of shapes.

10. Joggernauts


On the surface, a side-scrolling platformer and a cooking-themed party frolic might appear to be very different genres. Space Mace and Graffiti Games’ co-op platformer is, at its core, reminiscent of Overcooked in its fast speed, varied objectives, and co-op play.

Color-coded avatars must be sorted out while chugging along, which corresponds to platforms and other things in the game’s title. Players can proceed by bringing the correct color forward, whereas mismatching the colors typically results in a quick death or pitfall. The puzzle/platformer Joggernauts is a lot of fun, especially when played cooperatively with other people.

9. Surgeon Simulator 2

If you’re looking for anything comparable to the Overcooked games, go no further than this arcade-style imitation.

Surgeon Simulator 2 puts lives on the line, whereas Team17’s partyer just results in angry, hungry customers. The combination of high stakes, precise controls, and complicated medical procedures creates a unique tense experience.

Cooperative gameplay and a story mode further engage players in this follow-up to the sleeper smash from 2013. This sequel. There are several funny moments in the cartoony imagery and animation.

8. Human Fall Flat

Human Fall Flat

This indie gem from No Brakes Games appears to have come out of nowhere when it comes to amusing gameplay.

Despite its innovative physics and puzzle-based platforming, Human Fall Flat has remained virtually unnoticed to this day. A quick glance at the bumbling, doughy avatars is all it takes to get the feeling that this is going to be an unusual and exciting experience.

Groups of players will resemble stretched-out, wobbly people who are unable to sprint or jump. Fumbling with the intoxicated physics proves both tough and entertaining – as players pull, hop, and fall around while messing with platforms and contraptions that activate the next stage.

7. 39 Days To Mars

That this game is hand-drawn is a significant change from Overcooked’s bright colors, as are most other games, for that matter. Nevertheless, there is some overlap in the emphasis on multitasking and multiplayer communication that is being placed here. It takes the players of 39 Days to Marsha a lot of creative problem-solving to move forward and fix their steampunk ship.

However, despite the campaign’s limited scope, “outside the box” thinking and multitasking ensure a lot of experimentation. Objectives include everything from operating a space bicycle to brewing some hot tea. Despite the fact that it may be played alone, 39 Days to Mars is a cooperative game, much like Team17’s.

6. Tools Up!

Tool-Up! is the Knights of Unity’s version of Overcooked for home improvement. The main gameplay is very similar to Team17’s party game aside from the wildly varied themes.

The experience is rough around the edges, but working with a friend to move furniture and remove wallpaper proves to be surprisingly enjoyable. Fans of Overcooked will find it a fun alternative when they’re trying to complete different types of activities with a pal.

5. Death Squared

Death Squared

Death Squared is the outcome of reworking Overcooked’s cooperative, multitasking gameplay into a block-centric puzzler. Players in this puzzle game have to contend with a slew of devices, electric currents, and potentially lethal robot explosions, much like the cooks in the previous game.

Players will either need to have a companion on hand or be really good at multitasking in order to succeed in this game.

4. Conduct Together!

Overcooked has a lot of fun because of the race against the clock and the pressure to get the work done on time. Similarly, this “party railroad game” even more intense title follows the same pattern. The phrase “Conduct Together” perfectly captures our mission. The fast-paced arcade gameplay transforms the mundane task of guiding trains into something absurdly entertaining.

With a variety of trains traveling in different directions, players will be compelled to shift their attentions. The objective is to get each train to its destination while avoiding collisions and picking up passengers.

3. Cake Mania

Cake Mania

If you’re looking for a list of “Overcooked-like” games, you can’t leave out a cooking game, especially one that has players racing to fulfill food orders. Although cakes are the primary focus, Cake Mania is not any less exciting or challenging — far from it!

Originally a Flash-based time management game, the series has since evolved into a mobile game, as well as a Wii and PS2 port. Even still, the original’s charm is impossible to match, as it manages to be both addictive and approachable.

2. Moving Out

This Team17-published game is similar to Tools Up! in that it transforms a tedious task into a joyful and exhilarating adventure. Moving Outputs, dubbed a “shifting simulator,” puts a fast-paced, arcade-style spin on the job of moving furniture.

On a single isometric screen, players will work together to drag various items and furniture around, compiling them into a moving truck. There’s more emphasis on speed and maneuverability than strategy here, but there are overt Overcooked overtones in the gaming mechanics, style, and thrilling co-op.

1. Catastronauts


It’s been dubbed “Overcookedin space” by the very few who have found it, and to some extent, this is accurate. But Inertia Game Studios’ 2018 romp stands out with its own special charm. As opposed to slaving over a hot stove, players will be tasked with maintaining and defending a starship with up to four other players.

Torpedos can be fired and solar flares can be avoided in a similar way to the Team17 game.

Like Overcooked 2’s more chaotic environment and action-packed gameplay, Catastronauts has a similar vibe to it.