9 Best Wario Games That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Best Wario Games

Many of Mario’s friends have gotten their own spin-off series, like the Luigi’s Mansion games or the many Yoshi games that have come out over the years. But fans often forget about the games starring Wario, who is the opposite of Mario in that he is sneakier.

Wario has been in a lot of games that aren’t Mario, like Mario Party and Mario Kart, but he’s also had his own games. Even though all of the games have been a lot of fun, most players will agree that some of them have stood out more than others. But how do you know which ones are the best?

Wario Blast (1994)

Wario Blast (1994)

Wario finds a portal that takes him to the world of Bomberman. This is a strange way for the two worlds to meet. The final game is a port of the Japanese version of Bomberman GB, but Wario takes the place of Bomberman (although Bomberman is an optional character).

Wario plays exactly the same as Bomberman, which may disappoint some gamers but will be fun for those who like Bomberman. It plays, sounds, and feels like a lot of other Bomberman games. The only difference is that Wario is now in it, which can still be a lot of fun for people to watch.

Virtual Boy Wario Land (1995)

The Virtual Boy is well-known for being one of the worst-selling Nintendo consoles ever. It only has twenty-two games, which is a very small number. Most of them are at best just okay and almost impossible to play. But Virtual Boy Wario Land is one of the few games on the system that can be called a gem.

It plays the same way as all Wario Land games: you hit Wario in the shoulder, collect treasure, and move from level to level to try to satisfy his hunger. It also adds 3D by moving from platforms in the foreground to platforms in the background. Emulating the Virtual Boy is the only way to play Virtual Boy Wario Land without the Virtual Boy itself.

Wario: Master Of Disguise (2007)

Wario Master Of Disguise (2007)

While the Wario Land games experimented with alternate paths and levels to allow players to explore and look for secret treasures, Wario: Master Of Disguise takes that concept a bit further with a Metroidvania style of gameplay. Wario can wear different clothes to solve different puzzles, and he can go back to different spots on a map after getting certain items and skills.

It keeps Wario’s signature move, the shoulder bash, and the slower way he moves, but adds new moves to spice things up. Master of Disguise only got average reviews, which was mostly because the main gameplay and minigames relied too much on touch screen controls.

Super Mario 64 DS (2004)

Even though it’s not a game about Wario, he ends up being the main character in the Nintendo DS version of Super Mario 64. When Mario thinks something is wrong in Peach’s castle, he sends Luigi, Yoshi, and Wario on a journey with him. Even though the controls were harder to use, Super Mario 64 DS was a hit for the handheld system.

Wario has his own unique skills, just like all the other characters. He has more strength, which lets him break black bricks and hit enemies harder. He can also move the fastest while carrying something. When it comes to the tougher levels, he is definitely a great asset to have.

Wario World (2003)

Wario World (2003)

Wario World is a 3D platform game for the GameCube that lets Wario play on his own. Wario World, a Nintendo GameCube game, is more about fighting than other games in the Nintendo universe (which is fitting for him). Wario is at his best in Wario World, where he can fight with both his hands and full-on wrestling moves.

This game also has a new ability called “inhale,” which is like what Kirby does in his games. Instead of an open world, the levels are more linear, which makes the game much shorter than most other Wario games. It does have its own funny style and enough charm to make it a good addition to Wario’s games.

Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 (1994)

In Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins, Wario made his first appearance as the bad guy. In the next game, he was the main character. This was the beginning, and it was the first time he used his famous shoulder bash, which helped him become one of the best characters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Wario Land is different from his red rival’s games because it is a slower, 2D platformer. The ability to pick up items and enemies comes from Super Mario Bros. 2, and it will be an important part of almost all future Wario games. Unlike Mario games, Wario Land lets you explore levels more to find more treasure and different ways out, so you can play it more than once. Even the endings change based on how much treasure Wario finds on his journey.

Wario Land 4 (2001)

Wario Land 4 (2001)

Wario Land 4 has better graphics than the first three games because it uses the GameBoy Advance’s more powerful hardware. However, it is a step backwards. It goes back to the first Wario Land, where there isn’t much to explore and the main goal is to find a little extra treasure.

Still, the 2D platforming gameplay is strong and fun the whole time, especially when combined with the strange visuals and humour of Wario’s journey.

Wario Land II (1998)

Captain Syrup comes back from the first Wario Land to steal Wario’s treasure and get back at him. Wario, who is very greedy, steps up and goes on an adventure to get his valuable wealth back. It looks a lot like the first Wario Land, but it is very different in many ways.

For example, the animations and sprite work are much smoother, and there are now transformations. Wario can change into different things depending on what an enemy uses to hurt him. This lets him solve puzzles and problems. With bigger levels, minigames, more dangerous enemies, and more treasure, it does what a good sequel should do: it builds on what came before and makes it bigger and better.

Wario Land: Shake It!

Wario Land Shake It!

With the release of the Wii in 2006, almost every game for the console seemed to focus on the fun and easy-to-use motion controls of the Wiimote. Some of these turned out to be little more than tacked-on extras, but Wario Land: Shake It! actually uses the gyroscope in a fun and useful way, even though its shake controls aren’t very advanced.

Wario Land: Shake It! isn’t a deep or nuanced platformer, since controlling Wario is so easy. Still, the game is fun in part because of its simplicity, which thrives on mindless fast-paced action and craziness. This platformer doesn’t have the open-ended puzzles of the later WL games. Instead, it’s fast and has a clear path to follow.

This colourful 2D platformer is crazy, exciting, and most importantly, fun to play.