11 Best Couple Games That You Should Know Update 05/2024

best couple games

When it’s cold outside, it’s nice to snuggle up with your partner and watch some Netflix while you both stay warm. Even though that gets old pretty quickly. As a bonus, some of us want to spend less time on our screens in 2022, so finding non-digital activities is very important! This is why I’ve found the best games for couples, so you know what to do on your next date night!

Our store has several decks of conversation cards that can help you and your partner get to know each other better on a deeper level. If you want to show them how competitive you are, then play one of these two-player board games. And if you want to build something together, there’s always Jenga to help you do it. Also, we’ve included a couple of “spicy games” to get things started. We also have a whole list of them here to help with your sexy game night, so check it out!

You can take a few of these on your next weekend trip, put a few in your travel bag to keep you entertained at the airport, or keep them at home for when you’ve given up on puzzles.

1. The Conversation Party Game: Love and Relationships (After Dark)

Love and Relationships (After Dark)

An easy way to get to know your partner is by playing a conversation starter game together. There are lots of flirty, fun conversation starters in this deck of cards that are all about love. In a sexual conversation, you and your partner can ask questions about sex and love, or read statements like “You can tell how good a man is in bed by how he moves on the dance floor.” You can then respond to each other’s answers. A Love and Relationships deck from the same brand isn’t as hot as this one. You can play it with your friends and family, too, but it doesn’t have as many cards.

2. Actually Curious

Cards with thought-provoking questions are also beautiful, so you can get to know your partner better. I would keep this on my coffee table as decor. When you meet, you’ll ask each other important questions like, “What are you willing to fight for and why?” Decks each have 52 cards, and the blue ones are the easiest ones. Then there are green cards, yellow cards, and red cards (the most intimate ones). It’s a great way to connect with your partner, your best friend, your family, or anyone else in your life.

3. Lovehoney Oh! Kinky Confessions Truth or Dare Card Game

Lovehoney Oh! Kinky Confessions Truth

Whether you’ve been together for a long time or you’ve only been dating for a few weeks, learning more about what your partner likes to do in bed is so fun. There are some great “would you rather” questions on this deck of cards. For example, “Would you rather be spanked or have sex in the bath?” and “Would you rather have sex in the bath or shower?” After you’ve used a few of these cards, I think you’ll have a lot of hot dates in the works.

4. Our Moments

Another good thing about conversation starter decks is that they don’t have a time limit, so you can play for a few minutes at a time without having to play for hours. When you want to get to know each other or learn more about each other, this deck has 100 questions that will help you.

5. Love Language

Love Language

Another conversation starter deck like the one above, this one is divided into color-coded groups like family, intimacy, couple, past and future, and individual. This makes it easy to split up into separate topics or mix and match.

6. The Ultimate Game for Couples

You can play with just two people, or you can play with other pairs. A mix of personal questions and challenges is on the list of things.

7. One Word One Answer

In this game, you can go back in time. People in couples therapy often get asked about how they met to remind them why they fell in love. It can help you remember why you made your person your person, but it can also “build connection and make you more fond of each other.”

To play One Word One Answer, start with a word, any word. Then, write down the answer. This is how it works: The other partner responds with another word that helps build the sentence. What’s the goal? Do this to tell your love story. Awww.

8. The Dating Divas

The Dating Divas

One of Dancel’s favourite game sites is the Dating Divas, which is another one of them. The Dating Divas will send you a whole box of things you can do with your partner and date ideas from all over the world. Their Paris box comes with recipes for a Parisian picnic, French love notes to share with your partner and more.

9. Write Poems

Do you have a partner who likes art? You might also want to be able to show off your creative side from time to time. Is it possible that you want to pretend that you are living inside a Shakespearean sonnet for a while? Not at all. Try making an erasure poem out of a magazine article or a page from a book to see if you can come up with something interesting. Black out (erase) any words you don’t want in your poem.

10. The Gottman Institute Quiz

Do you know your partner? When the Gottman Institute is asked this question, they know the best way to do so. The Gottman Institute was started by Dr. John and Julie Gottman, two of the most important people in the field of human sexuality, when they started it. Over the years, they’ve written more than 200 academic articles about the subject and almost 50 books about it. Make sure you know everything about your partner by taking their quiz.

11. Sushi Go Card Game

It’s a fun, entertaining, and a little bit competitive card game that’s easy to play and fun to play. As a bonus, it’s easy to learn. Make your “sushi meal” by putting together as many cards as you can. There are three ways to win: Bonus: The game goes well with takeout.