15 Best Games Like Darkest Dungeon That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Games Like Darkest Dungeon

15. ‘Guardian Heroes’

Guardian Heroes

It’s a shame that this one is so hard to get your hands on, given the cult popularity of Guardian Heroes. Guardian Heroes is a side-scrolling beat-em-up in the vein of Darkest Dungeon, originally released for the Sega Saturn. The game’s fighting system is just as robust as Darkest Dungeon’s, despite the fantasy backdrop being more cartoonish. It’s impossible to predict the outcome of a fight because each character has their own unique set of abilities.

In comparison to Darkest Dungeon, Guardian Heroes doesn’t have the visual flair, yet it still survives the test of time.

14. ‘Battle Chasers: Nightwar’

It’s another Kickstarter-funded indie title. While not as grim as Darkest Dungeon, Battle Chasers: Nightwar is nevertheless a gloomy fantasy role-playing game. A vast variety of warriors are available for players to pick from, each with a distinct set of abilities. However, it’s a well-known pattern adapted to fit this game’s diverse group of characters.

13. ‘Battle Brothers’

Battle Brothers

Even if it has a setting that rivals Darkest Dungeon’s, this game’s gameplay is nothing if not different. Despite the fact that this is a dark fantasy game, there is some lightheartedness to be found inside its depths.

Many role-playing games influence Battle Brothers. The game’s ensemble of characters, each with their own dark backstories, is more anchored in reality than Darkest Dungeon. There are only a few minor gripes with this outstanding indie game that was evidently painstakingly put together by its developers, and the gameplay can get a little tedious at times.

12. ‘Slay the Spire’

Slay the Spire includes a unique fighting system that incorporates cards, which adds a little of luck to a game that stresses strategy. Slay the Spire can be a tad intimidating for people who have never played a game like this before. This game has a steep learning curve, but when it works, it works. It’s a game with a lot of possibilities. Players have a wide range of options when it comes to advancing through the game.

11. ‘Mad Crown’

People who haven’t played either Darkest Dungeon or Mad Crown are unlikely to be able to distinguish the two apart when comparing them. The two games have a lot in common in terms of visual design, but the tales are very different. The story of a fallen empire and the player’s ascent to the throne in Mad Crown is a compelling one. Mad Crown has been compared to a two-dimensional version of Dark Souls, as have many of the other games on this list. Mad Crown, on the other hand, largely satisfies its billing. A deteriorating world and the desolation it brings are prominent themes, much like in Dark Souls. Darkest Dungeon fans will be happy to know that Mad Crown is a logical follow-up.

10. ‘Vambrace: Cold Soul’

Vambrace Cold Soul

Vambrace: When the Vikings and the undead meet, you get a Cold Soul. It’s not just another tale of the undead in Vambrace. The game’s fantasy backdrop places players in a cursed planet where several groups are attempting to find their way through. The animation and voice acting are both excellent, but the animation in particular stands out for the quality of its performance. Vambrace: Cold Soul’s combat and gameplay are typical of a turn-based RPG, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth your time.

9. ‘Deep Sky Derelicts’

With Deep Sky Derelicts, it’s clear that the creators either grew up in the 1980s or are greatly affected by it. The visuals of the game are based on Darkest Dungeon, but the similarities go only so far. Combat makes the game look like a comic book, and the accompanying music is nostalgic.

Another card-based combat system is employed in this game. Giving your team members a boost requires more than just passing along information. If you want to survive against the game’s well-designed opponents, you’ll need to be strategic.

8. ‘Vagrus: The Riven Realms’

To put it another way, Vagrus: The Riven Realms is all about the dangers of traveling. Even before the game’s official release date of July 22nd, players already had a good idea of what to expect. Nomadic nomads will travel over a continent filled with monsters, bandits, and other nefarious characters. It’s up to the player to decide what’s best for the caravan and make the right choices. This role-playing game is perfect for individuals who enjoy the management side as well as the role-playing element. In light of the game’s upcoming release date, I hope Vagrus: The Riven Realm will live up to the hype.

7. ‘Iratus: Lord of the Dead’

Iratus Lord of the Dead

In my mind, if the developers of the Legacy of Kain series were to build an RPG based on the series, it would look a lot like Iratus: Lord of the Dead. But there’s a lot more to the game than just vampires and soul wraiths that progressively mutate. A fallen wizard and the forces of good are pitted against each other in Iratus. Players, on the other hand, will be aligned with the slain wizard. The goal of the game is to help Iratus, the game’s titular character, develop his power and army by slaughtering anyone who stands in his way.

6. ‘Dead in Vinland’

There is nothing wrong with Dead in Vinland’s impressive visuals and voice acting, but the RPG aspect of the game makes it stand out from the others. Defending your resources while establishing a strong community is an important part of the game. Players can choose to fight or pacify their adversaries in the game, even if they are put in situations where violence is a foregone conclusion.

Combat, if it’s an option, is technically challenging but doesn’t require a high learning curve. Teamwork and the level of preparation for each character go a long way in dispatching adversaries. In order to do this, the player must be meticulous.

5. ‘Mistover’

Compared to Darkest Dungeon, Mistover offers a more appealing visual style. For the most part, it is because of the cherub-faced characters that the game’s developers threw in there. When you first start playing Mistover, the juxtaposition can be disconcerting, but you’ll soon get used to it.

Several role-playing games have inspired Mistover, which will be released at the end of this year. Dark fantasy game with a colorful cast of characters that fight with the game’s storyline This is only one of a handful of minor gripes for an otherwise amazing indie game that was obviously painstakingly constructed by its developers.

4. ‘Stoneshard’


This open-world, two-dimensional mashup of early Legend of Zelda and Darkest Dungeon offers players complete creative control over how they approach the story’s resolution. Because the classes aren’t rigidly defined, players are free to invent their own unique combinations.

In Stoneshard, the developers appear to have taken inspiration from a variety of other games, such as Escape from Tarkov’s injury management system.

Generally speaking, it’s a good idea. Despite its age, Stoneshard is still one of the most technically advanced role-playing games out there. Without overpowering players, it accomplishes this.

There will be no two playthroughs of the game that are exactly alike.

3. ‘Chasm’

To bring back memories, Chasm employs sprite animation to enhance the dungeon crawling experience. Chasm is an exception to the rule when it comes to games that rely heavily on nostalgia.

Procedurally generated environments and a large variety of opponents and obstacles keep the action fresh. Most of the action takes place in the game’s several caverns and caves, which each present their own unique set of difficulties.

The game never gets too challenging, which is great for beginning players but a problem for those who are more familiar with this style of gaming.

2. ‘Legend of Keepers’

Like Darkest Dungeon, Legend of Keepers is a role-playing game that doesn’t hold your hand. In order for players to get the most out of the game, they must learn about both the universe and the gameplay.

Because of the importance of pre-fight preparation, new players will have to go through a period of learning by doing. If you can master it, however, this is one of the most satisfying games you’ll ever play.

1. ‘Final Fantasy Tactics’

Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy Tactics must be included in any discussion of turn-based role-playing games. Final Fantasy Tactics takes place in a world that can be regarded extremely dismal for the Final Fantasy series. Learn and exploit the flaws of your foes as well as the strengths of your allies in order to win the game. Despite its antiquity, Tactics is a game that continues to enthrall players. There is no need to look any further for adventurers who have mastered Darkest Dungeon.