5 Best Movies Similar To Thirteen Update 05/2024

movies similar to thirteen

This is a recommendation list of Thirteen-style films. Please note that the items on this list are not presented in any particular order.

1. Havoc(2005)


Young adults Allison (Anne Hathaway) and Emily (Bijou Phillips), fed up with their suburban peers’ harmless antics, venture into the mean streets of Los Angeles in search of some real gangsters.

The girls’ social circles shift drastically after they meet Hector (Freddy Rodriguez), an inner-city thug. Although Hector’s violent lifestyle and dangerous connections threaten to consume Allison and Emily as they delve deeper into the criminal underworld, the two are determined to find him no matter the cost.

2. White Oleander(2002)

White Oleander(2002)

After her mother (Michelle Pfeiffer) is sent to prison for a crime of passion, Astrid (Alison Lohman) finds herself in a series of foster homes as she grows up in “White Oleander.” When Astrid is left to fend for herself in the world, she must face the difficulties of being a single woman.

3. Pretty Persuasion(2005)

Eva (Evan Rachel Wood) and her two friends concoct a plan to falsely accuse Ron (Ron Livingston) of molesting the three of their fellow students.

4. Speak(2004)


Since she called the cops on a popular summer party, Melinda (Kristen Stewart), a freshman high school student, has refused to speak.

Due to the fact that her old friends have turned on her, and her parents (Elizabeth Perkins and D.B Sweeney) are too busy to care, she withdraws into herself and tries to hide her secret: that star senior Andy (Eric Lively) raped her at the school dance.

However, Melinda is able to find solace in her art class with Mr. Freeman (Steve Zahn).

5. Prozac Nation(2001)

In the mid-1980s, before the widespread use of anti-depressants, it follows the depression of a young working-class woman (Christina Ricci) during her first year at Harvard, based on the best-selling novel. The film examines the struggles of today’s youth in dealing with the fallout from divorce, drugs, sex, and a controlling mother (Jessica Lange).

6. Riding In Cars With Boys(2001)

Riding In Cars With Boys(2001)

Fresh, funny and touching true story of writer Beverly Donofrio (played by Drew Barrymore, who plays the role from 15 to 35 years old), which shows how her whole life was colored by an event that happened to her when she was 15 years old.

There are over two decades of events as the young heroine goes through a humorous, sometimes irreverent, but undoubtedly unique journey in order to make something of her life meaningful.

7. Gia(1998)

Angelina Jolie’s Gia Carangi (as portrayed by Angelina Jolie) heads to New York City with the goal of becoming a model. Within minutes of her arrival, she meets Wilhelmina Cooper (Faye Dunaway), a wise and powerful agent who takes Gia under her wing and mentors her through the rest of the film.

Gia quickly rises to the top of the modeling world with Cooper’s guidance and her own natural instincts. To cope with the loss, Gia turns to drugs. Before long, she is in a downward spiral as her life and career go off the rails.

8. The Life Before Her Eyes(2007)

The Life Before Her Eyes(2007)

Former high school student Diana McFee is haunted by memories of the tragedy as the 15th anniversary approaches.

Diana’s life has been forever changed since the attack that took the life of her best friend Maureen. Her once perfect existence has been shattered.

9. The Runaways(2010)

Runaways frontwomen Joan Jett (Kristen Stewart) and Cherie Currie (Dakota Fanning) become the first generation of female rock stars thanks to their legendary success as the Runaways.

Joan is the band’s hard-rocking heart, and Cherie is the sex kitten, thanks to Kim Fowley’s Svengali-like influence. The band’s future, however, is jeopardized by the tumultuous relationship between the teenagers.

10. The Babysitters(2007)

Shirley (Katherine Waterston), a bright young woman in high school, works as a babysitter to help pay for her education. An unhappy husband named Michael (John Leguizamo) comes out to Shirley (Shirley MacLaine) one night and says he’s fed up with his marriage.

Since Shirley has a soft spot for Michael, she takes advantage of the situation by kissing him. Michael is overjoyed and gives Shirley a generous tip, which inspires Shirley to come up with a plan. Shirley has a scheme to make some extra cash by arranging marriages between her teenaged sons and other dissatisfied fathers.