8 Best Star Fox Games That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Best Star Fox Games

Fox McCloud has been the main character in one of Nintendo’s most action-packed series, Star Fox. He has a trusty blaster and flies an Arwing. Fox goes from planet to planet with a group of starfighters to fight the bad guy Andross and his army of invaders.

The question is, what are the best Star Fox games? Star Fox is one of Nintendo’s franchises that doesn’t get new games very often, which is sad. So, with that in mind, this list will include not only Star Fox games, but also games in which Fox or members of his team have guest-starred.

Star Fox: Assault (2005) – 67

Star Fox Assault (2005)

Nintendo continues to try new things, so they worked with Namco to make a unique game that has the classic arcade flying missions but also has missions where Fox is on foot and different types of vehicle combat. There is the usual arcade mode for one player, but Star Fox: Assault is all about playing with other people.

The multiplayer is like GoldenEye 007, which is one of many Nintendo 64 games that are still fun to play today. It also has a little bit of classic Halo in it. The goal was clear and admirable, but the controls for the parts that weren’t Arwings weren’t as smooth, and the lock-on mechanics weren’t as good.

Star Fox Zero (2016) – 69

Star Fox finally came back with a new game on the Nintendo Wii U, after years of only being in Smash Bros. games. Star Fox Zero didn’t let you play on foot. Instead, you had to control vehicles. This was a welcome return for the series, but it also upset some fans.

There were changes to how to control the Arwing that made it hard to learn how to play. The game also doesn’t try anything new, which makes it feel more like an HD remake of Star Fox 64 with a few new levels than a next-generation Star Fox game. It’s still fun to play, but it didn’t get as much attention as it should have when it should have been one of Nintendo’s biggest hits.

Star Fox Guard (2016) – 74

Star Fox Guard (2016)

This spin-off is a tower defence game where the player controls security cameras to protect a base from an endless army of robots. It’s a good defence game on its own, and you can get different weapons and upgrades, but it’s not worth its full price.

But Star Fox Guard is well worth the low price on the Nintendo eShop. It starts out pretty easy but gets surprisingly hard. It shows that there were fun games to play on the Wii U. It’s a Wii U game that should be made better for the Nintendo Switch.

Starlink: Battle For Atlas (2018) – 76

Starlink: Battle For Atlas is an open-world space shooter that combines game play and collecting toys. The player can build their own ships with toys in the real world and put them into the game. This is like Skylanders or the Disney Infinity series, which was sadly taken off the market.

Switch owners may be able to get Star Fox content that can’t be found anywhere else. You can play as Fox McCloud and fight Star Wolf in exclusive missions. You can also play most of the main game, which was a welcome return for space shooters. Some fans have even said that Starlink is the best way to play a Star Fox game so far.

Star Fox Command (2006) – 76

Star Fox Command (2006)

With the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection being turned off, the big selling point of being able to play online with up to four friends and fight is gone. So all that’s left is the single-player content, which brings back classic Star Fox gameplay, but with a twist: almost everything is controlled by touching the screen.

The result may not be one of the best DS games that everyone should play, but it is still a good game, even if it takes a while to learn how to control it. Even though it’s not a top-tier Star Fox adventure, it was a fun game for the Nintendo DS. Each Star Fox member had their own Arwing, which made the game more interesting, but some missions had a very short time limit.

Star Fox 64 3D (2011) – 81

It is exactly what it sounds like: Star Fox 64 for the Nintendo 3DS, but with a little bit better graphics. Aside from a few extras, it’s pretty much the same game, but it’s now on a portable system. This might disappoint people who wanted to add more to the original game, but it will be great for people who just want to play Star Fox 64 on the go.

You can use motion controls to fly the Arwing, which works fine, or you can just use the analogue stick and buttons if you want to be more traditional. Overall, it’s a good remake that stays true to what fans liked about the original. This makes it one of the most popular 3DS games, and everyone should try it.

Star Fox Adventures (2002) – 82

Star Fox Adventures (2002)

When it came out, fans didn’t like Star Fox Adventures because it was different from other games. The Arwing shooting was put on hold so that Fox McCloud could walk around an alien world with dinosaurs in an action-adventure game.

It’s a lot like The Legend of Zelda, so it’s easy to see why purists wouldn’t like it. However, it’s been praised, which is why Metacritic gave it an 82. As an attempt to copy Zelda, it could have been worse, but it has a unique story, beautiful graphics, and even a few vehicle games that can still be fun.

Star Fox 2 (SNES)

Star Fox 2 is an interesting oddity. It is a sequel to Super NES that was never released but was finished. It was a “museum piece” until it was released officially on the Super Nintendo Classic Mini console and then on Nintendo Switch Online. This game was fully made for the SNES, but it was put on hold at the last minute because Nintendo saw that 16-bit 3D graphics were on their way out and didn’t want it to be compared to the impressive polygonal games that were coming out on more powerful hardware.

Many of the ideas for this unfinished sequel ended up in Star Fox 64, and fans of the series will enjoy seeing the ideas that started here and ended up in other games. Even though the hardware was pretty amazing, it might be hard to go back to, especially if you didn’t start playing Star Fox in the 16-bit era. Still, we’re glad to have the choice, and it’s exciting for any fan to see how ideas were born that would later become real.