10 Best Games Like Battlefield That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Games Like Battlefield

Battlefield 2042’s Season 1 has been postponed until the summer, so fans may be seeking for something else to play while they wait. If you’re looking for games similar to Battefield, we’ve put together a list of 10. Among the many Battlefield-like characteristics we’re looking at in this post are large battlefields, chaotic fights, large player counts, and vehicular combat. There are a slew of excellent, entertaining games to choose from if you’re not a fan of Battlefield.

1. Arma III

Arma III

There are a lot of similarities between Bohemia Interactive’s ArmA III and Battlefield. In addition, the plot is set in the near future and depicts a vast and wide world. There are a ton of realistic-looking weaponry and equipment in the game, as well as a vast range of different vehicles. More than seven years after its initial release, Arma III’s active modding community continues to add new features and improve the game.

2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

If you’re a fan of Battlefield’s big battlefields and high player numbers, you may also enjoy Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Ground Warfare’s player cap was raised to 32v32, a first for the Modern Warfare series and on par with Battlefield’s (until 2042, which upped the player count to 128 on new consoles and PC). In Ground War, Call of Duty’s best-in-class gunplay succeeds on some of the largest maps ever seen in the series. Like Battlefield, you can drive a variety of armored vehicles in Ground War.

3. Call of Duty: Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone

As a competitor to Battlefield in the FPS market is Activision’s Call Of Duty series, and Warzone may appeal to Battlefield enthusiasts. Many points of interest and locales are available to visit in a battle royale last-player-standing setting on Warzone’s enormous area. A wide variety of vehicles and weaponry, objects, and equipment help to create the “watercooler” moments that Battlefield is known for. If you’re not a fan of the typical battle royale game mode, Warzone features a few options that allow you to respawn.

4. Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Not all of Halo’s modes will appeal to Battlefield players, but Big Team Battle is one that might. For a more communal and unpredictable multiplayer experience than ordinary Slayer, Halo’s largest game type dumps players into the franchise’s largest maps for a chaotic multi-player encounter. There’s no better way to experience Halo’s Big Team Battle mode than by playing a normal Slayer or an objective-based mode like Capture the Flag. If you like to pilot Wraiths and Banshees and have access to an enormous array of weaponry and equipment, then The Master Chief Collection is sure to be a hit with Battlefield fans everywhere.

5. Hell Let Loose

Hell Let Loose

Shooter Hell Let Loose by Black Matter lets players engage in Western Front combat at locations like Carentan, Omaha Beach, and Foy. Each round, two teams of 50 players face off to see who can control the most capture sectors on large maps. Each zone that is captured provides the capturing side with a fresh resource to aid in the capture of the next, creating a meta game element. When it comes to Hell Let Loose, players can choose from a wide range of operators. The game runs on Unreal Engine 4 and uses aerial and satellite images to construct the maps. To be successful in Hell Let Loose, players must work together, rather than compete against each other for the highest kill/death ratio.


You may want to give PUBG a try if you enjoy Battlefield’s large-scale fighting and its massive inventory of weapons, equipment, and vehicles. PUBG is a battle royale game where players compete to be the last individual or team standing on a large map. Success in the game is dependent on a player’s talent, perseverance and strategic thinking.

7. Squad


Squad, a military shooter developed by Offworld Industries, has a lot in common with Battlefield’s large-scale multiplayer. In 2020, a first-person shooter will be introduced that emphasizes teamwork and communication, with groups that work together and coordinate having the best outcomes. 20 multiplayer maps and a variety of vehicles are available in the 50v50 video game. The United States Army, the Russian Ground Forces, the Canadian Armed Forces, the Middle Eastern Alliance, and the British Army are just a few of the many military organizations to which one can enlist.

8. Star Wars: Battlefront II

Also from DICE, the fantastic sci-fi shooter Star Wars: Battlefront II features an enormous roster of big maps, effectively capturing the idea of being part of a giant war like Battlefield. Like Battlefield, there are a wide variety of character classes to pick from, allowing you to play the game in a way that suits your preferences. Battlefront shows that DICE learned from Battlefield’s mistakes and successes, and it’s a fantastic game as a result.

9. Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 was published by Valve in 2007, yet the game is still surviving today and is, simply put, a fantastic team-based shooter. Various maps and game settings throw two teams against one another in this bright and jovial shooter. There are a variety of character classes to pick from, including snipers and engineers, and successful teams work together and strategize in order to succeed.

10. Verdun

Verdun, a World War I shooter released in 2015, is similar to DICE’s own Battlefield 1. The game features 32v32 multiplayer matches on maps based on the real-world battlefields of the First World War, such as France and Belgium, where the conflict took place. Realistic weapons, clothing, and equipment from World War I are included in the game, and players can choose from a range of play styles. Tannenberg, a standalone expansion, and a sequel, Isonzo, are under development for Verdun fans.