10 Best Puzzle Games Xbox One That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Best Puzzle Games Xbox One

A game doesn’t have to take hundreds of hours to be complicated. Beautiful graphics don’t always require the newest graphics engine and the biggest team of developers. And a game doesn’t have to be constantly updated for online multiplayer to be fun. All of that can sometimes come in a smaller package that still packs a punch.

There are puzzle games that meet all of those needs, and they are a lot of fun to play. There are some of the best puzzle games out there for Xbox One right now. The ones we like best are the ones that are easy to pick up but hard to put down.



ChromaGun is a puzzle-solving video game that you can play on Xbox One. The game is all about figuring out how to use colours to solve problems. To play the game, players will use a large ChromaGun to shoot colors at the walls and at various Worker Droids floating around the room.

When a droid is painted, it will move toward the part of the wall that is the same colour as it. To get into the room, players will need to put the droids in the right order. You can also mix the primary colours together to make new colours and make the game even harder.


As the name suggests, Q.U.B.E. is a puzzle game where the player solves problems by interacting with cubes and other shapes on the walls of their room. After a strange event, the player wakes up in a strange room. They wear gloves that can be used to interact with certain shapes hidden in the walls.

The goal of the game is for the player to solve the puzzles in each room to get into them and move on until they reach the exit. Depending on the colour, each block does something different, and the rooms get harder as you go.

The Turing Test

The Turing Test

The Turing Test is a first-person puzzle-solving game created by Square Enix where players control an International Space Agent named Ava Turing who is working on one of Jupiter’s moons, Europa. Ava is part of a research team. When the power system goes down, she wakes up from a cryogenic sleep and has to help save her team.

To save it, she must pass tests, such as rerouting energy to open doors and other machines. As players move through the story, more parts and goals are added to the puzzles. Critics mostly liked what they read about the game.

Unmechanical: Extended

Unmechanical is a 2.5D puzzle game that is pretty simple and easy to understand. You will probably want to play the longer version instead of the first one. The pieces will be put together to try to solve a student project.

There are many different puzzles for gamers to solve, which should keep you busy for a long time. Critics mostly liked what they read about it. It’s not a very popular game, but if you’ve already played everything else on this list, you should definitely give it a try. It might surprise you.



Asemblance is a weird first-person psychological thriller with a lot of puzzles to solve. The X-Files and Black Mirror are some of the shows that inspired the mind-bending game.

When your player awakes, they’re trapped inside of a strange machine and forced to piece together memories to figure out what happened to them and the world around them. But you will have to figure out which memories are real and which are part of the simulation. The only thing that tells you what to do is an A.I. voice that has no body.

The Witness

This great puzzle game from the creator of Braid drops the player on an island where there are only puzzles. Some of them are easy to see and easy to solve. Some require more dexterity and patience. But there is one thing that is for sure: The Witness is great.

There are a lot of puzzles to solve, and as you move through the game, they get harder and harder to the point where you might leave one half done to get some ideas. Even though there isn’t much of a story, the exciting challenges on the island make up for it.



Limbo is a 2D puzzle-platformer game from the studio Playdead. It is one of a pair, and the atmosphere is full of tension and mystery. The independent game has won as many awards and gotten as many good reviews as an independent game can.

But you have to try it for yourself to know what I mean. The grey and dark world will pull you in and make you feel like you can’t breathe. The graphics are great on their own, but the gameplay is also fun. Your path is blocked by interesting puzzles that you have to go through or around.


Inside showed that Playdead’s first 2D puzzle-platformer game wasn’t just a fluke. Their second game showed how well they knew the genre, and it was just as well received, if not more so, than the first. The story is about a boy who gets caught up in a scary world and has to get out of it.

The story will pull you in, though, and it won’t let you go until you’ve become invested in this poor boy’s life. There are so many good things about Inside. It’s important and worth your time.



One of the best puzzle games of all time comes from Valve, the company behind Steam. It is also one of the most influential games of any kind. This is where GLaDOS and I met. This is where we found out that the cake is not what it seems. You have to play Portal just for the pop culture references.

That doesn’t change how much fun it is to play, though. Who wouldn’t want to make jumpable portals? One blue. One orange. And physics is always changing. It’s so fun to figure out how to solve the puzzles in Portal. Just make sure to take care of your friend cube.

Far Changing Tides

Sometimes you want a game to do more than just test your mind. You want it to put you in a unique situation that needs your full attention. You’ll get all of this and more in Far Changing Tides.

You’ll play as Toe, who wakes up on a boat in a world that’s been flooded. You’ll have to find out what’s in this world and where you can live.

But it won’t be easy, as you might have guessed. There are a lot of dangers and mysteries, so you have to figure out puzzles and steer your ship in the right direction to avoid getting hurt. Will you be able to figure out what happened in this world and where you can go to stay alive?