9 Best Steam Linux Games That You Should Know Update 05/2024

best steam linux games

Even though Linux isn’t as popular as other operating systems like Microsoft Windows or macOS, it has become more popular in the world of gaming. After he said that “Linux is the future of gaming,” Gabe Newell, the founder of the game-making company Valve, might be to blame. Linux users will be very happy to hear that Steam games are a big deal for them, and now anyone can download and play games on Steam for free or for a small fee.

Civilization VI

Civilization VI

For more than 30 years now, Sid Meier’s Civilization series of games have been one of the few that haven’t changed with the times.

If you want to rule over a group of people and lead them on the path to global domination, you can play Civilization. As the player, you have to make a lot of strategic decisions to make sure your civilization doesn’t get wiped out by other people, whether they’re barbarians or people from another civilization.

How close most of the game’s events are to real events in human history is what makes Civilization appealing to people who have played it over time on different types of games.

This is the sixth time that Civilization has been made. There have been a lot of expansion packs, spin-offs, and even board games made based on the game before this one. The Linux version came out last year. You can buy Civilization VI as a gift for a Linux gamer who likes strategy games that make them think quickly.

Ark: Survival Evolved

If the Linux gamer you know doesn’t want to play a game that takes them through different times in human history, you might want to give them Ark: Survival Evolved instead.

The game’s timeline goes back millions of years to when man was still alive. If he likes movies about island survival and dinosaurs, like Jurassic Park, he might like this game. This is one of the best cheap steam games of all time.

Rocket League

Rocket League

When it comes to soccer games, the majority of them are boring and tiresome. But not this best cheap steam game called Rocket League! It’s possible for the gamer to play soccer with a rocket-powered car and score goals until his team wins. Playing the game can get so rough that it may not feel like you’re playing a soccer game at all, but more like you’re playing a demolition derby while trying to get the ball back.

Borderlands 2

In 2009, Gearbox Software made the first-person shooter game “Borderlands.” Linux users didn’t get a chance to play it because it didn’t work on that platform. Gearbox took care of this five years later when it made its sequel Borderlands 2 available for Linux gamers.

If the Linux gamer you know loves both sci-fi and Western movies, they’ll enjoy playing Borderlands 2, where they get to choose from any one of its four main characters who traveled all the way to the fictional planet Pandora in search of a vault filled with ancient alien treasure. There are also scavengers and private armies that they’ll have to fight off first.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Deus Ex Mankind Divided

Linux Steam users will also enjoy the first-person shooter game Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, which is the fourth game in the whole Deus Ex series. However, it’s the first one that works with Linux and one of the best cheap games on Steam right now. This is why.

When your Linux gamer friend opens up Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, they’ll be able to play as Adam Jensen, who used to be the head of security for a company that supported a biotechnological advancement that made it possible to make “augmentations.” It is Jensen’s goal to get into a corporate group called the Illuminati and stop them from making people think that humans who have augmentations should live in ghettos and lose their rights.

Metro: Last Light Redux

He or she will also like Metro: Last Light, which is a futuristic first-person shooter game. There was a new version of the game called Redux that came out in 2015. It had better graphics and more support for newer gaming consoles like PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

It’s the same with Metro: Last Light Redux as with Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Your Linux gamer friend can only play as one character in the game. As Russian peacekeeper Artyom, he has to fight both humans and mutants, and he also has to find a group of mysterious creatures called the Dark Ones, which are hard to find and hard to fight.

Almost all of the action takes place in Moscow’s metro system, which is called the Metro. You and your friend can play this game right now on Steam. It’s one of the best cheap games for Steam.

Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut

Wasteland 2 Director’s Cut

Most of the Linux games we’ve seen so far have been sequels, and Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut is no exception to this rule. You should also keep in mind that its predecessor was made by a different person three decades ago.

During the last 30 years, there have been a lot of changes in how computer games look. This allowed the developers of Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut to take the original game’s storyline and adapt it for today’s computer games.

In Wasteland 2: Director’s Cut, if the Linux gamer you know has some leadership skills when he plays, he will enjoy it. He gets to play General Vargas, the leader of a group of soldiers and survivalists known as the Desert Rangers, in the movie he made.

Ace, a fellow Ranger, died in the year 2102, and General Vargas and his team of seven Rangers set out to find out who killed their friend. Four of the Rangers can be controlled by the gamer, but they’ll have to fight each other in turn.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (Multiplayer)

CS GO is one of the best FPS games for Linux that you can find on Steam. There is no need to introduce this game. If you don’t know about it, I must say that this is one of the best multiplayer FPS games.

The game CS GO is also very important to the e-sports scene. To get a rank, you need to play games that are very hard. In either case, you can keep playing casual games.

Rainbow Six Siege is better than Counter-Strike for me, but we still don’t have it for Linux or Steam.

Left 4 Dead 2 (Multiplayer/Singleplayer)

Left 4 Dead 2

One of the most popular first-person zombie shooter games for people to play with each other at once.

The price could be as low as 1.3 USD on a Steam sale. It is an interesting game that gives you the chills and thrills you’d expect from a zombie game.

The game has swamps, cities, cemeteries, and a lot of other places to keep things interesting and scary. The guns in this game aren’t very high-tech, but they still give you a realistic experience because it’s an old game.