8 Best Silent Hill Games That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Best Silent Hill Games

When Konami started working with the Bloober Team, there were rumours that they were working on a new Silent Hill game. The Bloober Team said they were not working on a new Silent Hill game at this time. If you’re a fan of the long-running survival horror game series, this news isn’t good news. There are still a lot of games in the series that you can play to remember why Silent Hill has been around for more than 20 years.

There are 10 official Silent Hill games that have been released in North America. Metacritic has ranked them. rankings are based on the PlayStation version of the game, since the original 1999 version was only available on the PlayStation. Also left out is the popular “P.T.” demo, which is a playable teaser for the planned Silent Hills game. Because it was only meant to be a preview for a bigger game, it wasn’t submitted for review by professional critics.

1. Silent Hill: Book of Memories – 58/100

Silent Hill Book of Memories

It was meant to be a different kind of game than the main series. It was a dungeon crawler and used the PlayStation Vita’s online multiplayer to make it more fun. The player character finds a book that tells their life story. They fight monsters in important memories to change history and make their life better.

Even though the technical presentation and vignette-styled progression of Book of Memories were praised by critics, the game’s departure from the rest of the series was called out. Reviewers were split on whether Book of Memories worked well as either a Silent Hill game or a dungeon crawler that didn’t belong to the series. They thought it didn’t live up to the promise of either direction.

2. Silent Hill: Downpour – 64/100

Critics and fans didn’t like Silent Hill when it went from survival horror to more action-based gameplay in 2008’s Homecoming. In 2012, the series went back to its survival horror roots with Downpour. Convict Murphy Pendleton escapes from prison when his prison transfer crashes on the outskirts of the town of Silent Hill before he goes inside. The game was released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and it tells the story of Pendleton.

Reviewers were happy with the return to form, both thematically and tonally, and they said the atmosphere was great. However, they didn’t do very well with the things that make up the environment itself. Critics didn’t like Downpour’s combat system or monster design. They thought the game didn’t live up to its premise’s promise.

3. Silent Hill HD Collection – 70/100

Silent Hill HD Collection

Konami wanted to make two of its best-known Silent Hill games, Silent Hill 2 and 3, look better in high-definition, but it didn’t keep the source code for either game. This caused the Silent Hill HD Collection in 2012 to be mostly made with incomplete source code in order to bring the two classic games to the PS3 and Xbox 360. Technically, critics thought the remastered Silent Hill 3 looked good. They were more split on how the collection remastered Silent Hill 2. Having a new voice cast and taking away the game’s fog effects, which show clumsily rendered textures. The presence of only two titles in the compilation was also roundly lambasted.

4. Silent Hill: Homecoming – 71/100

It was a new direction for the Silent Hill series in 2008. Konami asked Double Helix Games to make the series’ first game for the PS3 and Xbox 360, with a PC port coming out two months later; it was the first home console game from a Western studio. In Homecoming, the game’s main character, Alex Shepherd, is a former soldier. As he looks for his brother in the haunted town of Shepherd’s Glen, the gameplay moves more toward combat than in previous games.

Critics were split on the game’s move to more combat-based gameplay, but they were pleased with the game’s overall presentation and atmosphere. They thought the game took advantage of the new hardware at the time. The tone and the story itself were thought to be a little off, but reviewers saw a lot of promise in the franchise going forward.

5. Silent Hill 4: The Room – 76/100

Silent Hill 4 The Room

True to its title, 2004’s Silent Hill 4: The Room did not primarily take place in the usual haunted town. Instead, the game took place in Henry Townshend’s apartment. Henry is looking for ways to get out of his apartment, and he finds portals to different places while being chased by the undead serial killer Walter Sullivan.

For the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC, Silent Hill 4 was praised for taking modern hardware as far as it could go. The game’s art and sound were also praised. The main gameplay mechanic of having to keep going back to the apartment hub was not well-received by critics. They also thought that some of the level design and puzzles were a little boring.

6. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories – 77/100

It was first released for the Wii, making it the first game in the series to be made for a Nintendo console. It was then made for the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable the next month. Shattered Memories changes the story of the game’s main character, Harry Mason, who is looking for his missing daughter, Cheryl. The game remixes and adds new elements to the familiar game while taking advantage of the Wii’s unique hardware.

The Wii version of Shattered Memories was only slightly better than the PS2 version. It averaged a 79/100. Critics said they liked the remixed look at the original game and how the series was going back to its survival horror roots. Reviewers were less impressed with the game’s short length and the way it was broken up into different parts that were all about puzzles and chases. They thought this made the gameplay feel a little off.

7. Silent Hill: Origins – 78/100

Silent Hill Origins

Silent Hill: Origins was the first Silent Hill game made by a Western studio and the first to be made for a handheld console. It was made by Climax Action for the PlayStation Portable, and a PS2 port came out the next year. Origins is a prequel to the original 1999 game. It follows trucker Travis Grady as he takes a shortcut through the town and meets up with some of the characters from the game.

A lot of the time, critics were impressed with how well this game was made, but they were less impressed with the game itself. Origins was thought to be short, formulaic, and not very interesting by reviewers. The PS2 port didn’t do much to improve the game with better hardware.

8. Silent Hill 3 – 85/100

Silent Hill 3 is one of the few games in the series that has a direct sequel. Heather Mason is haunted by her past but decides to return to the town of Silent Hill in 2003 to learn the truth about her origins and avenge her father, Harry, who was killed in the first game. Silent Hill 3 is the last game in the series to get a lot of attention from critics. Some thought it didn’t add anything new to the series. It was released for the PS2 and PC. Silent Hill 3 was praised for its graphics and sound design. It was thought to be an excellent survival horror game and a good addition to the series.