10 Best Games Like Bloodborne That You Need Know Update 07/2024

Games Like Bloodborne

The dark and violent action of Bloodborne will test your mettle. What better way to follow up than by playing one of these games?

His work on theDark Souls series and the Souls-like genre in videogames is credited to Hidetaka Miyazaki. Bleedborne stands out as an exceptional work of art among all the others he’s created. As far as Miyazaki Souls-like games go, Bloodborne and the original Dark Souls are neck-and-neck contenders. It boasts the best mood and the most memorable world-building in a Miyazaki game to date, according to some critics.

Bloodborne made brilliant use of the gothic Victorian and gloomy Lovecraftian themes, a feat unmatched by any other game of the same ilk. In the absence of a Bloodborne 2, you have two options: go through the original game a second time or, if you’ll listen to us, look for other games that are similar. I know, it’s absurd, right? In any case, we can assure you that these games, for the most part, will not disappoint. Consider using them over another NG+ in Bloodborne to save yourself some time.



You should play theDark Souls games if you’ve already playedBloodborneto death, because they’re the closest medieval fantasy cousins. Despite the fact that there are three of them, we recommend ignoring the second one because it wasn’t explicitly made by Miyazaki, but his B-team, which is why it’s generally the odd one out.

Dark Souls 3 is the closest game stylistically to Bloodborne. That game came out right after Bloodborne, and you can even see some elements from that game that look like they were repurposed or recycled from Bloodborne. Cosplaying as theBloodbornehunter is possible inDark Souls 3. Combat will be slower, so be on the lookout for that.


To compare the two games in terms of gameplay is like comparing apples and pears. Despite their eerie likeness in terms of style and gameplay, the two massively multiplayer online role-playing games are quite different (RPG). As a group RPG (although with AI friends), Dragon’s Dogma is very similar to Dragon Age titles.

However, if you enjoyed Bloodborne, you should give Dragon’s Dogma a shot regardless of the fact that it is more like Dark Souls than it is. In the end, the vast majority ofBloodborne gamers have already had a taste of whatDark Souls games can offer. It’s dark, indeed, as dark as any of Hayao Miyazaki’s works.



More “clones” have appeared left and right since Dark Souls and Bloodborne introduced a new genre and series of games. On the other hand, to dismiss them as simply clones would be a disrespect to the developers’ efforts, which have resulted in separate games. Salt and Sanctuary was one of the best of the bunch.

There are a lot of side-scrolling Souls-like elements in this game. It’s basically 2DDark Souls, but it works very well. Infusing the most severe parts of the genre with its own distinctive twist, particularly on the character stats, it managed to do so.


Due to the lack of shielding and blocking, the combat in Bloodborne is a little more frightening than inDark Souls.

Because you can’t cower behind your shield and wail until the danger passes, it’s more difficult (or kill you). Nioh does a good job at capturing the intensity of combat.

Stances, a new mechanic in the Souls-like genre introduced by Nioh, spice up combat by adding some diversity and a little rock-paper-scissors fun. The heat of the colliding blades allows you to swap on the fly and surprise your AI opponents. Give Nioha a deep bloodshot look if you enjoyed the persistent and brutal dances in Bloodborne.



Dark Souls meets Western grit in Lords of the Fallen (or at least it tries to be). As one of the genre’s earliest successful and popular reinterpretations, it boasts spikier adversaries and a more robust and meaty fighting system. Just because it looks like a Souls-type game doesn’t mean it’s any harder than other games in the genre.

Lords of the Fallen is sometimes referred to as a “LiteSouls” game because it isn’t as taxing or draining as Dark Souls or evenBloodborne.

Even so, it’s a welcome respite from the perverse agony of dying to Bloodborne’s cheaty beast bosses. Every now and then, it’s wonderful to play a laid-back Souls-style game.


Devil May Cry games are recognized for their angsty cool characters and over-the-top combat rather than their difficulty. New game Devil May Cry 5 even went off the rails with how stylish players may go when hacking down the limbs of faceless demon hordes.

If you’re searching for a challenge on par with games like Dark Souls, you can up the difficulty to the utmost. This manner, you can keep the lightning-fast battle. Even if you don’t care about the Bloodborne’s tension, you can take a break from the game’s frantic pace by playing a comparable atmospheric game.



Shrouded in Sanity is 2DBloodborne ifSalt and Sanctuary is 2DDark Souls The game Shrouded is an indie title, like Salt Also set in the Victorian era, it features a wide range of Gothic horror and visuals… all in 16-bit! Even the user interfaces of the two games share certain parallels, such asShrouded’s desire to be the long-lost offspring ofBloodborne.

The plot is what makes Shrouded in Sanity unique. You’ll face a less terrifying but more homogeneous threat than the horrors and animals of Lovecraftian terror. The tenants of a housing development became insane for no apparent reason, and they turned on you the moment you stepped foot on the property. Your job is to slash their numbers and uncover the cosmic horror that has taken hold of these wretched creatures.


Remnant from the Ashes is the latest entry to the Souls-like family. The combat inRemnant from the Ashesis, which was just released last month, is already revolutionizing the Souls-like genre. Before Remnant, the most popular combat in Souls-like games was always melee; this game swaps the blades for bullets and is set in a post-apocalptic world.

As a result of a cosmic anomaly known as The Root, humanity was nearly exterminated. As a prophesied survivor, your mission is to clear the Earth or the universe of The Root while acquiring a slew of nifty weapons and armour. It’s worth the price of admission for its unique take on the genre.



Without its Lovecraftian flavor and Victorian atmosphere, Bloodborne is little more than a Dark Soulsclone.

I think it’s a big part of what makesBloodborne unique. Even though Bloodborneis the only Lovecraftian-themed video game on the market at the moment, The Sinking Cityis a great alternative.

In spite of this, the game is set in the 1920s, but the detective’s experiences in Oakmont, a half-sunken city that looks like Chtulhu’s attempt to build his own Venice, are still featured. But be advised, the game is not about combat and monsters, but rather exploration and the mysteries of a world tormented by cosmic horrors.


Alternatively, if you’re looking for a Lovecraftian horror game that will make your forehead veins break, Darkest Dungeon is a great option. A 2D RPG with the same amount of difficulty and pain as Bloodborne. In contrast to the action fighting, you’ll have to rely more on your strategic thinking than your reflexes in this mode.

If you’re looking for the most miserable abyss ever, you’ll find it inDarkest Dungeon, which takes a party of four to a place that would make even Lovecraft grimace. The secret to success inDarkest Dungeon is coping with failure rather than succeeding and overcoming obstacles.