15 Best Games Like Friday Night Funkin That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Games Like Friday Night Funkin

Friday Night Funkin’ devotees can look forward to a ton of excitement. See what more is out there in the world of music by checking out these suggestions.

Astonishingly, Friday Night Funkin’s success has been a pleasant surprise. Since the release of the game, the rhythm genre has witnessed a significant increase in popularity. Friday Night Funkin’ has become so popular that players have even sought for mods to enhance the experience.

It’s not just the game, though, that’s worth checking out. Dance-related games and rhythm games with their own distinctive twists abound for players to explore. So if you’re a music game fan who’s been missing out, check out these other titles.

Russ Boswell updated this page on September 28th, 2021: Due to a thriving modding community and a successful Kickstarter campaign to create a “full game,” Friday Night Funkin’ continues to grow in popularity. The FNF universe has a lot to offer, including amazing tunes, a surprising amount of backstory, interesting characters, and simple yet compelling gameplay. But if you’re a fan of Friday Night Funkin and want more, you’ll have no problem finding similar games in the genre. In recent years, rhythm games have really burst out of their shell, with a number of releases redefining the genre and generating some truly amazing experiences. The following ranking has been revised to properly showcase some of the top games, such as Friday Night Funkin.

15 Dance Dance Revolution

Dance Dance Revolution

Dance Dance Revolution is still widely regarded as the greatest dancing game of all time, and its success has made it synonymous with the genre. Music has a large role in the gameplay, yet it isn’t overtly featured.

Fans of Friday Night Funkin’ will appreciate the immersive nature of this game. Dance moves might get a little heated, so players need to be all in. Playthroughs are widespread among fans because of the high quality of tunes.

14 StepMania

StepMania strikes a good balance between the Dance Dance Revolution vibe and the Friday Night Funkin’ modding community. It’s similar to Dance Dance Revolution in that it’s rhythm-based and on-the-go, but it’s also highly customisable. Despite the current focus on FNF in the rhythm community, there has been a significant quantity of custom content produced for StepMania as well during the past several months.

Modding tools have made it possible for players to find exactly what they want in this long-running franchise. There’s a good chance that any music from a video game or film that you’d like to jam out to is available on StepMania in some way.

13 PaRappa The Rapper

PaRappa The Rapper

Players of Friday Night Funkin’ should be aware that PaRappa the Rapper used a similar style. In order for the main character to complete his performance, players must also follow on-screen instructions.

Like Friday Night Funkin’, impressing a female relies on the same basic principle. However, this game’s concentrate on rap music sets it apart. Even people who aren’t fans of rap music can enjoy this very addictive game.

12 BPM: Bullets Per Minute

You can have the musically-infused aesthetic of a rhythm game with a more FPS-based approach by checking out BPM: Bullets Per Minute. Players must battle hordes of angry opponents and bosses while still keeping time to the beat, which is a very unique concept.

Shooting, reloading, and using abilities will all be timed to the beat of a song, as the title suggests. The game’s beats per minute fluctuate from level to level, making it equal parts strategy game, shooter game, and rhythm game. Players can roam around freely and set up wherever they like, but it’s difficult to stay in sync with the beat while shooting. Although it’s difficult, this game is a lot of fun.

11 Beat Saber

You can tap a key to the beat of one song, but when you drum it out to your favorite tunes, you should feel more engrossed in the music. The “traditional rhythm formula” of Beat Saber is brought to virtual reality for the first time in this game. Virtual reality game Beat Saber is one of the greatest out there so far, allowing players to experience rhythm games in a completely new way by having the notes fly right at them.

Because of the mod support, players can enjoy a wide variety of custom music while slashing through Beat Saber’s boxes.

10 Quaver


Quaver’s fast-paced action makes it one of the most difficult rhythm games out there. Aim for each mark as it appears, but beware of how quickly it does so onscreen prompts.

Friday Night Funkin’ is a good warm-up for Quaver because it’s a lot simpler to play. But this simply makes the other more enticing. As a result of the game’s punishing difficulty, players’ primary goal is to overcome it.

9 Etterna

Etterna, a rhythm game that asks players to practically bash at the keyboard to get the combos right, is another exceedingly difficult entry in the category. Despite the game’s difficulty, it’s still enjoyable for those who put in the effort.

Because of the several patterns that must be performed, completing a perfect combo is all the more fulfilling. As long as you’re able to face the difficulty of Etterna, you’re a top player in your own right.

8 Osu!

With its own twist on an established genre, osu! Beatmaps must be traced to complete on-screen sequences. This implies that gamers must keep their fingers nimble at all times, as the best strategy is to hit the proper combos.

Like other entries, the goal is to identify a musical motif. The project will have to be reworked if the task is not completed. Although it’s incredibly difficult, that’s exactly what gamers should expect when they engage in this genre.

7 Mad Rat Dead

Mad Rat Dead

It’s yet another game that takes a traditional rhythm formula and applies it to something completely different. In order to progress through the game’s levels, players must side-scroll in time with the music. On its own, it’s a fascinating idea, but the creators nailed it with the finished product.

Music, character design, plot, and presentation all combine to make for a thoroughly enjoyable experience in Mad Rat Dead. Musically inclined gamers who also seek platforming features should certainly check out this game.

6 Muse Dash

In Muse Dash, music and adventure meet in a unique blend. Aside from guiding the protagonist through a side-scrolling world, they must take out any and all opponents that come their way.

By achieving this, the music can flow naturally, benefiting the gameplay as well as the listener’s ears. Colorful splashes of Muse Dash’s aesthetic add to the pleasure.

5 Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash, disguised as a puzzle-solving game, is simple in design. An icon must be steered through an universe populated with geometric figures. The music can continue playing in the background if the sequence is repeated.

However, there is little doubt that the game itself can be a difficulty. Because of the icon’s speed, it’s more difficult than it appears to avoid the geometric figures. Even so, the musical cues are enough of an incentive to see things through to the end.

4 Rhythm Doctor

Rhythm Doctor

Players that can keep up with Friday Night Funkin’ are rewarded. However, FNF’s four-key format provides a lot of room for error. The one-button nature of Rhythm Doctor makes it a standout item on this list. Each level requires only a single tap of the space bar on the keyboard.

Players, however, should not be deceived by the game’s one-button simplicity. Rhythm Doctor calls itself “the hardest one-button rhythm game you’ll ever play,” and it delivers on that claim. A variety of diversions await players as they try to stay up with the music and hit the seventh beat in each level. You will be put to the ultimate test of your ability to maintain focus, as the game will do everything in its power to distract you.

3 DJMax Respect

If you can handle this game, you’ll realize why the title is so fitting. DJMax Respect isn’t quite as challenging as some other games, but it’s still a lot of fun to play. The objective of the game is to land all of the falling symbols in their corresponding columns, and the player has an unlimited amount of time to do it.

The activity is accompanied by music as the goal is met and the train continues on its journey. With more than a hundred tracks to choose from, DJMax Respect is a game with a lot of replay value.

2 Taiko No Tatsujin

In this game, players must complete all of the combinations that occur onscreen with a virtual percussion drum. Fortunately, failing to hit all of the targets doesn’t mean the level is over; instead, the objective is to get the best possible score.

In order to get the most out of this game, you’ll want to engage in competitive mode versus a friend. Even while the music continues to play, it is only by landing the most drum beats that players can hear the most melodic version of the tune.

1 Project Diva

Project Diva

Players in Project Diva are tasked with performing the character’s dance routine by responding to a series of button prompts that come rapidly. This is a departure from conventional video games, where visual aids are not offered to help players understand how their actions affect gameplay.

Beyond that, expect your usual rhythm-based amusement. Those who enjoy Project Diva’s presentation will enjoy the variety of dance moves the onscreen persona performs to varied music.