10 Best Pokemon Sun And Moon Anime Characters Update 06/2024

Pokemon Sun And Moon Anime Characters

Pokemon: Sun & Moon established that the Pokémon anime is still a fantastic series. Here are some of the show’s most memorable characters.

There were a lot of memorable characters in thePokémon anime. Although many characters have come and gone over the course of the show’s run such as Misty, Brock, Dawn, and Serena are among the most well-known and beloved by fans. After 24 years, the anime continues to produce interesting and fascinating stories.

Ash’s time in Alola during the Sun & Moon season marks a watershed moment in the series. Changes in the animation style and significant events in Ash’s journey were prominently featured in this episode. The ensemble of characters that accompany him are well-known in the fan community, and they continue to be so.

10. Gladion


In contrast to several of the anime’s most notable opponents, such Gary, Paul, and Tobias, Gladion is more hostile toward Ash. As a sullen and impatient youngster, he is haunted by the fact that he could not save his younger sister, Lillie, from an Ultra Beast. He prefers the company of his Pokémon to that of humans, and his abilities as a Trainer are quickly becoming apparent.

Ash and Gladion’s rivalry is always interesting to watch. But even if they don’t like each other, they respect each other and have memorable fights during season.

9. Bewear

Because of their different personalities and significant roles in the story, certain Pokémon become anime breakout stars. Bewear is one of these characters, providing much-needed levity throughout the season. When it comes to Team Rocket, Bewear has a soft spot. The Pokémon goes to great lengths to defend the trio, even traveling to Kanto to assure their safety.

There are moments when Bewear’s adoration for Team Rocket is detrimental to their success as a unit. Before they were able to capture Ash’s Pikachu, it “rescued” them.

8. Hau


Hau is a youthful Trainer with an exuberant personality, just like his video game counterpart. In contrast to Gladion’s aggressive temperament, Ash’s friendly rival has a bright disposition.

He is less proficient in the anime than in the games, where he is a promising but novice Trainer. Although he gains a lot of knowledge and experience on the show, it doesn’t make him a great standout. Despite just appearing on a few occasions, Hau doesn’t have much of an impact on the plot.

7. Lana

Lana is the only one of Ash’s Alola classmates who keeps to herself. As a quiet, kind and nice little girl, she has a passion for water-type Pokémon and spends her time surfing, fishing and playing with her pets. Additionally, she is the most fearless of Ash’s buddies.

Lana and Misty, the anime’s other Water-type fan, get close after Lana visits Kanto. Their correspondence continues and Lana invites Brock and her to Alola for a visit. She clearly sees her buddy and role model Misty as an important part of her own life.

6. Sophocles


The anime’s Sophocles is a brilliant character. As an inventor, he enjoys working with electric-type Pokémon and employs them in a variety of devices. Due to his obsession with his profession and the company of his Pokémon and gadgets, he often becomes estranged from everyone around him.

It’s not hard to see why people find Sophocles a target of ridicule for his inability to play sports, like Clemont was before him. When it comes to Togedemaru and his fear of the dark, he prefers to keep it outside of its PokéBall.

5. Rowlet

Rowlet is the second noteworthy character from Sun & Moon. The Pokémon serves as Ash’s first starter in Alola. Aside from Ash’s earlier Pokémon (Charizard, Bulbasaur, Infernape, Sceptile), Rowlet has a distinct personality that the anime devotes much effort to creating.

In the beginning, Rowlet is a lighthearted and naïve Pokémon who prefers a more laid-back approach to battling. It wasn’t until Rowlet lost to Hau’s Dartrix that Rowlet started training harder. Rowlet, unlike Ash’s Pikachu and Dawn’s Piplup, appears to be unconcerned by the idea of evolving in the anime. However, he is unable to evolve because he falls in love with an Everstone he picks up on the way.

4. Mallow


In addition to being sociable and outgoing, Mallow is impulsive and quick to make snap judgments. Like Brock, Cilan, and Clemont before her, she is also a talented cook. In the future, she hopes to take over her family’s restaurant, Aina’s Kitchen, as a Grass-type specialist.

Mallow is the Pokémon partner with the most tragic tale. She feels remorse for her unkindness to her mother, who died soon after the incident occurred. With the help of the Legendary Pokémon Tapu Fini, she is able to make peace with the spirit of her late mother in one of the series’ most tragic episodes.

3. Professor Kukui

Professor Kukui stands out from his predecessors since he is younger and less formal. Even though he’s formal and even austere, he nonetheless enjoys cracking jokes about Pokémon. He’s a warm and welcoming person who treats Pokémon as if they were his own children.

The Masked Royal is Kukui’s alter ego, the star trainer of the Battle Royal Dome. To keep his name secret, he has at least a 21-match winning run and takes extreme measures to ensure his anonymity. However, by the conclusion of the season, the whole of Alola has learned of his identity.

2. Kiawe


Kiawe is one of Ash’s most seasoned and battle-hardened companions. ‘ Pokémon battles are very important to him, and he holds a high regard for Z-Rings and Z-Moves in particular. When compared to the other students in Ash’s school, Kiawe appears to be much more mature and self-centered.

He has a tendency to be arrogant and overconfident, but he eventually learns to work well with others in the class. As a specialist in fire, Kiawe has a tendency to overreact emotionally. When he gets to ride a Kantonian Rapidash for the first time, he bursts into tears.

1. Lillie

Lillie, like Sophocles, has a remarkable intellect. Despite her extensive knowledge of Alolan Pokémon, she appears to have little understanding of other locations. Little Lillie is a model of virtue in every way. Despite the fact that she has a distant relationship with her personal family, she becomes close friends with Ash.

After been attacked by an Ultra Beast as a child, Lillie also has a paralyzing phobia of Pokémon. Snowie, an Alolan Vulpix she eventually adopts and names, helps her get over it. When it comes to athleticism, Lillie falls short and even has a hard time tossing PokéBalls.