9 Best Mech Games That You Should Know Update 05/2024

best mech games

It’s not fair that Mech games don’t get as much attention as other games. They’re thought of as weird and not very good, but that’s not true. Stonefly and MechWarrior 5 have made us want to jump into a 30-story robot of doom and fight other giant robots, so we want to play them.

A lot of great mech games have been made over the years. They come in many different styles. The amount of new ideas in mech games should not be forgotten. Even if you want to play a fast-paced game, a turn-based tactical RPG, or a slow and lumbering shooter, these games have what you need.

1. Super Robot Wars 30

Super Robot Wars 30

The Super Robot Wars series has been going strong for 30 years, with more than 60 games. It’s even more amazing when you find out that the series is made up of a lot of different mech anime and games. Super Robot Wars 30 is the most recent instalment in the series. It features mechs and characters from well-known anime like Gundam and Code Geass, as well as less well-known ones like The Brave Police J-Decker and Mazinkaiser Infinitism.

Similar to other games in the series, Super Robot Wars 30 is a tactical RPG with a zany story and fanboying over characters from different games coming together. The gameplay, on the other hand, isn’t very important. To start the campaign, you pick the person from your favourite anime you want to be in it. The story will change depending on who you choose to be in it.

2. Daemon X Machina

Daemon X Machina is a crazy third-person shooter that looks a lot like Zone of Enders from Platinum Games. It’s a lot of fun. If you’re a fan of anime, you’ll love this show. It has zany visuals and a lot of melodrama.

Daemon X Machina’s gameplay is what really makes it stand out from the rest. This game is a fast, fluid shooter/hack-n-slash hybrid that has a lot of quick fights. The game is really good at giving players a lot of control over how their pilot and mechs look, which is where it really shines. It’s up to you to build anything you can think of, and you’re encouraged to think outside the box with how your mech looks and how it works.

3. Pizza Titan Ultra

Pizza Titan Ultra

Pizza Titan Ultra is the only game on this list that is as silly as it is fun to play. To do this, you don’t have to do anything big like save the world or fight off a powerful adversary. Instead, you use your mech to bring pizza to people. Pizza chain owner Cheezborg wants to get back at you for making great pizza. He has built an army of robots to stop your deliveries.

To get through these robots, you have to fight them off and make sure the pizza gets to the customer on time. Crazy Taxi with mech fights between stops. There is simple combat that isn’t very hard, but it’s there to slow you down and make you think about how much time you’re wasting. Even though the game has funny dialogue and a lot of options, there’s a lot to keep you coming back for more.

4. MechAssault

This is a spin-off of the MechWarrior series, which itself was an adaptation of BattleTech. It came out in 2002 as the first game for the Xbox, and it was a big hit at the time. Wolf’s Dragoons lets you play as an unnamed mercenary as you drive a mech through action-packed stages.

Perhaps the most important thing about MechAssault today is that it was the first game to be able to play online with other people through Microsoft’s Xbox Live service. But even today, MechAssault is one of the best pure action mech games. It makes you feel like you’re in charge of a big but agile machine of destruction that we don’t get to see very often these days.

5. Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3

Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 is the best game in the Dynasty Warriors: Gundam subseries when it comes to fast-paced action. In this game, the mindless action of Dynasty Warriors is mixed with the story and world of Gundam. And, of course, there are the huge and stylish mechs, as well as their unique weapons and pilots.

There are lots of people who love Gundam in Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3. It’s also one of the best high-octane mech games out there. During this game, you fight waves of enemies with new moves and weapons, as well as a wide range of different types of tasks.

6. MechWarrior Online

If you want to play a mech game online, MechWarrior Online is one of the most popular, and for good reason. Piranha Games, the developer of the MechWarrior games, has made an online experience that is unlike anything else. Part of the reason is because the game was released in 2013, long before the likes of Fortnite or Call of Duty Warzone set the standard for online shooters like this one.

This means that MechWarrior Online could be thought of as old-fashioned or lacking in content, so this could be a bad thing. But if you’re a fan of BattleTech or just mechs in general, this is the game for you. It’s a hard-core, tactical game where you need to work together because the battles are big and one bad move can kill you.

7. Front Mission 3

Front Mission 3

The Front Mission series by Square Enix has been overlooked for years. It was one of the best tactical RPG series on consoles, and not just for mech games. Some people say that every game in the series is better than the rest. The main games are all great.

But, many people will say that Front Mission 3 is the best game in the series. If you want to play a slower, more strategic mech game, this is the game for you. With both its gameplay and story, Front Mission 3 is a very deep and thought-out game. It’s known for its hard-core tactical play.

8. Titanfall 2

So many people love Titanfall. It feels like a western version of the giant robot story you see in Japanese animations. This is a great game. However, this is a game, not a show, so you get to drive huge metal titans and feel great while doing so.

The Titans are huge robots that you can drive. When you’re inside one, it feels like you have a lot of power. When you’re out of one, it doesn’t feel like you have a lot of power. Titanfall 2 has a grappling hook system that lets you move through the terrain in a fun way, no matter if you’re driving a titan or not. This makes the gameplay never boring, no matter what.

This game is a few years old, but it still works well and is very fun. Make sure you give Titanfall 2 a try if you haven’t played it before and like mechs and First Person Shooter games.

9. Mecha Knights: Nightmare

Mecha Knights Nightmare

This game is easy to understand. This is a post-apocalyptic world where monsters attack humans all the time. You have to shoot them down to stop them.

The game was clearly based on games like Armored Warriors and Front Mission, but it didn’t say. Players fight in huge mechs that have been made by them. They fight hordes of enemies with hundreds of them.

You can choose and combine parts to build your own mech in this game. This is the most interesting thing about it. You can choose from more than 100 different ways to make your mech work the way you want it to.

Overall, this is a third-person shooter game. There are many ways to play with your mech, as well as some unique mechanics, that make this game very fun to play.