Top 12 Movies Similar To Wild Child That You Will Enjoy Watching Update 02/2024

Movies Similar To Wild Child

In ‘Wild Child (2008),’ one of the few Emma Roberts teen high school dramas, spoiled adolescent Poppy is sent to an English boarding school called Abbey Mount by her wealthy, widowed father despite her ever-growing pranks and her thriftiness. Poppy’s mother had been educated at Abbey Mount as well, but she passed away five years ago. It doesn’t take Poppy long to become enraged once she arrives at the school.

To do this, she decides to pull all-nighters until she is expelled, while blaming everyone else for any mishaps. As a result, Poppy makes friends with Kate, the school’s proverbial elder sister, who helps her take on the principal Mrs. Kingsley and head girl Harriet. In realizing that her mother went to the same school as her, Poppy changes her outlook on life and begins dating Freddie, Mrs. Kingsley’s son, who also happens to be Harriet’s boyfriend.

When you look at it from the perspective of the audience, ‘Wild Child’ is a female-centered high-school drama with the involvement of friendships, pranks, infatuation and social awkwardness and rebellion, combined with romance and sexual advances as well as homelessness and the problems of spoilt brats, jealousy and curiosity.

‘Wild Child,’ for example, may have one of these traits at the heart of its plot while also drawing inspiration from other subgenres such as horror, science fiction/fantasy, mythology, and so on. We’ve done our best to compile a list of films that we think are worth seeing if you like Wild Child. If you’re interested, Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu may have movies like Wild Child available for streaming.

1. Legally Blonde (2001)

Legally Blonde (2001)

Warner Huntington III, the son of the governor, is the love interest of Elle Woods, a sorority queen and blonde. Instead of proposing, as she had hoped, he dumped her after a few months of dating. Because she’s blonde, he doesn’t think she’s “good enough” for his upcoming projects. Elle is enraged and determined, and she decides to follow Warner to Harvard Law School, despite the cultural shock she will experience once she enlists there. Elle decides to follow Warner’s career path. In the end, Elle proves to be not only an equal but a better professional than Warner. Legally Blonde is a musical comedy about redemption that you might have missed. It received a Golden Globe nomination.

2. Sydney White (2007)

In ‘Sydney White,’ the young woman plays the daughter of a plumber and the aspiring sorority member her mother used to be before she died many years ago. During her journey, she learns about the sorority’s increasingly treacherous behavior and vows to “cleanse” the school’s social hierarchy. Sorority queen aspirations begin with the help of the “seven dwarves” or outcasts who are already vortex (or losers) members. ‘Sydney White’ uses the otherwise left-over sub-plot to good effect, resulting in a new and interesting premise.

3. The Princess Diaries (2001)

The Princess Diaries (2001)

‘The Princess Diaries,’ a film often credited with elevating Anne Hathaway to the status of Hollywood icon, follows bespectacled, slobbery adolescent Mia Thermopolis. Later, when the current Queen of Genovia comes to visit her estranged granddaughter, she learns about her ancestry and that she will one day be Queen of Genovia. Everything changes for Mia when her life takes a U-turn, from her appearance to her attire to her demeanor. Because of her newfound fame, Mia has attracted new friends and lovers, and she begins to get ready to take on the role of Queen of Genovia once again.

4. Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging (2008)

One of Georgia’s fraternal twins Robbie lives across the street, and the movie “Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging” revolves around their relationship with their cat Angus as well as their mutual attraction to each other. Georgia, before her 15th birthday, succeeds in wooing her crush Robbie despite the initial fallout and her false suspicions about her parents.

5. The DUFF (2015)

The DUFF (2015)

It appears that the acronym DUFF stands for Designated Ugly Fat Friend, denoting someone who makes others feel good about themselves regardless of whether or not they are actually ugly or fat themselves. Bianca, Jess, Casey, Toby, Wesley, and Madison are just a few of the main characters in ‘The DUFF.’ The story revolves around them. Since Bianca is the DUFF in question, she’s devastated to discover she’s not alone. Despite her feelings for Toby, she ends up siding with Wesley after her teacher warns her off. She intends to dethrone Madison and show that everyone is a DUFF to someone, regardless of who they are, in order to prove herself and overcome the social jibber-jabber.

6. The Parent Trap (1961)

‘The Parent Trap,’ which was nominated for an Academy Award, is unquestionably the father of all teen high school dramas. Susan and Sharon, identical twins born to divorced parents, were split up after birth and given custody of one another in the heartwarming story ‘The Parent Trap,’ which tells of their reunification. Over time Susan and Sharon meet at a summer camp, where they discover they are identical twins. They plan to swap places in order to reunite their parents. The result is that instead of Susan being with their mother, Sharon becomes Susan’s mother’s daughter and goes back to her father’s side of the family. There’s no avoiding the fact that Mitch is planning to remarry, so Susan and Sharon band together with their mother to thwart his marriage proposal. To begin, ‘The Parent Trap’ was, in my opinion, decades ahead of its time.

7. Can’t Hardly Wait (1998)

Can’t Hardly Wait (1998)

This film, which takes place on the night before graduation, depicts a group of people forgetting their differences and forging new bonds as they get together to celebrate graduation. The night revolves around Preston and Amanda the most, with the former having fantasized about the latter since their freshman year of high school. After a while, it’s revealed that Amanda is in love with Dexter, the hot new guy in town. Preston has a letter that he’s been writing (and revising) for a very long time to use to tell Amanda about his feelings before the party is over. Are you kidding me? We can’t wait.

8. The Art of Getting By (2011)

‘The Art of Getting By,’ about two high school seniors named George and Sally, wasn’t a commercial success, but the story, thanks in part to Emma Roberts, was. Since George is an art enthusiast and a recluse, he prefers to skip college altogether. Since George’s parents’ (his mother and stepfather’s) marriage is in disarray, he seeks solace in Sally, another senior who is currently seeing Dustin, whom Dustin finds enticing.. In the meantime, George and Sally grow closer as George’s interest in studies grows and Sally plans a trip to Europe with Dustin. The plot thickens as the two grow closer. By the end of the story, they’ve come together and put an end to George’s problems.

9. Can’t Buy Me Love (1987)

Can’t Buy Me Love (1987)

‘Can’t Buy Me Love,’ a love story where money seems to outweigh feelings, tells the story of Ronald Miller, a high school geek with dreams of fame. A month later he still finds Cindy attractive and offers her $1000 to be his temporary girlfriend in exchange for her services as the Cheerleaders’ head. As it turned out, she had fallen for him by the end of the movie, despite the fact that his offer was only to gain popularity.

10. Mean Girls (2004)

With an initial focus on comedic elements, “Mean Girls” follows the gossip and slander that goes on among the school’s various cliques. Cady, a sixteen-year-old homeschooled student, transfers to a public high school where she meets Regina, the queen bee of the “Plastics,” the original “mean girl.” Instead of working with Janis and Damian to overthrow Regina’s “reign,” Cady makes a vow of vengeance, alienating all of her former allies and well-wishers in the process. After the “Plastics” have been disbanded and Regina joins another team to deal with her emotional state, new rivalries arise, and Cady finds herself once again in the midst of thriving animosities.

11. Flipped (2010)

Flipped (2010)

Flipped, a story set in the 1950s and 1960, is about two teenagers, Bryce and Juli, who are embroiled in an emotional conflict. Since second grade, Juli has been attracted to Bryce and has wanted to kiss him, but Bryce thought Juli’s ways were a little odd, like sitting on her favorite sycamore tree and collecting eggs from a flock of chickens. As their relationship progressed, Bryce grew curious about Juli’s hobbies despite not noticing Juli’s attraction to him. It is at this point that Juli realizes her feelings for Bryce may have been unbalanced and overblown. They become “Flipped” and their emotional thought-process reverses when this happens. With each new frame, the emotions in this one-of-a-kind tale grow deeper.

12. Easy A (2010)

Predating “La La Land,” Emma Stone’s film “Easy A” tells the story of a 17-year-old virgin named Olive Penderghast who is virtually invisible at her high school. In a conversation overheard by others, she tells her friend Rhiannon she’s been sexually assaulted and loses her virginity the previous weekend. To make him look like a hottie, one of Olive’s gay friends asks for her assistance in making it appear as though she slept with him. Soon, all the boys offer Olive incentives to make them popular by lying about sleeping with them. Olive’s virginity was discovered amid a web of deception and lies. “Easy A” is the best high school drama, and it deserves a lot of ‘A++’ for being a coming-of-age film with plenty of humor and great performances. Isn’t that right?