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Best Selling Games In Jap

The bloodthirsty spectators who wanted to see violence. The dirty war cry of a fierce gladiator begging to stay alive. Two things that make the arena, a place where anger soars high and blood runs thicker than water, so grand. It’s also a place that made Rome and its sadistic view of entertainment what they are today. And, as expected, once the media found out about it, the blood sport kept spreading its violence to things like video games and other places.

That brings us to the present, where gladiators and iconic settings like the Colosseum are a big part of the genre as a whole. And you can bet that there are a lot of games that are just as violent. Even though there are a lot of these kinds of games, it’s important to note that not all of them live up to the reputation of such a cruel time. On the other hand, these five are, well, let’s just say they’re closer to the truth than the rest.

Spartan: Total Warrior

Spartan Total Warrior

The Total War series made some of the best and most immersive combat games of all time. The Spartan spin-off was a flag-bearer for the Greek empire and its bloody, military-based government. Even though it was built on a little bit different land than the Roman empire, its roots are the same when it comes to the battlefield and fighting in general.

Spartan: Total Warrior takes place around 300 BC, when the Roman army has taken over Greece and only the city of Sparta is left. “The Spartan,” an orphan who was raised to be a great fighter, is sent on a last-ditch mission to turn the tide of war against its oppressors. He is led by the voice of Ares. With a town in ruins and a civilization on the verge of falling apart, it is up to you to lead the last effort and try to stop what is going to happen.

Ryse: Son of Rome

Ryse.Son of Rome

Let’s cross the seas and go deep into the heart of Rome for a moment. Speaking of which, Ryse: Son of Rome is a good example of how an era like this can be compressed into a video game without losing its historical accuracy. Even though the story isn’t very long, it is probably one of the most technical and full of action. A lot of the story is about gladiator fights.

After a barbarian vision turns dark and traps the remaining Roman soldiers in a corner, general Marius Titus goes on a fishing trip through his memories, where his timeline connects the dots and builds the full picture. Through a series of traumatic conflicts and events, the elite soldier paints the picture and, in turn, builds a bridge to the fall of Rome.

Ratchet: Gladiator

Ratchet Gladiator

Gladiator, which is known in its home country as Ratchet: Deadlocked, is a toned-down spin-off that tries to copy the fighting style of Roman-themed video games. Even though it isn’t as violent as most movies in the same genre, it is still a good addition to the series and a nice tribute to the time period in general.

Ratchet: Gladiator throws you back into the shoes of Ratchet, who has been kidnapped out of the blue and forced to compete in a scary game show called “DreadZone.” With an explosive collar fastened around the neck and a set amount of time to defuse it, it’s up to the hero to stand up to the cruel trials and stop the bad plan before the hourglass tips its last grain.

Shadow of Rome

Shadow of Rome

Shadow of Rome is a sad story that is like the dark and gloomy days of the Roman Empire. It has gladiator fights, blood, and a lot of gore, and it takes place in dark places. Think of the movie Gladiator, but with a few small changes and new names. That’s all there is to Shadow of Rome.

Shadow of Rome is based on the murder of Julius Caesar and follows two separate stories. The first is about Agrippa, a soldier whose father is framed for the murder and forced to fight in the arena. The second is about Octavianus, an academic who is determined to prove Agrippa’s father’s innocence from the outside. Shadow of Rome is a great game that combines two very different worlds, both of which are just as interesting as the other. The majority of the game is spent both sneaking around and fighting hard.



When we see the name LucasArts on the box art of a classic video game, we can’t help but think of how well-known the studio is and how likely it is that the game itself is full of gold before we even start it up. Gladius was just one of the games in the portfolio that brought in so much money, of course.

Using the best-selling tactical role-playing formula that has won a lot of awards over the years, Gladius gives you the chance to win fame and glory in a monopoly full of epic battles and fast-paced strategy. You can pave the way to a new future by making a school of soldiers based on your own ideas. In your wake, you can bury both obstacles and oppressive forces.

American Gladiators

American Gladiators

The sports and single-player video game American Gladiators was made by Incredible Technologies and put out by GameTek. Based on the popular TV game show of the same name, the game is fun and hard to put down. It has different events that test the players’ strength, skill, and speed against a trained team of ten gladiators, five of whom are men and the rest are women. There are many games where the player chooses his favourite character and puts his strength, skill, and speed to the test. The most important thing for a player to do in each game is to finish the goal before anyone else does so he can get points, win amazing prizes, and show off his skills. As the player gets further into the game, the tasks get harder to do. There are many different sports-related parts to the game, like Quiz, Trivia, Fighting, Platform, and more. American Gladiators is the best game to play because it is fun to play, has great mechanics, and is easy to control.