11 Best Gangster Games That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Best Gangster Games

It’s not often that you have a chance to break the law, and no, jaywalking is not one of those times. We’re talking about street gangs and people who work in jobs that aren’t very good. Good luck with that in real life. Most people probably only get to be in a gang in video games, which isn’t so bad when you think about how many choices there are.

Suffice it to say that there are a lot of violent video games about gangs. The premise is not only a good way to make an open-world game, but it also lets you take out your anger on the fabric of society without any real consequences. Since the need to join a gang or tribe is universal, open-world games about gangsters come in many different cultural styles.

Scarface: The World Is Yours (76)

Sleeping Dogs

It’s hard to believe that a movie version of one of these books is on this list. But, as you’ll find out if you keep reading, it seems that video games based on gangster movies are surprisingly good.

Scarface: The World is Yours is one of these games, and fans of the movie or just good gangster games should play it. Tony Montana is just as fun to watch in the game as he is in the movie. His character is the best thing about this game.

Mafia 2 (77)

When you say “gangsters,” most people think of the Tommy-gun-toting Mafia. This is because many popular crime movies have been about them. So it makes sense that these slick criminals have their own open-world game.

The second Mafia game is the most definitive because it tells a classic and entertaining story that you’ll remember. Players take on the role of Vito Scaletta as he comes back from the war and joins the Falcone Crime Family to start over in Empire Bay.

The Godfather (77)

The Godfather 2

The Godfather is one of the best movies ever made, so a game that recreates the magic of the movie should be a must. There is a game about it, and compared to most games about movies, it’s actually pretty good.

The Godfather video game is a masterpiece with an open world. It was made by EA and released by them. It shows how a made-up character named Aldo Trapani rises through the ranks of the Corleone Crime Family at the same time as the events of the first movie.

Assassin’s Creed Syndicate (78)

You can’t go wrong with Assassin’s Creed Syndicate if you want to fight other gangs the old-fashioned way with swords and fists. Most of the game takes place in Victorian London, when gangs were very common.

Evie and Jacob Frye, who are siblings, try to clean up the mess these gangs made by, well, making their own gang. It turns out that the other gangs are just fronts for a group that wants to be like the Illuminati.

Sleeping Dogs (83)

Sleeping Dogs

The Chinese Triad and Hong Kong are two of the most dangerous and violent gangs in history. Some of them are also the most powerful in East Asia. So it’s only fair that Sleeping Dogs gives them their fair share of open-world crime action.

This game is a recreation of Hong Kong, and the story is about an undercover cop named Wei Shen who gets involved with the triad and forgets his mission. It’s a nice change of pace from Western games, and the cool music and Asian style should surprise players.

Saints Row: The Third (84)

The Saints Row series is one of the most over-the-top video game series ever made. Also, the fact that it’s about a group of charismatic gangsters is a pretty big plus.

The third game in the series was a turning point, and maybe for the better. Since a new Saints Row is coming out in 2022, now is the best time to play this masterpiece.

The Warriors (85)

The Warriors is a movie that was turned into a video game with the same name. Like the movie, the game is about strange gangs of violent people fighting over territory in what looks like a dystopian New York City. It’s not a real dystopia, but it’s not too different from what New York City was like in the 1970s or 1980s.

In any case, The Warriors is a video game that follows the plot and style of the movie to a T. In The Warriors, you control a few members of the gang named after the game as they go on a rampage through the city to protect what’s theirs.

Saints Row 4 (86)

Saints Row 4

Saints Row 4 took everything that was good about the game before it and turned it up to 100. The player’s character got superpowers all of a sudden and became the President of the United States. They also had to fight off an alien invasion.

If you want pure chaos, it goes without saying that Saints Row 4 is one of the most fun games on this list. It’s so much fun to fly around the map and kill enemies without a care in the world.

Driver (87)

Driver is one of the most famous games on this list. When it first came out on the PlayStation, it was a real game-changer. Playing as a getaway driver in high-stakes situations is a gameplay loop that is surprisingly fun.

Unfortunately, after a series of forgettable sequels that couldn’t live up to the original, the Driver franchise faded into obscurity. Even though it’s a shame, the first game is still a good racing game that fans of the genre should check out.

Mafia (88)


The first game in the Mafia series was a legendary game where players took on the role of Tommy Angelo, a mafia member. It was a great game that got a remake that was long overdue and is also great on its own.

The best thing about the first Mafia game is its story, which is a lot of fun to figure out. The original game might not have been very fun to play, but the remake did a good job of updating most of its old mechanics.

Crime Coast: Gang Wars

Crime Coast: Gang Wars is a simulation game where you build a city around a crime family. You build a city, make money from it, and then watch it all fall apart as you fight other gangs. Players claim their own land, attack their opponents, and there are also some social aspects to the game. This game is similar to Clash of Clans, but instead of fantasy elements, it has crime elements. It’s a good way to waste time. You can also try Mafia Empire, which is a similar game in the same style.