10 Best Games Like Gangstar Vegas That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Games Like Gangstar Vegas

Gameloft’s Gangstar Vegas is an action-adventure game with an open world and third-person perspective for mobile devices running Android and iOS. Improved mechanics, gameplay, and atmosphere make this the fifth installment in the Gangstar series. The game takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada, which is a fictional city in Nevada. Frank Veliano chooses Jason Malone (the protagonist) after he beat him in a deathmatch. Similar to Grand Theft Auto’s driving, shooting, and exploration, this game offers an open world. In order to proceed through the game, you must perform a series of tasks given to you by NPCs. As you progress through the game, you’ll be able to access new missions, weapons, and gear. Taking down foes discreetly requires the protagonist to be able to sprint, drive, jump, climb, and also conduct stealth elements. To move on, you must defeat your opponents with melee weapons and strikes. Playing Gangstar Vegas is the ideal way to spend your time because of its open-world environment and addictive gameplay.

#1 Bully


Rockstar Games’ open-world RPG action game, Bully, was released in 2013. Jimmy, the game’s protagonist, is a Bullworth Academy student who takes on the school’s tyrannical bullies. Bring peace and protect the defenseless from bullies are the goals of his tireless efforts. You can move around the game world primarily on foot, bike, or skateboard in Bully’s third-person perspective. In order to stop bullies, you must take on the role of Jimmy and get accepted into the Bullworth Academy. Once there, you must track down all of the bullies and make sure they learn the most difficult lessons possible.

All those who have been bullied at school need your help, and you must be their rescuer. You must also attend classes, hang out with your pals, and be a normal student in addition to your Bully hunting habits. Bully has a multiplayer option in which you can compete against any of the other players in order to rise to the top of the leaderboards. If you haven’t already and enjoy kicking bullies, give it a go.

#2 Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld

Gameloft created and released the open-world action-adventure video game Gangstar New Orleans OpenWorld, which features third-person exploration, building, and single-player gameplay. The player plays the character of the protagonist in order to complete the objectives of the missions in the open-ended world. Third-person exploration, a wide arsenal of weapons, and encounters with non-player characters are just some of the tasks that the criminal must complete in order to earn points. It’s possible for players to set up their own private house, explore more than 350 stories and build their armament, and defend their territory within the enormous open world. The player can go around the world on foot or in a vehicle at their own pace. On the top corner of the playfield is a little map that shows the player’s position in relation to other players. Cool features like high-definition graphics, amazing soundtracks, action packed, defending your gang, and more can be found in the open-world version of Gangstar New Orleans. Take a stab at it.

#3 Less Angels Crime

Less Angels Crime

Open World action adventure video game produced by Naxeex Studio for the Android platform called Less Angels Crime takes place in a Third-Person Shooter. The protagonist of the game is a devil, and the game offers a large open world for exploration. A third-person perspective allows the player to traverse a region filled with crooks and scum. During gameplay, the player must use the wings of a demon to fight against attackers. The player’s characters have the power of a thousand hell creatures. In order to progress through each level, the user must use touch controls to direct his character, traverse the landscapes, and complete the riddles. As in Grand Theft Auto, the player can explore the world on foot or in cars similar to those used in GTA. The map in the game serves as a visual representation of the game’s characters and goal areas. Losing the Angels Crime is the best game you can play because of its addictive gameplay, stunning visuals, and gripping storyline.

#4 Vegas City Ganster

Solou has created and published Vegas City Ganster, an action-adventure game with an emphasis on exploration and an open world, for Android. An enormous environment awaits the protagonist, who must accomplish tasks to advance through assignments and earn money. The game takes place in this globe. It takes place in a fictitious Las Vegas, where the hero must take on a violent band of thugs. The thief of a motorbike or automobile can be caught by participating in street racing activities. To earn incredible rewards, you’ll have to carefully navigate the area, work hard to complete the many missions, and take out gangsters. You have the option of exploring the world on foot or in a vehicle during gameplay. The Submachine Gun, M1A, FAMAS, Charter Arms, and CZ83 are just a few of the many weapons available to you as you fight your way through the game’s many levels of difficulty. There are numerous notable elements in Vegas City Ganster, such as the new and exciting visuals, the exciting automobiles, the ability to customize your character’s appearance, and the ability to rescue people and complete objectives with touch controls. You’ll enjoy it if you give it a shot.

#5 Syphon Filter

Syphon Filter

Eidetic created and 989 Studios released the action, third-person shooter, stealth, and single-player video game Syphon Filter. The tale centres around two special agents named Lian Xing and Gabriel Logan as they battle terrorists to protect Germany in this first installment of the Syphon Filter series. The game allows the player to take on the role of the protagonist while also incorporating elements of stealth and puzzle solving. Third-person perspective allows the player to freely move and rotate the camera in any direction. Player must perform several missions set by US government while using a variety of weapons, equipment, and tools in the fight against terrorists. There are a variety of moves that the player can use in order to take down their enemies. Syphon Filter is the best game to play and enjoy because of its interesting features, superb mechanics, brilliant gameplay, and awesome features.

#6 High School Simulator GirlA

Developed by Kuma Games, High School Simulator GirlA is an action-adventure game including exploration from a third-person perspective and a single player mode. A variety of mobile platforms, including Android and iOS, are supported by the game. The Grand Theft Auto series serves as an inspiration for the game, which is set in a fictional planet. Immerse yourself in the environment as a female character and explore various landscapes, interact with items, and NPCs in order to progress through the game. To gain money, you must perform a variety of objectives, which you can then spend to purchase a wide variety of weapons, equipment, and tools. You can travel around the world by foot or by car. Play the game from a third-person perspective and complete all of your objectives to advance. You may create a look that is uniquely yours by using the Customization feature. This is the best game to play and enjoy because of its incredible visuals and gameplay, as well as its wonderful touch controls.

#7 Grand City Gangster: Gang Crime

Grand City Gangster Gang Crime

Action, open world, and single-player gameplay combine in Mega Gamers Production’s Android game Gang Crime. From a third-person perspective, you can play the role of a criminal and engage in a variety of unlawful actions in the game. Gangsters who heist banks, deliver sensitive information and packages, and steal trucks are the subject of the plot. In Vendetta, Miami, San Andreas, and Los Angeles, the missions begin. The ultimate goal of the game is to rise through the ranks of the criminal underworld in Los Angeles and Miami. You have a variety of missions to do, and you must do it without being spotted by the cops. It’s possible to get around on foot or by car in this area. NPCs can be interacted with and objectives completed to obtain new weaponry and content. When you’re driving, you have the freedom to veer off the road if the cops come after you. A gangster from the Big Apple. In Gang Crime, you’ll be able to play as a gangster in an open world, as well as in third-person action. You’ll enjoy it if you give it a shot.

#8 Grand Gangsters 3D

Open-world, third-person exploration, action, and single-player gameplay distinguish Grand Gangsters 3D, an Android video game created and released by Doodle Mobile Ltd. The action takes place in a corrupted version of Sin City. When you play as the protagonist, you have full control over the universe, can interact with other players and non-player characters, can drive whatever vehicle you choose, and has access to an extensive arsenal of weapons. Like GTA, you can change the environment, engage in hand-to-hand fighting and complete the objectives of each mission to continue through the game. Take over the city and outrun the police with six different types of automobiles at your disposal. To increase your bankroll, you’ll need to drive safely, avoid getting pulled over by the police, take down rival gangs, and learn the ways of the criminal underworld. As many as 50 weapons and vehicles are at the disposal of the player. Features like 3D graphics, numerous missions, four massive areas, and more are included in Grand Gangsters 3D. You’ll enjoy it if you give it a shot.

#9 High School Gang

High School Gang

Developed by Italy Games, High School Gang is an Action Adventure, Third-Person Perspective, and Single Player video game. It takes place in a high school in an affluent neighborhood where everything is managed by a gang of punks. It is stated in the plot that violent crime is the norm in the imaginary society, and kids of the school are required to undergo metal detector screening. In the game, you’ve been chosen as the legendary figure who can restore harmony to the university. Playing pranks on your professors and fighting your way up the ranks of the school system are all part of your duties now that you’ve been chosen to play the role of the hero. Taking on an epic mission to help a buddy and gain respect is the ultimate goal. You have complete control over the 3D environment and can engage your adversaries with a variety of weapons, both long-range and close-range. Among the many elements in High School Gang include the ability to go to class, third-person action, shooting gameplay, and a realistic campus. Enjoy yourself while you’re there.

#10 Deus Ex: The Fall

Deus Ex.The Fall is a cyberpunk-themed stealth RPG and first-person shooter video game developed by Eidos Montreal in conjunction with N Fusion Interactive and released by Square Enix. Deus EX.Human Revolution is a major influence on the game’s plot. Ben Saxon, the protagonist of the game, is an augmented mercenary working for Belltower Associates in the year 2027, according to the game’s premise. While hiding from Illuminati commander Jaron Namir and his associates, known as Tyrants, you and Anna Kelso begin the game. A global shortage of the anti-augmentation drug Neuropozyne is causing an increase in augmentation rejection as the game progresses. You set out for Panama City in search of Neuropozyne, but when you arrive you are offered an alternative to Riezene by Zaaphire BioTech, which is illegally testing this pharmaceutical on humans. Ben tells the company’s CEO about Belltower’s involvement in illegal testing and warns him of the dangers. A tyrant is ordered to assassinate Ben, but he hesitantly spares his life and manages to get away from the corporate boss. Avenging himself and putting an end to the human Riezene testing that was part of his murder plot, Ben begins his assassination campaign against the Tyrants in an attempt to reach Belltower. The story comes to an end when Ben kills the antagonist after a long series of skirmishes and fierce gunfights.