12 Best Games Like Agario That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Games Like Agario

Agar.io, launched in 2015 by Matheus Valadares, swiftly rose to prominence among online gamers. As a result, a number of creators experimented with this new genre and came up with a variety of distinct games. As time went on, a whole new gaming genre was developed, and there are now thousands of similar games out there. The 12 finest Agar.io rivals that share the same eating and growing theme and superb gameplay mechanics were culled from a large number of online games for this article. As a result, let’s get started with our examination of games like Agar.io.

We’ve compiled a list of the greatest Agar.io clones that have a similar premise but provide a variety of power-ups and viewpoints. Agar.io alternatives for Android and iOS have also been included in our list of recommended reading. So, without further ado, here is the list.

1. Slither.io


Slither.io is a great alternative to Agar.io and one of the most popular io games around. Here, you play as a snake and strive to expand your size while protecting yourself from other snakes. Your size will expand by eating modest amounts of food as you travel, but if you eat an enemy snake, your size will soar. The mechanics of the game are on par with Agar.io, which is a compliment. The bottom line is that this is a game that you cannot afford to miss. It’s a serious problem.

2. Gota.io

Gota.io is a lot like Agar.io, both in terms of gameplay and theme. In terms of gameplay, the game excels with more rapid mobility and other elements. You can become larger by eating cells that are smaller than you. Another alternative is to evacuate some mass, which aids in dispelling other cells, by pressing W. If you want to make it easier to navigate, you may also press the space key to break up your cell. If you’re an agar.io fan, don’t miss this one.

3. Pie.ai


Pie.ai is a similar game to Agar.io in that it’s all about surviving and growing in size. There is no need to worry about running out of energy while on the road. You’ll also face AI drones, which drop cherry bombs constantly, so do everything you can to avoid them. Additionally, you are able to jump, scavenge for food, fly, and engage in combat. If you’re looking for something a little more difficult than Agar.io, this is a good place to start. Make sure you have a good amount of energy before starting the game.

4. Spinz.io

Spinz.io, a popular Agar.io-style game, is based on fidget spinners instead of a grid. It’s a cross between Slither, Agar.io, and fidget spinners. On your way, you’ll need to collect dots, which will allow you to spin more quickly. With smaller spinners, you can remove their mass by colliding with them. Really? You think so? It’s okay if you get hooked on this game.

5. Zorb.io


In contrast to most Agar.io alternatives, Zorb.io is built on a 3D model rather than a 2D plane. The gameplay is similar in that it involves eating and growing. However, the 3D gameplay is what makes this game unique. You must eat the food orbs floating in the space and keep yourself safe from harm. A novel drain mechanism that reduces the mass of cells when they come into contact with larger cells is a terrific addition to the mechanics. To sum it up, I’d say just play it and take advantage of the 3D agar.io experience.

6. Lordz2.io

One of the most popular games on the internet, Lordz2.io, is set in the medieval period and features massively multiplayer gameplay. To expand your kingdom and take over new areas on the globe, you’ll need to build the biggest army possible. It’s an exhilarating game, and I’m a big fan of the Agar.io-inspired design of this game. When compared to other Agar.io-based games that simply tweaked the principle, this one has taken the game to the next level by making it significantly more tough and entertaining. Even the visuals are of the highest caliber. The game is one of my favorites, and I have no doubt you will agree.

7. Curvefever.io


Agar.io meets Slither in Curvefever, a game that’s hard to put down once you’ve started playing. Curvefever, on the other hand, concentrates solely on the survival aspect of the game. To avoid colliding with your opponent, you must perform exact maneuvers in order to avoid a collision at all costs. There are a slew of other mechanics at your disposal to keep you out of the death loop. Slither.io and Agar.io fans should check out this game.

8. Diep.io

Survival strategy lies at the heart of Diep.io, a two-dimensional game with numerous power-ups. To win coins, you must shoot concealed things on the map. You can murder other players and advance to the next level with the aid of coins. Only after you have enough cash will you be able to use bullets, damage, and maximum devastation. Because of its mysterious adversaries, this game is a must-play for me.

9. Agma.io


Agar.io is a great game, but Agma.io has a few extra perks to offer. You’ll feel right at home because the gameplay is nearly identical to Agar.io. Because the edibles on the map are also moving, you’ll grow much faster in the game. It’s a bit like Agar.io in that you get to pick your own name and skin. There is a premium “Gold Member” option that gives you access to skins and aliases that are not available to everyone else. You also earn a crown in the chat and double the beginning mass. Play Agma.io, an awesome alternative to the popular Agar.io game.

10. Hole.io

You may play Hole.io on Android and iOS if you’re seeking for an alternative to Agar.io. Consuming everything in order to grow and defeat other black holes is the goal of this game. If you’re hungry, you can eat anything from a car to a building to streetlights. Even if you think you’re unbeatable, the game’s lone winner is a black hole, and that’s what keeps things intriguing. Hole.io is a good place to start if you want to play games like Agar.io on your mobile device.

11. Nebulous.io


An additional Agar.io alternative for mobile devices, including Android and iOS, is Nebulous.io. You play as a blob that tries to develop by collecting other dots on the map, just like cells. Throughout the game, you will need to use the split and blob burst approach to avoid larger blobs. Subsuming a smaller blob will allow you to grow even larger, eventually becoming the largest blob on the map. Agar.io-like gameplay can be enjoyed on a mobile device, as the game is based on the same concept.

12. Mitosis

The final game on this list is Mitosis, which has an eating and growing theme. Just as in the Agar.io game, you play as a cell trying to eat other cells. You acquire size and speed as you absorb other cells. However, you’ll have to contend with larger cells along the road that are capable of consuming you. Splitting up can save you, but it also puts you at risk of being devoured by cells that are smaller than you. Decide and move forward with your tactical strategy in mind. A fantastic game that you should not miss at all, this is a must-see.