8 Best Games Like Phasmophobia That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Games Like Phasmophobia

Ghosts, demons, and ghouls of all shapes and sizes are at your disposal in these top-notch horror games for PC.

Phasmophobia, the newest ghost game craze, has you hooked? Ghost games are best when played in a group, right? So you can collaborate with your online friends and, if things go wrong, sacrifice them and flee for your life. With its combination of detective work and survival, does Phasmophobia raise the question: Are there any more games like it?

The online co-op, the old-school investigation work, or the progressively angry ghosts who don’t want you messing with their haunt are just some of the things you’ll enjoy about this new horror game. There are a number of different ghost games and games similar to Phasmophobia on our list. These games all have one or more of Phasmophobia’s core features in common.

You’ve found the ideal location if you appreciate solving puzzles and deducing hidden messages while avoiding bad spirits, surviving with your team, and straightening your deerstalker. Here are some of the greatest PC games that are similar to Phasmophobia.

1. Pacify


Phasmophobia’s principle is extremely similar to Pacify’s. The PAH Inc. (Paranormal Activity Helpers) has hired you to investigate a haunted house and bring back any evidence you find within. In contrast to Phasmophobia, this film puts more emphasis on jump scares and sheer terror than on the study of paranormal phenomena.

While playing online with pals, you can check the house together and either work together or turn on each other to get out alive. In order to proceed, you’ll have to gather a number of necessary objects, appease the ghost, and finally purge the building of its eerie aura. Like Phasmophobia’s sanity levels and hunt mode, the ghost’s temperament changes continually and responds to your progress, steadily getting smarter and faster as the game progresses. Pacify, on the other hand, is a short-lived experience that can be completed in a matter of hours, and that’s OK considering that it costs only a few dollars.

2. The Blackout Club

For those looking for anything in between Deus Ex and Stranger Things, The Blackout Club’s covert suburban collaboration fits halfway between Deus Ex and Stranger Things, with the reactive inventory of a classic immersive sim.

Missions revolve around finding and rescuing the squad from sleepwalking suburbanite soccer mothers and a terrible entity known only as ‘The Shape’ before the team is taken. The Shape will pursue anyone who commits too many’sins’, such as being seen, trespassing, or breaking objects, relentlessly.

In the event of an emergency, you’ll have to band together to save each other, even if you’re setting up dates with complete strangers. Additionally, there is an interesting backstory behind the town’s demons, which is progressively revealed through environmental cues and other hints and mysteries. With The Blackout Club, you’ll get the team-oriented social horror of Phasmophobia.



In GTFO, the claustrophobia and suspense that Phasmophobia brings are perfectly captured in a nightmarish network of small passageways where you and up to three companions must dodge and survive stalking monsters. Aliens-like hordes of xenomorphs are exactly what GTFO is like — in a good way. If this sounds like Aliens, that’s because it is. When working alongside your friends, you’ll need to be patient and perseverant in order to survive.

The best PC co-op games are always better when played with a friend.

You don’t have no control over the situation, like you would in Phasmophobia. In place of a crucified crucifix, you have a wide variety of monster-slaying guns and weaponry to choose from. In order to survive your captor’s dirty work, you must communicate well with the rest of your crew. However, completing tasks and delivering goods allows you to do it all over again – how fortunate you are.

For those who prefer their horror games to be more action-oriented than their story-based counterparts, this is a great choice for a co-op horror first-person shooter to check out.

4. Secret Neighbor: Hello Neighbor

As a group of kids, you can now break into Mr. Peterson’s house in Hello Neighbor, the kitschy indie horror game with the frighteningly mustachioed villain.

Even while this game does not feature any ghouls, it does have its share of scares, and what makes it most similar to Phasmophobia is the teamwork and investigation that you must engage in. Your friend is being held hostage in a locked basement, and you need to find the keys to unlock the door to get there. Each child possesses a unique set of skills and powers, such as Leadership’s ability to blind others, or Brave’s ability to elude the grasp of his or her evil neighbor.

One of the participants is dressed as a youngster and working with a neighbor to ensure that your “teammates” fail, which means you’re not all in this together. This creepy cat-and-mouse game is made much creepier by the presence of a Halloween-themed mansion complete with stretched cobwebs and shadowy corners.

5. Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight

The type of killers you face in Dead by Daylight determines whether or not the game is a ghost game. When it comes to this game, you either play as a killer or one of the survivors, who must fight against the clock to get generators up and running before they can leave the map, while the other hunts them and offers them up to an almighty Entity.

Dead by Daylight’s impressive array of 20 playable killers is what sets it apart in the multiplayer horror genre. The list of killers includes every horror stereotype imaginable, and there are various evil spirits to pick from for those who enjoy ghost games.

Horror fans will no sure like the numerous official movie tie-ins, allowing you to kill Michael Myers, Freddie Kruger, Leatherface, Ghost Face, and many more. If you’re willing to put forth the effort, Dead by Daylight is a worthwhile investment of your time.

6. Man of Medan

It’s impossible to watch Man of Medan without getting shivered in the corner from all of the jumpscares and adrenaline-pumping action moments that it contains. It is your goal to save the lives of all five characters in the game at any costs. That was simple, wasn’t it? In fact, it’s not all that simple when you’re on a ghost ship in stormy seas, with nothing but the wind howling through creaky cabin doors and the unknown waiting below.

Your character will die because of terrible judgments you make while stumbling around the ghostly ship, trying to get action cues correct and without realizing that you are actually driving them towards certain death. A seemingly trivial choice you make early on could come back to bite hours later and expose your deepest darkest fears as a result of Man of Medan’s constrained setting. You may play Phasmophobia solo, but if the co-op multiplayer action is what you’re after, you can do it in online two-player co-op or on your couch with up to five other people.

7. Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th

We came to see the memes, but Jason won us over in the long run. Taking on Jason Voorhees in this asymmetric online multiplayer game challenges you to hone your survival abilities. On a remote camping ground, a group of teenagers and their guidance counselor are spending the summer, just like in the movies. Jason is going to attack those kids, so it’s up to your group to work together and leave the haunted campsite with the fewest number of deaths as possible. For those who don’t enjoy playing in a team environment, the Crystal Lake Killer is an option.

Friday the 13th has its flaws, but like the slasher subgenre, it’s silly horror at its best. Play as an adolescent counselor in a group of eight or online with pals, each of whom has their own set of abilities and distinctive capabilities.

There are a variety of ways to deal with Jason in the game. You can acquire weapons and strategize, link up with other players to ambush him, or pool together and pound the brute with saucepans if one of your group is captured. When you’re scurrying along a dark dirt road, certain that Jason is lurking somewhere nearby, ready to attack, Friday the 13th is at its most thrilling and terrifying. While there is genuine terror in this film, the focus is on working together as a team, much like in Phasmophobia.

8. Hunt: Showdown

As much as it may seem like a stretch given that it doesn’t actually feature ghosts, this game exists in a genre-less condition, and it attacks us with a flurry of horror, action, and PvP. Your online bounty hunting duo sets out to slay monsters and extract as much money as possible in the deep, dark, misty depths of the Louisiana bayou, between decrepit farms and abandoned industries.

In the beginning, the game appears to be a typical online multiplayer gunfight, but as you venture deeper into the dungeon, you’ll encounter a slew of unexpected dangers, including mutant spiders, mutated zombies, and fully-formed monsters. Instead of using your investigation abilities, simply grab a rifle, seek for resources, and see how long you can go without getting caught.

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