8 Best Programming Language For Games Update 05/2024

Best Programming Language For Games

India and the rest of the world have seen a lot of growth in the gaming industry recently. Last year, the online gaming industry in India was worth Rs 76 billion. By 2023, it is expected to be worth more than Rs 155 billion, which is more than twice as much. When you play a video game, there are codes that make it easy for you to have a fun and easy time. Programming languages are used by game developers to make a game’s settings and mechanics.

The type of game, such as a console, computer game, or mobile game, and the level of interactivity, help determine which programming language to use. Here is a list of the top eight programming languages for making games:

1. C++ 

People who make games use C++, even though it has a lot of rules and rules that people have to learn before they can use it. It has a high level of abstraction for both fine object-oriented programming and generic programming, and it lets you control hardware and graphical processes right away.

Additionally, C++ allows the optimisation of special parts to a very high level– a feature almost impossible to achieve with other languages.

Use C++ to make most of the big games for consoles and PCs that are really big. Other than that, some popular games made with C++ are Counter-Strike, Football Pro, Starcraft, and Master of Orion III.

2. Java

If you’re making an indie or mobile game, Java is a good choice because it can be used for a lot of different things. It is simple to use, is good for beginners, and can write code that can be used on any computer. When compared to C++, Java is easier to write, learn, and compile.

Java is used to make games like Mission Impossible III, Minecraft, FIFA 11, and Ferrari GT 3: WOrld Track, as well as many other games.

3. HTML5 

Game developers often use HTML5 to make apps and games that work on different types of devices, as well as across web browsers and devices, like phones and tablets. It can also be used with JavaScript.

HTML5 is a popular choice for game development because it has the best engines for making games. Game Frameworks like Construct 2, ImpactJS, Phaser, Turbulenz, and Booty5 have been taking care of the HTML5 game development process for years now.

Cookie Clicker, Gods Will Be Watching, and World Cup Penalty 2018 are some of the best games made with HTML5.

4. JavaScript 

JavaScript is one of the best programming languages for online games that are fun to play. It works with web technologies like CSS and HTML, which lets you make cross-platform mobile games.

JavaScript is often used with HTML5 because the latter can’t make animations or do other things. In addition, JavaScript’s huge online community and many frameworks also make it a popular choice.

Hangman, HexGI, Little Alchemy, Swoop, and Polycraft are some of the best games made with JavaScript.

5. Python

Python is used to make games, even though it isn’t as popular as Java or C++. It has a PyGame library that is easy to use for making games, and it lets developers quickly make prototypes of their games. OOP principles are also used in Python, just like Java and C++, so it runs on them. Python is a favourite choice for many game developers because it is easy to learn.

Battlefield 2, Disney’s Toontown Online, Eve Online, and Frets on Fire are some of the most popular games made with Python.

6. UnrealScript 

UScript, which stands for UnrealScript, is a programming language made by Unreal Engine. Like Java, UnrealScript is object-oriented, but it doesn’t have multiple inheritance. People who play games on a lot of different platforms use UnrealScript. This is used by Microsoft Windows, Android, Linux, and PlayStation.

However, Epic Games said in 2014 that Unreal Engine 4 would not be able to run UnrealScript.

Some popular games developed using UnrealScript include Advent Rising, America’s Army, The Wheel Of Time, Batman- Arkham Knight and its series.

7. Lua 

Fun and efficient: Lua is an easy to use programming language that can be used to make video games. It’s light weight, high level, and can be used on many different platforms. It can be made to work with a lot of different programmes, making it easy for both developers and players to change the game.

People who make game engines, like the ones made by Gideros mobile, Corona SDK and CryEngine, use Lua as their main programming language.

Age of Conan, American Girl, Angry Birds, and Aquaria are some of the most popular games made with Lua.

8. C#

C#, or “C-sharp,” is a more simple language than C++. It’s a high-level language that’s meant for people to understand. Its syntax encourages code reuse, which makes it more efficient, and its compilers help prevent runtime errors by telling the programmer about them before they happen.

C# is used to make video games.

Video game programming language C# is at the top of the list, and it is very good at it. These are called scripting languages. They show how the game works and tell the computer what to do as the game goes on. As soon as your character picks up an object, you can use scripting to show them a certain picture or message.

Where does C# play a role in game making?

C# is the language that comes with Unity 3D, a popular game engine that lets you make a lot of different games. This means that Unity was the engine of choice for 61% of developers in 2021, making it the best engine of the year. It’s the engine that drives many popular mobile games, like Pokemon Go and Temple Run 2. If you want to play VR games on your phone or computer, Unity is also a good game engine. 90% of Samsung Gear and 53% of Oculus Rift VR games use Unity. Make sure you have C# if you want to make games for Unity or VR.

C# is also a back-end language. In web development, C# is used to communicate with the server instead of the user. This is how C# tells the server what to do when a player does something in a multiplayer game:

The XNA Framework is used by many people to make Xbox and other Microsoft games. C# is used to make these games. Microsoft hasn’t used XNA anymore, but C# is still compatible with its successor, MonoGame. It’s also used to write the code for many Playstation console games.

Where can you learn game development programming?

A beginner-friendly programming language like Python or Java is a good choice if you’ve never learned how to write code before. People who study programming will learn important concepts like object-oriented programming and algorithms without having to spend a lot of time thinking about how to write the code.

If you’re a more skilled programmer, you can start getting into the specifics of game development for the language you use to make games.

edX has a lot of different game development courses that cover:

Such as Unity and Unreal are used to make video games.

Computer graphics, for example, are very advanced ideas.

C++ and C# are two of the most popular languages for making games.

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