15 Best Games Like Days Gone That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Games Like Days Gone

For those who enjoy the thought of striving to survive during the apocalypse, these games are for you.

Days Gone, a post-apocalyptic survival game, was met with mixed reviews, but its devotees are adamant that it is good. New gamers are discovering the game after it was made available for free to PlayStation Plus subscribers. PS5’s upgrade fixes these issues as well as improving graphics and performance, which were previously mentioned in reviews.

You Might Be Surprised By These Days Gone Facts

Days Gone now appears like it was designed from the ground up on the PlayStation 5. Days Gone and other open-world games like that can be a good substitute for this one when you’re done with it. As far as survival mechanics go, they’re all tied together.

Jason Wojnar’s latest update came on January 10th, 2022: Days Gone has remained in the public’s consciousness because of its intriguing development tale, its subsequent post-release drama, and its growing popularity due to favorable word of mouth.

Most recently, the director claimed that the game had sold over eight million copies, which is comparable to the sales of Ghost of Tsushima in Japan. As a result, this statistic is not a true reflection of sales, but rather an approximation of the total number of players. This collection of open-world games set in post-apocalyptic worlds is for you if you’re one of the eight million people who wish there had been one.

15 Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus

It is important to note that Metro Exodus is not a fully open-world title. Levels are numbered and the tale progresses in a straight line. There is a lot to see and learn in each location you stop by. It’s a cross between an open-world and a linear FPS game.

Fans are eager to see what Ukrainian developer 4A Games has in store for us in the second installment of the atmospheric survival game.

14 Biomutant

It took a long time for this open-world action game to come to fruition after multiple delays. Reviews were mixed, with many criticizing the UI and jank while praising the game’s creative ideas and setting.

There is, however, a lot to love for open-world game fans. The character creator in Biomutant is exceptionally robust, so you can be sure your protagonist is one of a kind.

13 Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden

Mutant Year Zero Road To Eden

There is no open map in Mutant Year Zero. Instead, the action is broken up into several distinct areas that you can explore at your own pace. Combat is turn-based like XCOM or Wasteland 3, but you control characters in real time as you travel.

Because of this, don’t anticipate the game to go on forever. Some gamers may appreciate the fact that Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden will take between 13 and 20 hours to complete.

12 Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild

For reasons best left unmentioned, but the game takes place after the events of The Last of Us. After Calamity Ganon’s victory, Hyrule is a wreck. Zelda’s magic is the only thing keeping the monster from enslaving Hyrule.

The game’s world is stunning, but it’s on the verge of oblivion, as reflected in the gameplay. Because of the tiny size of most settlements, you’ll have to rely on foraging for food and other supplies from the wild. Breath of the Wild is one of the best open-world games on the market because of its many mechanics. We can’t wait for the sequel, which is currently scheduled for release in 2022, to arrive.

11 State Of Decay 2

State of Decay is a zombie apocalypse survival game like Days Gone. You may play State of Decay 2 cooperatively with up to three other individuals, which is a big improvement over the PS4 version. It’s all about surviving, so gather up your comrades and gather as much as you can to establish a stronghold.

If you’re looking for a zombie game but don’t have a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5, this is a good option for you.

10 Fallout

Fallout 4

It’s hard to go wrong with Fallout, whether you’re playing the first-person adventures from Bethesda or the isometric RPGs from Interplay Entertainment.

Decisions are more important in earlier games, while recent titles feel more like dungeon crawlers and are more action oriented. Having fun is guaranteed no matter which option you select. It is possible to make the games more difficult if you choose. Fallout 76 is a great place to play with friends in the Fallout universe.

9 Far Cry: New Dawn

Far Cry likes to release spin-offs between major releases. New Dawn came after Far Cry 5 and before Far Cry: Blood Dragon in the series’s third installment.

Far Cry 6 picks up where Far Cry 5 left off, with a nuclear attack on the United States. A post-apocalyptic wasteland in the Far Cry 5 map is a cool experience, despite the strange finale.

Fans of open-world FPS action will be satisfied by Far Cry 6 despite the lack of innovation some had hoped for.

8 Mad Max

Just Cause is one of Avalanche Studios’ most popular open-world titles. They also used this knowledge to create an original game based on the Mad Max character.

Car chases are the main mode of action instead of flying around the terrain with a wingsuit or grappling hook in Just Cause. A few years later, Rage 2 would make good use of this move.

7 Dead Island

Dead Island

Dead Island, developed by Techland in 2011, was a gaming favorite. Like Borderlands, but with zombies, this game is fun. While it’s fair to say that the island isn’t totally post-apocalyptic, residents and visitors alike believe it is.

These Dead Island memes are only understandable to true fans.

You may have a blast playing by yourself, but it’s even more enjoyable if you can do it with a friend or two. The transition from melee weapons to primarily firearms is a satisfying one.

6 Horizon Zero Dawn

As a PlayStation exclusive, it only seems sense to mention another open-world post-apocalyptic game on the system.. Fortunately, this is a game that PC users may enjoy as well.

While Guerrilla Games was best known for its Killzone series, Horizon Zero Dawn is regarded one of the best PS4 exclusives. A new Horizon game is due out on February 18th, ensuring that the Horizon series will continue to be a pillar of Sony’s catalog for years to come.

5 DayZ

Other survival-themed games on this list are still rather forgiving. No matter how hard you try, DayZ will not guide you. Learning the ropes and perfecting the mechanics will take a long time. DayZ’s focus on realism can be a drawback at times, but those who seek a grueling survival experience will enjoy it.

The experience is hampered by a number of technological difficulties. After being in early access on PC for almost five years, the game was also published for PS4 and Xbox One.

4 Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3 is a more typical, intense RPG than the other games on our list. You must be well-prepared for your long travel after you leave town, however. Additionally, the player’s decisions have a huge impact on the story.

The game’s universe can be drastically altered by the results of any number of quests. Cooperative play is a rarity for a narrative-driven RPG like this one. There are a variety of difficulty settings to accommodate players of all skill levels.

3 Rage 2

Even though it has open-world elements, the first Rage is more linear. If you’re looking for a full-blown open-world experience, Rage 2 is it.

Sadly, a lot of people complained about the lack of interest in the side tasks. Still, if you stick to the core storyline, you’ll have a good time. The shooting is precise, and the vehicular combat provides a welcome change of pace from the game’s predominant first-person perspective.

2 Dying Light

With a wider setting and more emphasis on movement, Dying Light is another Techland zombie game. While evading the undead, you have the option to fly through the landscape.

There is a night and day cycle as well, and as the sun sets, the danger increases dramatically. The time it takes to return to safety must be taken into consideration. Dying Light 2, the anticipated sequel, has been in development hell for what feels like an eternity. Fortunately, on February 4th, 2022, it will finally be released.

1 Death Stranding

Death Stranding

Post-Metal Gear Solid, your first Hideo Kojima game sees you transporting deliveries over an abandoned sci-fi landscape. It’s hard to get someone interested in the game by just telling them about it; however, when you really play it, you realize how satisfying it is to make your way through the desolate wasteland.

As a bonus, players can leave ladders and other items in the environment for other players to use. Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima has crafted an excellent story. The Director’s Cut version of the game, which includes extra content and aesthetic and performance enhancements, is available for PS5 owners.