10 Best Mischevious Anime Girl That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Mischevious Anime Girl

Mischievous, charismatic, and charismatic, these characters are just like the rest of the cast.

Loki, the Norse God of Mischief, has a history of wreaking havoc over the globe. When it comes to deceit, he can be highly smart and sly because to his ability to alter his appearance and create illusions.

Loki’s charisma and charm have made him a popular villain and anti-hero in a variety of films. The popularity of the God of Trickery is only increasing because of these very reasons. Not to be outdone, there are a number of anime characters who could challenge Loki. Mischievous, charismatic, and charismatic, these characters are just like the rest of the cast.

10.  Hikaru And Kaoru Hitachiin Are A Mischievous Set of Twins Who Love To Cause Trouble (Ouran High School Host Club)

Ouran High School Host Club

Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin are more recognized as the Hitachiin Twins in the anime Ouran High School Host Club than as any other characters in the show. With their “brotherly love” role in Ouran High School’s Host Club, these two are popular with the school’s young female students.

These identical twins thrive on mischief. In order to get their way, they’re not afraid to play pranks on others and scare or intimidate them into submission. They have no problem exploiting people’s worries to their advantage. Hitachiin twins are either instigators or significantly involved in any pranks that go place.

9.  Undertaker Enjoys Manipulating Life And Death For His Amusement (Black Butler)

Undertaker is a Phantomhive house informant, a funeral director, and a retired Grim Reaper. In this anime, he’s one of several characters who are a touch off-kilter, and he’s continually chuckling, scaring, or provoking other characters. He also enjoys playing the eerie card to see what people think. Undertaker, on the other hand, is a very rational person.

He enjoys tinkering with the lives and deaths of his guests, which are the departed members of the Phantomhive family that he welcomes at his funeral house. Known for wreaking devastation and fear, these Bizarre Dolls.

8.  Yuko Ichihara Grants Wishes In Return For Appropriate Sacrifices (XXXHolic)


In the game XXholic, Yuko Ichihara, sometimes known as the Dimension Witch or the Space-Time Witch, is a major character. Kimihiro Watanuki, a little kid who can see spirits, is guided by her deeds. As a result, she grants people’s requests, but only after they’ve made a suitable sacrifice.

It’s something she lives by every day, believing that there is no such thing as good or bad. She doesn’t get involved in other people’s business, even if she knows that people could be damaged or in danger, and she prefers to let fate decide. Watanuki is an exception to that rule, as she cares for and protects him.

7. Medusa Gorgon Is Two-Faced And Enjoys Manipulating Others (Soul Eater)

When she was not serving as a doctor at the Death Weapon Meister Academy, Dr. Medusa, one of the three Gorgon sisters, is known as Medusa Gorgon. In reality, she’s merely pretending to be empathetic and caring to those in need.

Even her own child has been subjected to experimentation by her self-absorbed mother. As long as she gets what she wants, she’ll do whatever it takes, including lying and manipulating to acquire it. When it comes to her evil deeds, Medusa is both cunning and intelligent. She has no regret for what she has done.

6. Xerxes Break’s Actions Caused The Deaths Of Over One Hundred Innocent People (Pandora Hearts)

Pandora Hearts

As the Mad Hatter, or Xerxes Break in Pandora, he serves as a tutor to many of the series’ other protagonists. In spite of this, his capacity to serve as a mentor is a concern. After serving the Sinclair family for a long time, Kevin Legnard decided to make an illegal contract with a chain in order to bring them back to life.

Almost a hundred people were killed as a sacrifice to the evil intent of the antagonist, the Abyss. To say that Break is a threat is an understatement. He is both dangerous and evil in equal measure.

5. Rory Mercury Is A Demi-Goddess That Shows No Remorse For Her Actions (GATE)

To be an emissary of Emroy, a deity that specializes in savagery and bloodshed, it is only natural for Rory Mercury to share these traits. If someone offends her or Emroy, Rory has no difficulty killing them. She exhibits no regret for her acts.

Even though she is a vicious and violent warrior, she has a strong sense of justice and often chooses to kill criminals over innocents in battle. However, she can also be manipulative and powerful and capable of doing terrible things. She enjoys taunting the ones closest to her.

4. Zange Natsume Is A Half Demon Who Gathers And Uses Intelligence To Manipulate People (Inu X Boku SS)

Inu X Boku SS

He works as a secret service operative for Banri, a mixed-breed demon Raccoon. Zange Natsume is half-youkai, half-human. When it comes to Natsume, she’s a bit of both. He has a tendency to be cheery, jovial, and a little bit of a prankster.

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In addition to being clever and manipulative, he’s also willing to say or do anything in order to obtain what he wants. His other favorite pastime is amassing information about others so that he might use it against them or benefit others.

3. Li Shenhua Enjoys Using Her Abilities To Watch People Struggle And Fail (The Asterisk War)

Shenyun’s twin sister, Li Shenhua, is a student at the Jie Long Seventh Institute. For some reason, Shenhua enjoys playing with her opponents, and she is extremely clever as well as a master tactician and tactician. As a result, Shenhua and her brother will set up confrontations in which their opponents will be beaten to a pulp and their flaws will be exposed.

This isn’t all; she has a wicked sense of humor and enjoys watching others fail. Because she has the ability to employ spells like Illusion, Invisibility, and Shourai, she gets to indulge her playful side even more.

2. Kyousuke Hyoubu Is The Childish Leader Of A Criminal Organization And A Terrorist (Psychic Squad)

Psychic Squad

P.A.N.D.R.A. is a criminal gang led by Kyousuke Hyoubu, who is also the ringleader. On top of that, he’s classified as one of the most powerful espers in this series, with a score of 7. He can be sweet, compassionate, and loving to people he loves and adores. When it comes to espers’ opponents, he spares no effort.

This man is a terrorist and an arms dealer because of the nature of his criminal organization It’s very uncommon for him to act immature and disrespectful toward those around him due to his lack of maturity.

1. Kikuri Is A Demon Who Loves To Terrorize And Be Cruel To Humans (Hell Girl)

In addition to being The Master of Hell’s vessel, Kikuri is a youkai who is able to walk in the real world. She acts like a child and has no regard for the repercussions of her behavior. She also gets a kick out of scaring and torturing other people.

Kikuri is a demanding, irrational, badly-behaved, and willing to do everything to get her way character. She relishes the opportunity to irritate and frustrate others, and will go to great lengths to do so.