9 Best Beach Games That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Best Beach Games

Fun at the beach comes in many different forms and sizes. If you want to do something, it could be anything from paddling to sitting back and reading a book. In order to add some competition to your time at the beach or to keep kids busy, beach games are the answer. Several of them are very exciting and will keep you busy until the sun goes down. While there are a lot of games on the market, these are the best ones for you and your friends and family.

1. Escape Kit

Escape Kit

If so, do your kids want to be superheroes when they grow up? Escape Kit lets them invite their friends to the beach for a real-life escape room. The idea is simple: To play the game at the beach for an hour, download the kit, print out the life-size puzzles, and set up the game at the beach. It costs $20 for an hour of play. With the help of the original cards, the kids will have to look for clues and hidden items, find their way out of mysterious mazes, paint over drawings, and solve riddles, among many other things. Harry Potter magic, the magical world of princesses, superheroes, the island of pirates, and the enchanted world of the Little Prince are just some of the themes that you can choose from when you buy a gift.

2. Hunnyball

In the mood for a little friendly competition, then? Try Hunnyball, which is a new twist on the game of catch. The game has a portable board and a ball, and it’s meant to be played by two teams of at least two people. The server from the team on offense starts the game by bouncing the ball off the board for people on the team on defense to catch. This is how the game starts. The team on defense can then pass the ball two more times before taking a shot at the board to keep the fight going. Teams can’t get back in the game after they miss a pass. If they don’t get a catch or a shot goes out of bounds, the rally is over. Hunnyball is a game that can be played for hours on the beach. It has a simple but fast-paced concept and only a few pieces of equipment.

3. Spikeball


If you go to the beach, spikeball is one of the most popular ball games. It was brought back in 2018. Game: Four square and volleyball are mixed together in this game for two teams of two to play. If the ball bounces off the net, each team can touch the ball three times. You lose a point if your team can’t get the ball back to goal after three touches. You can play Spikeball indoors or outside with this kit. It comes with two extra balls, too. You can change the tightness of the net to your liking, and the legs can be folded up to make it easier to store when you don’t need them. It also comes with a drawstring bag to make it easier to move. Spikeball is easy to learn and will make everyone want to be better at it.

4. TidalBall

This fun game was born in South Carolina. It’s a mix of cornhole and bocce ball that you play on the beach. Thanks to cornhole boards, you don’t have to carry them around with you to play this game! The whole game only weighs about 10 ounces. Make two holes 10 feet apart and a trench behind them with the sand scoop that comes with the kit. You and a friend will compete against another two-person team in a game. An empty hole gives three points and an empty trench gives one point. This TidalBall set comes with a sand scoop, six balls, and two koozies. There are three balls for each team. In a mesh bag that fits in your beach bag, you get all of this. TidalBall is a beach game that doesn’t require a lot of equipment and is very easy to play.

5. Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball

The game of bocce ball is one of the most popular things to do when you go to the beach. In 5,000 BC, this game was played all over the world. Two people can play against each other, or two teams of two can play. Finally, the goal is to get your ball closer to the target ball (called the pallino) than your competitor does. The AmazonBasics Bocce Ball Set comes with four red balls, four green balls, one white pallino, and a measuring device. When there’s a question about which ball is closest to the pallino, you can use the measuring device to figure it out. There are balls that measure between 90mm and 100mm, and they come in a case. Bocce ball is a simple game that can be played almost anywhere. It’s also very fun and easy to play.

6. Cornhole

When you play cornhole, you have to show how well you can aim and throw a bean bag. There are two teams of two people. You and your partner will compete with each other to see who can get the most bags into the hole. If you put a bag in the hole, you get three points. If you put it on the board, you only get one point. Many of the cornhole boards you’ll see are made of wood, which makes them hard to move. Thankfully Himal created collapsible and portable cornhole boards so you can play on the beach, in the park, or wherever you’d like without having to lug around heavy boards. 300D polyfabric: This set comes with two 3-foot-by-2-foot 300D polyfabric boards, eight 3.5-inch-by-3-inch 300D polyfabric cornhole bags, eight stakes, and a 1.25-foot-by-1.25-foot case. Himal’s cornhole set is one of the best beach games for adults and kids.

7. Best for Pairs: Kan Jam Disc Game

Kan Jam Disc Game

Kan Jam is said to be the best outdoor game for a party in the United States. It combines the best parts of Frisbee golf, cornhole, and basketball into one fun game. People in teams of two work together to throw a flying disk and hit their opponents’ goal, which is called a ‘can’. It’s a game where teams try to be the first one to get 21 points or win right away if they sling the disk into the Pac Man-like slot. Reviewers like the competitive nature of this game and say they were still able to keep a distance from each other. Some of them also said that this game takes up less space than other games, like cornhole, and it can be easily folded up and taken with you.

8. Best Drinking Game: Bucket Ball Beach Edition

With this full-sized kit, beer pong gets a beach makeover. In the game, there are tennis ball-sized balls that you can use to throw into a stack of big buckets. This set comes with six buckets for each team. As a bonus, it also comes with two hybrid balls that are strong enough to stand up to windy conditions! Take this to the beach with you in a handy bag. People don’t have to drink to play the games, but if they bring their own beer, it can quickly become a drinking game.

9. Best Board Game: Lulu Home Jumbo Checkers

Lulu Home Jumbo Checkers

Checkerboard: If you’re ready to move on from beach toys, this one is for you. A soft, woven material is used instead of a hard playing surface to make the game easier to move around. Easy to fold up and carry along the beach, lake, or on a picnic: If you want to play Tic Tac Toe or checkers on the other side of this 28-by-28-inch rug, you can.