9 Best Overwatch Custom Games That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Best Overwatch Custom Games

Since the Workshop was released in 2019, Overwatch players have been coming up with a lot of different ways to play the game.

If you want to make things as easy as possible, we’ve put together of the best player-made games for you to look at.

1v1 Widow Arena by Seita

1v1 Widow Arena by Seita

The 1v1 Widow Arena is the only place to go to find out who is the best Widow player. Overwatch is a game where everyone has to talk a big game.

Seita, the person who made the Workshop, made the 1v1 mode. It came out in 2020 and quickly became a favourite for DPS players who were waiting in the competitive queue to play.

The rules are simple: two Widows fight each other in a square arena with Mei walls that appear at random. You have to move and grapple around to get a good shot. As many as eight people can play at the same time. The winner stays and faces off against the next person, while the rest of them watch and wait.

Overwatch CoD Zombies by 333PuG333

Overwatch fans have been trying to make CoD’s popular Zombies game mode into Overwatch, and they’ve done a pretty good job of it so far.

From the creator of the Eichenwalde Halloween map comes the newest version. It’s on the map, so it has the right spooky feel.

As long as you’ve played “Zombies,” you’ll be all set for this mode of the game. The goal is to stay alive and keep your teammates alive as well. There are a lot of items and upgrades that can make you a zombie-killing machine.

People who want to play Overwatch’s version of Zombies can use 4YJXQ as a code to do so.

Wrecking Ball Golf by TROLLSKI

Wrecking Ball Golf by TROLLSKI

Lucioball is already on Wrecking Ball, but we think that a golf ball skin would look great on him.

There are a lot of holes spread across the Overwatch maps where you can play golf as Reinhardt and hit Hammond with your clubs.

A great way to pass the time before your next match and let some of the aggression that was meant for the Wrecking Ball in your last match out. The code is: BXS1G.

Project: Streetwatch by GraczCourier

Another type of game mode that’s been around since the beginning are racing games, but lately they’ve been going crazy. You can look at Project: Streetwatch by GraczCourier as an example.

Streetwatch doesn’t just let you race with heroes like other modes. It also has custom car models. They might not look exactly like their real-life counterparts, but they race around the maps just fine.

As long as you play for a long time, it’s easy to forget that Overwatch is even on your screen. This is one of the best Workshop modes because it makes you forget that you’re even playing the game. It’s 4XQP4.

Darwin’s Ana nade tool by Darwin

Darwin’s Ana nade tool by Darwin

Next, we’re going to show you a must-have tool for Overwatch players from our friend Darwinstreams. You can use what is called the “Ana Nade” tool to learn how to do things like Zarya’s ult and Orisa’s shield, Ashe’s Dynamite, Mei’s ultimate, Torbjorn’s Turret, Baptiste’s Immortality Field, and more.

The tool lets you choose where you want the ability to land, and then it will come up with a target for you to throw it at. This way, the ability will land where you want it to.

Also, the tool can show you how each one flies and how it reacts to the environment. It’s called EBAXM.

A quick note: This code was written in late 2020, and it might not work with the most recent version of the Workshop. However, no problems have been reported with this code. If there is a new code, we’ll let you know.

Paintball Playgrounds by NebulasEye

Paintball Playgrounds is a mod that takes the idea of Ana Paintball to a whole new level.

This means that there are 12 different classes to choose from, each with a different play style. This also means that each match could be very different.

People quickly start fighting each other in the 8-player FFA. It’s a good way to pass the time while waiting in line or for your friends. If you want to start painting, the code is 33M43.

Actually Tiny Overwatch by Caaethil

Actually Tiny Overwatch by Caaethil

Tiny Overwatch has been a thing since Blizzard let players change the size of models in the Workshop. The most recent and best example of this is called “Actually Tiny Overwatch” by Caaethil.

You don’t just make the heroes smaller in this mod. It shrinks everything else in the game down to a small area of the map, like when the heroes attack the Temple of Anubis, for example.

It’s a lot of fun to fight with tiny versions of your favourite heroes. If you want to try it out for yourself, the code is 1H0PE.

Katamari Hammacy (Great for Katamari fans)

Katamari Hammacy is a new game mode that is based on the popular Katamari Damacy games. You can roll around collecting heroes to make your Wrecking Ball bigger. The physics aren’t as good as in the main Katamari series, and the heroes around Wrecking Ball can look a little wonky at times. Despite this, the gameplay is new and is a good choice if you don’t know which game to play.

Is Katamari Hammacy a good game to have?

Rolling around as Wrecking Ball is fun on its own, but when you get together with other Overwatch heroes, it’s even better.

The name of the game makes me want to play even more.

Seeing people run away from your huge katamari is very funny.

Try it out with the code TQ1V4.

Lava Rising (Great for Groups of 4+)

Lava Rising (Great for Groups of 4+)

In the past, who didn’t play “The Floor is Lava” with their friends? If you want to play on the highest points of a map, this mode will make you do just that. As more attacks are made against you, the higher your percentage and the more knockback you get, like in the game Super Smash Bros. A lot of people enjoy this mode if they stay alive long enough to get some good shots in.

There are a lot of things that are fun about Lava Rising, but what is the best thing?

Easy to learn and play with a lot of friends.

Reinhardt smacking people around in this mode is too much fun to watch.

It needs a good understanding of how maps are laid out.

There is a code for this that you can try out: k33fe