9 Best Looking Ps2 Games That You Should Know Update 04/2024

best looking ps2 games

The PlayStation 2 is a well-known games console that has a wide range of games that will please everyone. Despite a shaky start, it had more exclusives and third-party games than any of its competitors.

They still sold well even after the Xbox 360 and PS3 came out. Still, the developers were working very hard to get every last bit of power out of the machine that it could give them. PS2 games are still good today, even though they aren’t as good as games made for the Xbox and the GameCube in terms of graphics.

Sly Cooper Trilogy

Sly Cooper Trilogy-1

The first game in the Sly Cooper Trilogy came out in 2002 and set a new standard for cartoon-style graphics with its use of cell-shading, which is a type of shading. It was called “Toon-shading” because it made the player feel like they were in a Saturday morning cartoon show when they played the games. It not only looked good, but the gameplay was smooth and the performance was as good as in today’s games, as well.

People think that Sucker Punch’s recent games like Ghost of Tsushima and Infamous: Second Son look great because they were made with love and care. If you haven’t already, you should play these games on modern consoles. The first three games in the Sly Trilogy were released on the PS3 and the PS Vita in 2010.


Ico is a puzzle game made by Team Ico that came out in 2001. Though it may not be the most technical game on the PS2, it is one of the most beautiful because of the art style, animations and lighting effects.

Ico is a haunting game that doesn’t use a lot of words to tell its story, which is different from how most adventure games were made at the time. Afterward, Shadow of the Colossus and The Last Guardian were made in the same world.

Jak 3

Jak 3

Released in 2004, Jak 3 is the third mainline game in the action platforming series Jak and Daxter. It is the third game in the series. A company called Naughty Dog made it. They’re better known for making the Uncharted and The Last of Us games.

There are three games in the series that look great. Jak 3 looked like a glimpse into the future because it took the PS2 to its limits. They were better than a lot of early PlayStation 3 games at the time. People who own PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita can play the first three games in this series together. Another classic PlayStation game that should be updated is the Jak series.


Black is a first-person shooter made by the same people who made the Burnout games. When it came out in 2006, this was one of the last big games on the system, and it shocked both fans and critics with its near-next-gen graphics.

There was a sense of scale to an otherwise straight-forward game because the guns looked real and the environments could be destroyed. Because the game’s sounds were unique and added to Black’s cinematic feel, too,

Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy XIII

It was first released in 2001, and it was the first in the series to be played on the PlayStation 2. As a huge game at that time, it was also the first Final Fantasy game to use voice acting, which was a first for a game like that.

The game’s graphics on the PS2 look great twenty years after they were made. The PS3 and PS4/Xbox One remasters of this game show how good the art is. You can see how the Final Fantasy series has been around for a long time even though this is a game from the PS2.

God Of War II

God of War II was released on the PlayStation 2 in 2007. It took the series to a whole new level in terms of scale and cinematic scope, and it was a big hit. Not only did the game have a great story, but the visuals, sound, and art design made it one of the best PS2 games ever.

People who made games like Sony’s Santa Monica Studio said that the console still had more than a few tricks up its sleeve when they worked on games like this one:

Zone Of The Enders: The 2nd Runner

Zone Of The Enders The 2nd Runner

Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner was made by Konami and released on the PlayStation 2 in 2003. It was one of the best-looking games on the console. It has amazing anime-style art and graphics in a third-person hack-and-slash game that moves very quickly.

Even though the game’s framerate took a hit in some of the busiest parts when 2nd Runner had to fight off a lot of enemies, the game still looked good. Epic battle scenes worked well with the game’s beautiful cutscenes.

Final Fantasy XII

In our original roundup, we said that Square had the skills to make a great RPG. It wasn’t until they tried to make an online version of the game that the scale and scope really grew and grew and grew. Final Fantasy XII is one of the best games on the PlayStation 2 because it has a huge world that is both new and different, but it also has a lot of references to the Ivalice from Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story. If you read enough into the lore, you can even link the games together. If you’re looking for a video game that has great characters and a lot of interesting story lines, this one is for you. The graphics are what we’re talking about here.

Because the game could deliver a world that was one part Star Wars and one part classic Square JRPG goodness, it changed the way we thought about a complete world to explore, even if some people didn’t like it. That’s not all. It also looked good while doing it, which isn’t bad at all.

Shadow of the Colossus

Shadow of the Colossus

It looks like we’re not the only ones who see a pattern here. For a system that was thought to be the least powerful of the three on the market at the end of the last generation, the PS2 seemed to know a thing or two about scale. ICO was always going to be on our list because of its lonely, blown-out look and crumbling ruins. The sequel takes that same look and expands on it by filling a bigger, more open world with huge monsters that are level-sized boss fights. Team ICO’s second game looks like something out of a movie, even though it was made years ago in the era of high-definition TVs. I think that’s a really great thing to do.

It might seem like we’re detracting from the whole point of this show, but we have to give credit to Shadow of the Colossus for completely changing the idea of levels. Because there were so many different and unique monsters, they became the “stages” in a game. No game has been able to match that sense of wonder, exploration, and discovery.