10 Best Games Like Descent That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Games Like Descent

For several platforms, Descendent Studios has created and published Descent.Underground, an action-adventure first-person shooter video game. Single-player and multiplayer modes are available, and the sci-fi space setting provides an exciting backdrop. Six degrees of freedom are earned in the ensuing dogfight between fighter airships. You have the option to take control of one of the game’s several spaceships and begin your campaign against the opposing group. Customizing your spacecraft and equipping it with the appropriate weapons is a necessary first step in the game. You’re now ready to take on the world’s most dangerous foes. Explore the world in first person, interact with non-player characters, and engage in combat with the game’s opponents to eliminate them. Playing the game gets more difficult and more rewarding as time goes on, immersing you in a genuine dogfighting simulation. You can use your points to upgrade your airship, weapons, and other items while manipulating. Achievements, Storyline Missions, Mining for Resources, and more can be found in abundance in Descent.Underground. A game like Descent.Underground is ideal for players that enjoy dogfighting.

#1 EVE: Valkyrie

EVE Valkyrie

Multiplayer action, shooting, and role-playing game set in the Eve Online universe. The action takes place in the midst of a duel between rival fighter jets. It features a virtual reality (VR) aspect for a truly immersive space experience. Chronicles and Combats are two of the game’s modes. Gameplay varies from mode to mode, as do the objectives in each. To get into space, the player must first choose an aircraft and then use a variety of weapons to battle his way through galaxies, interact with NPCs, and discover new worlds. In the single-player campaign, players can take on up to eight opponents in Combat mode while also completing a number of quests in Chronicles mode. Using either a third-person or first-person perspective, the player can explore the space world. Complete the missions and you’ll receive experience points. Experience points can be used to buy various stuff, improve his spaceship, unlock new weapons and clothes, and so on. Realistic physics and other factors allow the player to immerse himself or herself in the space world. Skill-based characters, a stunning universe, ship-controlling features, and more can all be found in EVE.Valkyrie. Give it a shot.

#2 GoD Factory: Wingmen

Wingmen is an action-adventure game with dogfighting elements that pits four players against each other in a highly tactical environment. The player’s ultimate goal is to take down the 13-kilometer-long enemy carrier before it can take out the player’s ship. Action, exploration, shooting, and space simulation are all represented in the game, which also incorporates VR aspects. Once in space, the player must select and personalize his spaceship, equip it with deadly weaponry, and team up with other players to accomplish their goals. To advance in the game, you’ll need to explore the area from both a third-person and a first-person perspective. Enemy ships are demolished to earn experience points, and points can be redeemed for tons of different gunship parts, which are then divided into four distinct playable species. As the player progresses through the game, the level of difficulty increases. Co-op multiplayer, 4 against 4 gameplay, a fast-paced space shooter, dozens of abilities, and more are all included in GoD Factory.Wingmen. Try it out and take use of its most notable features.

#3 Everspace


Rockfish Games developed and published Everspace, an action adventure game with an open world and a sci-fi theme. With a Single Player option and an exciting space setting, this game is sure to keep you entertained for hours. In this dogfighting game, you take control of a spaceship and go on a mission to take out your opponents with the help of your ship’s arsenal of advanced weapons. Playing in virtual reality is made possible by the game’s support for advanced physics, graphics, and controllers. Single-player shooter simulation with a compelling tale and rough gameplay components. After beating an enemy, you must take their resources and continue on your journey. Become the master by surviving as long as you can in this magnificent setting and earning the most points. Build or repair your spaceship by acquiring precious materials. Features like Dogfighting, Crafting, Exploration, 60DOF Controls and Action-Packed Gameplay are all included in Everspace. If you’re a space simulation fanatic, give it a spin.

#4 House of the Dying Sun

If you’re a dogfighting video game fan, House of the Dying Sun is a terrific choice. As a result of the collaboration between Marauder Interactive, LLC and the developers of the game, a variety of exciting genres have been combined into a single title. The game’s gameplay revolves around the First-Person Shooter genre, and it’s quite engaging. The player can choose from a variety of vessels in order to enter the vast space environment. While exploring, the player will come across many adversaries, which he must defeat using a variety of weapons in order to gain experience points and progress in the game. There are numerous stages in the game, and each one presents a unique set of circumstances. The player assumes leadership of a fleet and is tasked with either destroying the other fleet or earning points by switching to another fighter spaceship. Once the previous levels’ requirements have been met, the game grows more difficult to play. Replayable scenarios, monitor and VR support, take command, space simulation combat, and more can be found in House of the Dying Sun. You’ll appreciate it if you give it a shot.

#5 Strike Suit Zero

Strike Suit Zero

Bom Ready Games created and published Strike Suit Zero, an action adventure game combining sci-fi and VR (virtual reality) features, in the third person space shooter and single player space simulation genres. Strike Mode, a new mode introduced in the game, centered around dogfight gameplay. Strike Suit and a space armor’s monstrous suit convert the protagonist into a futuristic sci-fi character in the year 2299 in this action-adventure video game. The basic goal of the game is to save the world from impending annihilation by fending off the evil forces that threaten it. There are fleet conflicts where the player can use his dogfighting skills and abilities to influence the fate of the universe. Individual tasks must be completed in order to continue through the game’s up to seventeen spectacular missions. Experience points are earned by completing missions, and these points can be used to unlock additional content, such as weaponry and other equipment. Strike Suit Zero is the best game to play and enjoy because of its most notable features, fast-paced gameplay, various endings, personalization, and flawless controls.

#6 Polynomial 2: Universe of the Music

First-person space simulation Polynomial 2.Universe of the Music was developed and published by Dmytry Lavrov. The game is set in a sci-fi procedurally generated world and incorporates elements of speed, virtual reality, and exploration into a single experience. The fractal nebulae glow as you interact and engage in space combat in the boundless universe of stars. You can choose from a variety of game scenarios and missions over the game’s nine levels. Get into the randomly created universe and execute a range of tasks to collect points by exploring the globe and battling off opponents. As you progress through the game, the difficulty will rise. As you progress through the game and kill more than ten different kinds of foes, you’ll be able to unlock new features that will allow you to improve your weapons, spaceships, and other gear. There are 9 unique levels, over 10 enemies, four different weapons, and six distinct modes in Polynomial 2.Universe of the Music! Try it out and you’ll have a good time.

#7 Galactic Junk League

Galactic Junk League

This game combines the Pixel Federation’s Pixel Federation’s Pixel Federation and Pixel Federation’s Pixel Federation elements into a single game. The post-apocalyptic universe in which the game takes place is littered with garbage. To get started, you’ll need to assemble your spacecraft from a variety of various things, materials, blocks, weapons, and other components. This epic voyage begins with the creation of your spaceship, which you will use to face battle against vicious foes and destroy them with powerful weapons such as gauss guns and more. The Frigate, the Rookie, the Battleship, the Cruiser, and the Destroyer are just a few of the possible ship types. You must first select a class and then personalize it to fit your preferences before venturing out into the real world. Weapons, strength, and weakness are unique to each class. You can engage in PvP combat with other players or AI opponents in the game’s single-player mode, which is available in both multiplayer and single-player modes. Core aspects of Galactic Junk League include many Achievements, Upgrades, numerous Ship Classes and contemporary weapons. You’ll appreciate it if you give it a shot.

#8 Starfighter Origins

Dogfighting is an important part of Starfighter Origins, which is a combination of an action adventure, first-person shooter, and space simulation. The game is set in a vast sci-fi cosmos and features up to six customisable gigantic ships that players may take control of. The gameplay is comparable to Star Wars, Freespace, and Wing Commander and focuses on single-player action and simulation of space combat. Before entering the universe, you must select your ship and personalize it to reflect your sense of flair. From a first-person point of view, battle hordes of foes while employing a variety of weaponry. At some point throughout your journey, you’ll need some kind of resources to repair your ship or build a variety of new tools. As you go through the game, the difficulty increases. For starters, there are four distinct game modes and six playable ships in Starfighter Origins. There are also a realistic environment and six degrees of freedom (DOF) responsive controls, as well as 4K support. It’s hard not to love Starfighter Origins because to its compelling story, engrossing graphics, and solid gameplay.

#9 Evochron Legacy

Evochron Legacy

StarWraith 3D Games LLC developed Evochron Legacy, a sci-fi, sandbox, and exploration game. It features dogfighting and space combat simulation gameplay. Choose your spacecraft and prepare for epic battles with your adversaries. You can interact with non-player characters and navigate the environment in both first and third-person perspectives. The game is based on a lone wolf survival theme and gives you control of your ship’s systems. The game takes place in an open world where you can participate in a variety of activities, including trade, racing, responding to emergencies, purchasing, and spying. You must explore the galaxy to find valuables and useful resources that you may use to sell with others or create new gear. The Alliance and the Federation are two new factions that can be found in the game. Co-operative multiplayer, new quests, mine resources, a single player campaign, and more are all included in Evochron Legacy’s primary features. Evochron Legacy is the ideal game for individuals who enjoy playing Space Simulations because of its engrossing gameplay, clever mechanics, superior weapons, and flawless controls.

#10 The Battle of Sol

Battle of Sol is a first-person action-adventure video game developed by Bit Planet Games and distributed for the Windows platform. An fascinating storyline awaits players in the year 2500, in which humanity has been rendered uninhabitable. The Earth had been destroyed by overpopulation and pollution, and human life had been exiled to another star. They soon discovered that the sun’s waning power was to blame for the abrupt shift in climate. Enemies and aliens fill an action-packed universe in this sci-fi thriller. Spaceships armed with weapons and tools must be selected by the player. He’ll have to fight his way through hordes of adversaries with a smattering of weapons and ammo as he makes his way around the world. The player can acquire points, ammo, and power ups while navigating the game’s world. Six-degree-of-freedom (DOF) controls allow the player to roam freely across the sci-fi setting as they work their way through a series of objectives. Multiple ships, rich environments, twenty-one campaign missions, and more await you in this action-packed space simulation. Give it a shot.