9 Best Star Trek Games That You Should Know Update 06/2024

best star trek games

Star Trek is a world where there is always more to do. Even if you spend a lot of time looking at all the fan art or writing fan fiction of your own, you can still feel like you’re part of the Star Trek universe through its games.

They don’t all work the way you want. However, a lot of people are able to get the feel of shows and movies.

At their best, these games make you feel like you’re part of the Star Trek world, but they’re also great games in their own right.

We’ve put together a list of the best Star Trek video games that cover all aspects of the show and cater to a wide range of tastes.

1. Star Trek: Online

Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online is one of the best video games about Star Trek that you can play. The agreement nature makes it good for a very large online role-playing game.

There are a lot of new enemies for the Starfleet to fight, like the Romulans and the Borg. This is 30 years after the movie “Star Trek: Nemesis.”

Their deal with the Klingons has also broken down, which has led to new conflicts. All of the players can get their own ship and crew, which gives them a lot of different ways to play the game.

The world has only grown bigger and stronger because of a series of expansions. First, it was available on Windows. Then, it was moved to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

It was available for a short time on OS X, but that version didn’t work right and was shut down after a few years.

2. Star Trek: Legacy

Another strategy game based on Star Trek was made for both control panels and PCs, and this one was also made for both. Star Trek Legacy lets you control different Federation ships at different times in Star Trek history.

How could you keep going through so many? These are the Enterprise period, the Original Series, and the Next Generation, with parts from Deep Space Nine and Voyager.

Before: This was the first time the voices of William Shatner and Patrick Stewart were used in star trek video games. Kate Mulgrew and Scott Bakula were also voiced in the games.

Several problems and controls didn’t work with the PC version. The game was moved because it was too hard to play on the PC.

That’s not to say that the Xbox 360 version was bad. It let people watch the epic starship battles without the game being destroyed in front of them.

3. Star Trek: Voyager- Elite Force

Star Trek Voyager- Elite Force

In the world of Star Trek video games, it’s very rare to see a first-person shooter set work. This game, on the other hand, does. Windows and Mac users were the first to get it in 2000.

During 2001, Elite Force was moved to the PlayStation 2. It showed both a single-player campaign and a multiplayer option that lets up to 32 people play at the same time.

People might find the first-person shooting style of Star Trek: Elite Force unpleasant at first, but it makes sense in the long run. Starfleet is usually a very peaceful place.

Star Trek: Elite Force was made by Raven Software, which is better known for making violent games like Soldier of Fortune. But because it focused on defending against the Borg, it looked like a game from Star Trek.

Alex Munro is an ensign in the Hazard Team, a special elite security unit that has to deal with dangerous operations in other countries. You play him in the game.

In a starship graveyard, the U.S.S. Voyager has been locked up. You must free it and protect it from Borg and Klingon forces.

4. Star Trek: The Next Generation – A Final Unity

In A Final Unity, there is the best Star Trek: The Next Generation game that has ever been made!

It’s about taking risks in the universe, following small clues, and talking for a long time instead of fights.

Rich “Patricians” and poor “Plebeians” live in one alien society, and both groups have different moral views. A real-life voice actor made it feel like the episode was talking, which is what all of the fans want to see.

Even though the game was released back in 1995 for MS-DOS and Macintosh, it should be at the top of this list because it’s so good.

A Final Unity was often praised for accurately and reliably translating the world of The Next Generation to another medium. It was also a business and critical hit.

To help Romulan refugees find a mysterious artefact, the group of the Enterprise went out to look for it. The story isn’t that simple, of course.

If you look at the stardate of this mission, it looks like it takes place between episodes one and two of the seventh season of The Next Generation.

5. Star Trek: Judgement rites

Star Trek Judgement rites

A lot of the people in the Star Trek video games you’ve played before will look familiar. It was released for the DOS and Mac in 1993.

It was made with the same engine as a Star Trek game that came out in 1992, but Judgement Rites made a lot of changes to the graphics and gameplay.

Fans of The Original Series might go on new adventures with the cast of the game. They might also meet new people. You play Captain James T. Kirk as he and his crew work together to finish eight episodes that happen both on and off the Enterprise.

Judgment Rites is very important in Star Trek history because it was the last time the entire cast of The Original Series appeared together.

6. Star Trek: Deep space nine – The Fallen

In 2000, Deep Space Nine: The Fallen was made for both Windows and Mac. This one is a third-person shooter, but it was also made for those two.

There are three books written by Garfield and Judith Reeves-Stevens that gave ideas. For the record, there are also a lot of books that make the Star Trek universe even bigger.

If you want to play as Captain Benjamin Sisko, Major Kira Nerys, or Lt. Commander Worf, you can do so in The Fallen. In this game, only one character can play. Some levels have to be completed by certain characters while playing with one character.

The story and gameplay are different based on who you choose.

7. Star Trek: Armada

Star Trek - Armada

There are a lot of Star Trek games where you have to run a crew member or a ship. Armada did better than that. They made you an admiral in charge of your own fleet, instead of just making you a captain. A lot of the real-time strategy game was based on the world that was shown in Star Trek: TheNextGen. It even had characters from the show, and they were voiced by the actors who played them in the TV show. That also had Patrick Stewart playing Jean-Luc Picard.

8. Star Trek: Timelines

In the last few years, there have been a lot of Star Trek games made for mobile devices. As well as on iOS and Android phones, Timelines can also be played through Facebook. Time anomalies are common in any Star Trek movie or TV show. The story is based on this. It has let characters from every TV show, movie, and other source come together. Timelines, like many mobile games, requires you to collect and improve ships and crew to progress through any part of the game. There are many ways to spend real money in this game. But it’s still cool that characters from so many different times and places in Star Trek came together.

9. Star Trek: Bridge Commander

Star Trek Bridge Commander-1

It was released in 2002 and is a straight-up, no holds barred game for Windows called Bridge Commander, which lets you fight in space. This is what happened in the story mode. A new captain took over a starship and had to fight off a new threat to the Federation.

Besides that, the game also had a “quick battle mode.” This mode allowed the player to set up their own unique, custom scenarios to work through. That became even more interesting because of the mods. The story was very predictable, but it’s still a classic space combat game.