10 Best Games Like Ark Survival Evolved That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Games Like Ark Survival Evolved

Want to be as merry as Ark?

PVP and creature taming are combined in Ark: Survival Evolved to create an experience unlike any in the sandbox survival genre. Here are some games like Ark: Survival Evolved that are worth checking out on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S.

1. Atlas


Grapeshot Games is the developer of this title. Grapeshot Games is the company behind this title. PC and Xbox One are the two available platforms.

The Ark: Survival Evolved developers, Studio Wildcard, created Atlas, and it was developed on the same engine they used for Ark. A wide range of watercraft, ranging from modest rowboats that you can control alone to enormous warships that require a complete crew, replaces Ark’s dinosaurs in this add-on.

Atlas’ primary appeal is its emphasis on nautical adventure. On the map, you’ll find a vast expanse of water that’s punctuated by hundreds of little islands. Because so much of the world is covered in water, you’ll need a boat to travel. You get pirates when you put actual people in a PVP environment and give them boats.

Atlas’ PVP is exactly as brutal as Ark’s, and the ocean is teeming with people looking for easy targets for raids. Even if you don’t care about the treasure, naval combat may be a lot of fun. Enemy ships can be rammed or boarded, or you can use your ship’s weapons to fire from the distance.

Some have likened Atlas to a pirate ship, which isn’t far off the mark. If you enjoyed Ark: Survival Evolved’s open world PVP, there’s no higher compliment.

2. Rust

Rust is the game for you if you’re a fan of hardcore PVP in your survival sandboxes. You will be hunted down, chased through the woods, raided in your sleep, and forced to strip naked in the middle of the wilderness by other players. A peculiar quality of the game causes players to exhibit their most heinous traits. Possibly the cannibalism is to blame.

You’re as bare-legged as the day you were born when you first spawn (or in a tight-fitting pair of undies if you have nudity off). Learn to live off the earth by gathering wood from trees and making tools from sticks and stones by bashing them together. You’ll be able to gather enough wood and stone to erect a makeshift abode eventually. If you’re lucky, you may even be able to get into an armored compound.

Keep in mind that other players will do whatever it takes to grab what you have. With AKs in hand, the strongest of them prowl the wilderness in search of anyone with a place to call home and a supply of resources. There you are.

Ark players should have little trouble making the switch to Rust. Although it’s a lot more poisonous, overall gameplay is really similar.

3. Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles

In the grim mythos of Conan the Barbarian, Conan Exiles is a sandbox survival game. One of many exiles banished to the desert to die. You’ll need to adapt to life in the Exiled Lands if you want to survive.

Exiled Lands biomes include arid deserts like Gandahar and bitterly frigid tundras like Verkat. Beautiful places abound in each biome, each one bursting with its own distinct character. Perhaps the sandstorms can be dangerous; one wrong move could land you in the path of one, or even within the guts of one of these beasts.

Although Conan Exiles is primarily known for its fast-paced, violent combat, the game also contains a pretty extensive base-building system. Enslaving humanoids from the numerous humanoid tribes in the Exiled Lands brings things to life. Having your thralls work the forge or pray to the gods in your name makes you feel like you’re in charge of your own small Exiled Land.

4. Grounded

Grounded takes place in the backyard of a standard suburban house, which would make for a laughably small playing field if you weren’t shrunk down to the size of a pebble. You and your companions now have to survive in a world where ants are the size of tigers and blades of grass are as tall as trees.

Like in Ark, you can not only kill bugs, but also ride on their backs. Mountable are those six-legged, pincer-faced jerks. With your mallet made of mint pieces and flower petals lifted in the air, you’re ready to charge into war on top of a soldier ant. As leggy as a Velociraptor pet in Ark, this is exactly the same experience.

Grounded’s best feature is base building, which is extremely enjoyable when done with a group of people. You begin by drawing up a blueprint for the building of your foundation. It’s now time to gather the supplies and begin putting them together. Using the blueprints eliminates the need for mental arithmetic because they clearly indicate what you need and where it belongs.

Grounded offers everything that makes Ark a fantastic game: terrific base building, amazing co-op multiplayer, and large monsters that you can ride.

5. The Isle

The Isle

It’s up to you, as a young dinosaur, to hunt and fight your way to adulthood in The Isle.

In this game, you play as a dinosaur and must eat plants (or other dinosaurs), drink from rivers, and dodge your natural predators in order to stay alive. This will be made possible via planned updates, which will let you modify your dinosaur and give it unique abilities and physical qualities. In the future, you’ll be able to play as a human in a planet populated by enormous lizards, too.

Traditional navigational aids like compass and map are conspicuously absent from The Isle. Instead, if you want to make it, you’ll need to rely on your common sense. The scents of animals, footprints, and water sources can be found in a limited radius around you when you sniff the air. In multiplayer games, you can use a specific call to locate your pals or warn each other of an approaching predator.

The Isle’s present gameplay cycle of foraging, hunting, and smelling out danger is a lot of fun, despite the fact that it is currently in Early Access. As time goes on, more and more content will be added to the game, making it even better in the long run. It is worth a try if you enjoyed the dinosaurs in Ark: Survival Evolved the most.

6. Astroneer

Taking on the solar system one planet at a time is what Astroneering is all about. In this game, you take control of a computer-generated character designed to explore new worlds in search of natural resources for your corporate masters.

For the most part, this game revolves around the planning and construction of a large-scale processing facility. Even while you can do most of the creating by hand, you’ll save time and effort if you use the numerous tools that may be built to help speed up the process. In order to get minerals to your base on a new planet, you first have to find them and then figure out how to get them there in a way that is both efficient and effective.

The survival mechanics in Astroneer are a little lacking. If your oxygenator is connected to a steady power source (which it should be), you don’t need food or water; all you require is oxygen, which your oxygenator can provide for you. You’ll need to use tethers, which you can drop while you explore these exotic planets, to stay connected to your oxygenator while exploring away from it. Occasionally, a change in terrain or a particularly bumpy step can lead you to lose contact with your tether. Your Astroneer will die of suffocation if you don’t fix the connection in time.

Astroneer is a very different game than Ark, but those who enjoy base construction and solving problems on the fly will find a lot to enjoy here.

7. ECO


Surviving in a survival game is mostly about combating the environment to keep yourself alive. The future of humanity is at stake in ECO, a battle against time and one’s own selfishness.

On the verge of colliding with our planet, a meteor has been detected. It’s up to you and your fellow gamers to come up with new technologies that can save the world from oblivion. But is it possible to do so without causing harm to the environment?

It’s not just a sandbox, in ECO’s world; it’s a vast, digital ecosystem. Plants and animals coexist in delicate harmony, and every action you take has the ability to disrupt that delicate balance forever.

With this in mind, the global map is presented in the form of a voxelated globe, which can be rotated and spun to show how your actions have a direct impact on the world around you. Mining and logging too aggressively could lead to an inexorable downward cycle toward desertification in the world’s environment.

Ark: Survival Evolved is most enjoyable when played with a small group of close pals. The shared goal of all members of ECO is the future of humanity.


In SCUM, the world’s worst criminals are stranded on an island for a last-man-standing battle for their lives, and you’ve been chosen to compete. To make matters worse, the showrunners have tossed in mutant animals, mechanical threats, and the occasional military group to spice things up.

SCUM’s unique metabolism mechanism means that you are what you consume. In the game, you can see exactly what nutrients, vitamins, and minerals your character is now consuming in the form of macronutrients, micronutrients, and minerals. This has some interesting consequences: if you go overboard with the munchies, you’ll acquire weight, which will decrease your overall stamina and speed.

The game’s fighting is no exception to this rule. Your projectiles will be affected by the effects of gravity and wind, so you’ll need to lead faraway targets to have any hope of hitting them and may need a PHD in physics to be any good at the game. That’s a bit of a stretch, I admit.

Any Ark: Survival Evolved player needs severe PVP and addicting base building, but with a bit more depth in its combat and food and drink survival systems in SCUM.

9. Citadel: Forged with Fire

Citadel Forged with Fire

While most survival sandboxes focus on grim, real-world settings (such abandoned suburbia or prehistoric Earth), Citadel: Forged with Fire allows you play around with magic. Fantasy-inspired constructions may be built using the game’s complicated base-building engine, which allows players to build everything from lone wizard towers to huge mountain fortresses. Gardening and farming, as well as the bizarre Broomstick League, are just a few of the many optional extracurricular activities available.

The spellcrafting mechanism in the game allows players to construct their own spells.. Create a spell by gathering and combining up to six different magical essences, then infusing it into a weapon to utilize it in combat. The type and power of spell you cast will be determined on the essences you used. In order to survive in the game’s PvP, you must be able to build and carry a variety of loadouts, which this system provides.

Battles can quickly turn chaotic as players release a wide variety of spells across the battlefield, making PVP a lot of fun. Despite the lack of a class structure, there is a great deal of room for experimentation when it comes to building characters. It’s very uncommon for one player to leap into the action, armored in their fire-infused maces, while others choose to take aim from a distance.

Despite the lack of food and drink survival bars, the intense PVP, extensive base building, and animal taming make it feel a lot like Ark: Survival Evolved in an online sandbox setting.

10. DayZ

Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC Bohemia Interactive, Inc. is the publisher. Bohemia Interactive is one of the platforms.

When it comes to open world survival sandbox games, DayZ was the first to set the bar high. Zombie outbreaks have ravaged the fictional country of Chernarus, turning its citizens into zombies. Your sole focus is on extending your time on this planet. That includes scavenging for food and water, building a shelter in the weather, and stocking up on medicine in case you’re ill.

On Chernarus, you’re not the only one. The Infected have taken over Chernarus’ cities and towns. In addition, there are additional survivors, but it’s far more difficult to anticipate who they are. Some people will help you out with bandages or food if you’re in need, but the majority are only interested in shooting you and stealing your belongings.

There may not be everything Ark has to offer, but DayZ has an undeniable concentration on the survival of the individual. Unlike in Ark, the feeling of helplessness and peril persists even after countless hours of gameplay. Nobody gets to build a comfortable home with a stable of dinosaur pets to keep them secure from harm. A zombie bite or a sniper bullet to the head are only two examples of how death can strike at any time.

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