10 Best Games Like Elite Dangerous That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Games Like Elite Dangerous

If Elite Dangerous’ sci-fi setting and space flight sim elements appealed to you, you’ll enjoy these other games just as much.

One of the most in-depth space simulator games out there, Elite Dangerous has a big player community and is still expanding six years after its release.

Recently released on PC and soon to arrive on consoles Odyssey.

Elite Dangerous is an excellent game, however it might be enjoyable to take a vacation from it and play other games. Even if other games fail to live up to one’s expectations, returning to Elite Dangerous is enhanced by the experience.

10 Starcraft 2

Starcraft II

Starcraft II’s gameplay is as expansive as Elite Dangerous’s universe. There are many aesthetic and narrative similarities to the Elite Dangerous setting in this classic strategy game that is both easy to learn but challenging to master.

However, this game isn’t for those who can’t sit still for an extended period of time. If you want to break away from the multiplayer experience, the campaign is excellent.

9 Eve Online

Eve Online is the closest one can come to Elite Dangerous. Epic futuristic open worlds, MMORPG cores, and intricate mechanics and systems for exploration and battle are all present in both games.

The fan base of Eve Online, on the other hand, is more reliable than that of Elite Dangerous. Players in Eve Online take the game very seriously, which may be a turnoff for a novice.

8 No Man’s Sky

No Man's Sky

Since the relaunch of the game with the release of No Man’s Sky BEYOND, the game has witnessed a dramatic boost in quality. Initially, the game was considered as an over-promised flop. However, it has some key changes from Elite Dangerous’s flight and exploration system.

Elite Dangerous leans toward realism, whereas No Man’s Sky leans toward stylish imagination. Both games are about learning and exploring in a player-guided cosmos.

7 Kerbal Space Program

One of the best strategic games on Steam is Kerbal Space Program, a spaceship-building game. Although there isn’t much of a multiplayer system, the simulator’s fan following is as helpful as it is innovative.

The sci-fi setting and gameplay mechanics are the primary similarities between this game and Elite Dangerous. In addition to the differences in flight in space, there is nothing in the way of exploring, but it’s a fun diversion from the monotony of an MMORPG.

6 Destiny 2

Destiny 2

As a result of its recent release, Destiny 2 has become one of the most popular looter shooters on the market. It looks like Elite Dangerous and takes place in a futuristic setting similar to that of the game. The basis of Destiny 2 is an MMORPG, yet there is no open-world exploration outside of parties.

A lot of people enjoy Destiny 2’s gameplay and the support it has gotten throughout the years. For some, the plot can be a little difficult to follow.

5 The Outer Worlds

There are a lot of interesting story options in The Outer Worlds, which was developed by veteran Fallout devs. There is also excellent combat and a lovely setting.

The game’s exploration and RPG mechanics are comparable to Elite Dangerous, but the overall experience is very different. The Outer Worlds is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a story-driven single-player adventure.

4 Stellaris


This is a massively multiplayer online strategy game. Stellaris is a time-consuming and intricate strategy game about constructing an empire. Unlike the Civilization series, which allows players to replay their campaigns with different starting galaxies each time, the campaigns in this game can last up to 100 hours.

Space exploration in Elite Dangerous resembles space exploration in Stellaris, however there is less depth to the MMORPG’s empire-building mechanics than in Stellaris.

3 Star Wars Squadrons

Elite Dangerous’ space combat is the most enjoyable component of the game for most players. Being in a cockpit is more exciting than engaging in exploration or empire building in a simulator.

Compared to Elite Dangerous’ space combat, Star Wars Squadrons’ space combat is very similar to its own. This is a must-play for Star Wars enthusiasts and sci-fi fans alike, thanks to its stunning sights and sound design.

2 FTL: Faster Than light

FTL.Faster Than Light

Faster Than Light, an indie strategy game, puts the player in charge of an entire spaceship, with each chamber and crew member, system, and combat choice handled in real time.

As opposed to Elite Dangerous, FTL. Faster Than Light features a roguelike gameplay system and finely calibrated management systems, making it one of the best sci-fi strategy games available today.

1 Spore

Spore’s final stage, Space, is mechanically comparable to Elite Dangerous’ reputation and management systems. The graphical aesthetic of Spore is completely different from that of the MMORPG, and the game itself is much simpler.

When it comes to customizing and designing the cosmos, Spore is a game-changer. Try running an intergalactic trading empire in the later stages of Elite Dangerous if you’re fed up with making decisions that have little impact on the rest of the universe.

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