11 Best Steam Games Under A Dollar That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Best Steam Games Under A Dollar

People usually think that cheap games are of low quality, but on Steam, players can get some fun games for a low price. Some of the games are also really cheap, with some costing less than a dollar. Most people don’t expect them to be as good as they are for only about three quarters.

People know that games, especially on consoles, cost a lot. But PC gamers can find these little treasures. They may not have the best graphics or stories, but their mechanics, puzzles, and gameplay make them fun to play.



Mountain, a game that came out in 2014, says it doesn’t matter. It has gotten mostly good reviews, and a lot of people who have played it have said that it is more of a “experience” than a game. It is a title that helps people relax and think about themselves. If you want something exciting, you should look somewhere else. Some of the bad reviews say that Mountain is more like an interactive screensaver than a real game. It’s not for everyone, but for just under a dollar, it’s a hidden gem.

A Trip To Yugoslavia: Director’s Cut

This game has an unusual look because it looks like an old VHS tape that you can rewind, pause, and fast-forward. The main character is Dimitri, an amateur photographer who lives on the edge of a Yugoslavian town during a mysterious war.

There are QuickTime events, RPG parts, and point-and-click parts in A Trip to Yugoslavia. The game is pretty cool, and it started out as a school project. Reviews say that the acting isn’t very good, but the low price makes it still worth it to buy.



This minimalist action platformer got mostly good reviews for its fast pace, responsive controls, and solid difficulty curve. Players have only said that the game’s mechanics aren’t new and that it can be won in just two hours.

The player has to get through 100 levels full of traps that can kill them. There is no one to fight. The game is all about how quick you are. On top of that, the main character can use his farts to help him move through the levels.

Reveal The Deep

This game is from 2015, and it takes you to the wreck of a steamship from the 1800s. It’s an exploration story, and as you move through the different levels, you learn about the ship and the people on it. It’s not a scary game, but the setting in the deep sea is a little creepy (especially if you play with your lights out). This cheap game has great atmosphere, sound design, and puzzles for how cheap it is.

Players have said that the ending isn’t very satisfying and that the game can be finished in an hour and a half. Even though it has these problems, the price makes it a great deal.



Toadled is about a toad who keeps getting bigger and bigger as he eats. The player controls this toad and tries to eat as many enemies as possible. There are 40 different types of enemies to eat.

The game is short, but good things have been said about how entertaining it is. Toadled can also be used as a simple title for a 100% achievement. Players also like the game because the art is funny and cute.

ORION: Prelude

This indie sci-fi shooter is a co-op game where players take on missions and fight against hordes of dinosaurs. It’s great for people who like dinosaurs. Since the game came out in 2013, there aren’t really a lot of strangers online who want to play it together. But ORION: Prelude is a lot of fun if the buyer has a group of friends who want to play.

People have said that the game has a lot of bugs and moves slowly, but players tend to like it because it is so chaotic.

Frequent Flyer

Frequent Flyer

This old-school game is a shoot-em-up where the player fends off waves of enemies while controlling a plane. While the plane is dodging, it can pick up health and ammunition. There are 10 planes that can be unlocked, 10 enemies, 10 weapon bonuses, 20 missions, and four game modes.

The cheap game has been called fun, easy to understand, and addicting. Even though the game doesn’t require much thought, it’s still fun and gives players a lot for just 99 cents.


This one is for puzzle fans who want a game to help them relax. It has beautiful art and music, but there are no points, tutorials, or shops inside the game. You and the puzzles are the only ones there. Also, there are more than 70 puzzles to figure out. That means that each puzzle costs about a penny.

There seems to be a story, but how the players understand it is mostly up to them. The players take on the role of a person named Eon who is stuck between space and time.

Planes, Bullets, And Vodka

Planes, Bullets, And Vodka

This game came out in 2016, and it’s the kind where people always try to get to the top of leaderboards. Some people like to play it just to pass the time. It’s what people call a “Bullet Hell” or “Manic Shooter” game. It is a type of shooter in which you try to kill as many enemies as you can while avoiding their bullets. Many of them, like this one, take place on planes.

Upgrades, collecting coins, and getting easy achievements can make the game hard to put down.

CropDuster Supreme

In CropDuster Supreme, Buster eats burritos from Burrito Hut and farts through nine different areas. Even though it looks silly and ridiculous, its humour and story have won the hearts of Steam players. The game is short, but it’s fun and cheap, so it’s a good deal.

The places where the player can fart are a restaurant, parking lot, gas station, airport, plane, hotel, elevator, gym, and, last but not least, a wedding.

Bad Rats

Bad Rats

Bad Rats became well-known a few years ago when a number of YouTubers made Let’s Plays of the strange game. It’s a puzzle game where you have to lead a group of rats to a cat that’s been locked up so they can kill it. Visually, the game is very old; most of the characters look like they came from Windows 3D Movie Maker from the early 2000s.

But the game is pretty fun at its core. Its puzzles are based on physics, and you can finish each level in a number of different ways. The strange graphics make for funny parts of the game, and for just 99 cents, it will keep you busy for a lot longer than an hour.