10 Best Adventure Anime That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Many of us, like myself, got our start in the world of anime with one of the most widely watched series of action and adventure. However, the Shounen genre is only one of several genres that have established its worth in the adventure anime genre. The top 32 action/adventure series have been compiled by anime fan site Chasing Anime.

What is an Adventure Anime?

Simply because there are so many subgenres of “adventure anime,” defining the genre is tough.

In most adventure anime, the protagonist sets off on a quest to discover new places. Either by alone or as a group, they go through this process.

The journey can be physical, mental, emotional, or even supernatural. In most cases, though, the protagonist and his companions emerge from the story having grown in some way from where they began.

What is the Best Adventure Anime?

The best action/adventure anime is Hunter X Hunter. As one of the highest-scoring titles on MAL (9.21), it is a classic example of an adventure anime. Traveling to new locations and overcoming difficult obstacles, our cast grows as individuals as a result of this.

Chasinganime has produced a list of the top adventure anime series available, which any fan of the genre just cannot afford to miss.

1) Hunter X Hunter

Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Hunter X is the name of the game. ‘Adventure’ and ‘hunting’ go hand in hand. You’ll see this face staring back at you if you look up the word in the dictionary.

In order to obtain the coveted title of ‘Hunter,’ Gon, a curious and impressionable youngster, decides to sit for the Hunter Exam. And by following in his father’s footsteps, perhaps he can learn more about the enigma that is his long-lost dad.

Hunter X is the name of the game. In Hunter, a wonderful coming of age story is complete. Instead of being a wild youngster, Gon finally learns to master his abilities and grow into an adult.

Gon has to deal with a difficult foe early on in the series in the form of Hisoka. Gon finds himself at the mercy of Hisoka, who is willing to give up his tag during a challenge to steal the other’s. Hisoka won’t accept Gon’s loss, even though he doesn’t want to win this way. He says he intends to take on Gon when he grows stronger.

After a while, Gon and Hisoka meet up for a battle in the flesh. To finally be able to return the tag he’s held onto for so long, Gon has grown considerably since then.

We’d all want to forget some parts of our past. Embarrassments, mistakes, and failures that keep us awake at night. Hunter X Hunter encourages its viewers to savor the small pleasures in life. Make sure you learn from your mistakes and apply what you’ve learned in the future.

Stay tuned to Hunter X for more information. By purchasing the manga, you can continue the story where the anime left off. Your mangaka will thank you for it.

2) One Piece

As the second-most popular adventure anime, One Piece is only surpassed by Hunter X Hunter. I can’t imagine anything more thrilling than embarking on a naval voyage in pursuit of lost wealth!

Monkey D. Luffy gains the ability to stretch his body like elastic after consuming a Devil Fruit, a rare fruit that grants its eaters a unique set of abilities. With his Nakama, he sets out to sail the seven seas, find the fabled treasure, and assume the title of Pirate King.

One Piece excels in a wide range of tasks. It’s a terrific combination of songs, characters, and prose. However, it excels in creating a new universe.

You begin to feel like you’re in a genuine place when you suspend disbelief in One Piece.

As we journey with the Strawhats, we have a direct impact on the world we live in. Bounties rise and fall, regulations are tightened, and characters either grow stronger or succumb to their own demise in this series of events.

In spite of its fantasy backdrop, One Piece’s world is very much like our own in terms of its focus on politics, cause and consequence.

A Tale of a One-Piece Adventure

In a world when we have so much to see, it would be tedious to watch a farmer’s life unfold on an unnamed island somewhere.

Rather, One Piece allows us to go wherever we choose, confident that these absolute giants of fighting will not be fazed by anything hurled at them.

3) Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer

Going against the grain of the typical fantasy adventure series, Goblin Slayer is a refreshing change of pace. If you’re a fan of face spitting, you might want to stick around. You should expect to see a lot more of this in the future.

Goblin Slayer follows the titular hero as he travels the world in order to exterminate every goblin that has ever existed.

During the day, this animation looks like something you’d watch on television. There’s no shortage of adventure tropes like potions, wizards, and magic.

When the lights go out and the goblins appear, the happy scene is quickly transformed into one of blood, death, and sexual assault.

Our hero arrives just in time to save the day as a young priestess is threatened by a group of charging goblins. This priestess, bloodied and terrified, reflects our own expectations as spectators.

We were all anticipating a fun and silly animation set in a fantasy land. Instead, we were greeted with this hideous travesty of a show.

In his invitation to the audience, Goblin Slayer offers his name in a gesture to the priestess and to the crowd as a whole.

If you’re willing to let go of your preconceived notions about what an adventure anime should be, Goblin Slayer is a refreshing twist on the genre.

Buying the manga of Goblin Slayer allows you to continue reading where the anime left off. Your mangaka will thank you for it.

4) Sword Art Online

Gamers make up a sizable portion of the anime fandom. The odds are good that many of you have stayed up way past your bedtime playing whatever game it was that had your attention in the past. After a few minutes of playing, the sun rises and you’re obliged to get up and go to school or job.

However, what if you were unable to leave at all?

While locked in a virtual reality game, Kirito, a superb swordsman, is forced to battle his way through a dungeon containing 100 floors. Defeating the final boss is the ultimate goal. He believes that by doing so, he and his friends will be able to return to the real world.

You either love or detest Sword Art Online, an action-packed anime. Style and action make up for the lack of a solid plot and realistically flawed characters.

This is the trip of a lifetime for otaku like me. Being able to live out your greatest dreams in your favorite video game. Despite the obvious dangers, we don’t give it a second thought.

In Sword Art Online, consequences of attaining what you want are well shown. It’s possible that adventures aren’t what they’re made out to be.

5) Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail (2019)

Images of awe, excitement, and joy leap to mind when one thinks about adventure. Look no further than Fairy Tail if you’re in the market for a light-hearted adventure.

Unarmed civilians being attacked by a horde of goblins is not always something you want to see. Do not witness the near-death experiences of others. You don’t want a story that’s too heavy on the emotions for an adventure anime.

Fairy Tail tells the story of a group of mages who are members of a magical guild called the Fairy Tail Guild. Inviting hot-headed newcomer Lucy to join the guild, the gang tries to solve all of their difficulties via love and camaraderie.

Of course, Fairy Tail has its share of eerie moments. The majority of the show, however, is magical, just as the premise would have you believe it would be. This is also a place where humor is commonplace.

The story of Fairy Tail isn’t meant to wow you. For those who crave adventure from the comfort of their own home, this was the ideal solution. It doesn’t inquire about your strength level, but what type of tea you’d like to drink while celebrating the triumph.

Because it’s Fairy Tail, it’s okay if it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

6) Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Disney’s Aladdin is one of the best films ever made. The amazing performance of Robin Williams as the genie has a lot to do with this. The voice of a seasoned actor is unmatched. Robin Williams is fantastic, yet there’s something missing.

Do you ever wish you could put him in your pocket???

Aladdin traverses the world with the enigmatic Djinn Ugo, who resides in his flute. He encounters a young thief named Alibaba Saluja, who is searching for treasure in a neighboring dungeon. The two form a partnership and set out on an expedition to learn more about the area.

The two of them set out to conquer dungeons all around the world. First and second series feature cameos by well-known figures like Sinbad and Jafar, among others. War, slavery, and governmental corruption are all major themes in Magi.

Those who adored Aladdin but were disappointed by its short length should check out Magi. For those who want to relive their time in Agrabah, go no further than Magi.

Purchasing the manga version of Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic will allow you to continue reading where the anime left off. Your mangaka will thank you for it.

7) Digimon Adventure

Digimon Adventure

So, it’s finally come to this. Required to take sides. Manga fanatics from both shows take to the streets to support their respective favorites. The only thing I can add is…

It is impossible for us to remain friends if you believe that the Pokémon anime is superior to the Digimon series in terms of storytelling quality.

Digimon, like Hunter X Hunter, is a game about learning and progressing. I mean, the show’s central theme is change. The monsters themselves change, but so do their human companions.

However, this romanticism does not diminish the importance of the fights. If you decide to watch this adventure anime, you can rest assured that there will be plenty of crazy monster battles to pick from.

8) Pokémon

Is it really necessary for me to elaborate on this one? For crying out loud, it’s Pokemon! As a Pokemon master, you go out and catch monsters and make them fight to defend your dignity.

Now that everyone who cares about animals has left the room, we can talk about the much more disturbing consequences of making your pets fight each other.

Pokemon is a game for those who like to think on their feet. When confronted with a plethora of possibilities, this type of individual gets a kick out of fine-tuning their approach. To put it another way: ‘AN ABSOLUTE BUTTLOAD – SERIOUSLY, WHY ARE THERE SO MUCH?!?’

All of these factors must be taken into account for just one member of your six-person team.

As well as the casual player, there is a market for Pokemon maniacs. Many of us collected trinkets as children. For that holographic Charizard card (was it just me who went dumpster diving? ), we searched convenience stores, bookshops, and discarded trash cans.

When it came to finishing our collection, we were all adventurers. Take a trip down memory lane with Ash and his Pokemon pals.

9) Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)

Attack On Titan

The word “adventure” frequently conjures up images of fun and joy. The exploration of new territories and the discovery of mythical treasure. The vast majority of our heroes (Luffy, Lucy, Alibaba, etc.) have chosen their own paths in life.

Eren Jaeger, on the other hand, was not so fortunate.

When Eren Jaeger’s city’s wall was demolished by titans, he vowed to wipe out their existence on the earth.

It’s aimed towards a more mature audience in Attack on Titan. Fairy Tail and Digimon aren’t the only shows that appeal to young children, but I can see how they would repel a more mature spectator.

Attack on Titan is a dark adventure that focuses more on the preparation for the expedition than on the actual journey itself. A number of the show’s episodes include no battle scenes at all. There is instead an overpowering sense of panic that grows stronger and stronger as the next twenty minutes are spent hiding in horror.

Anime such as One Piece may be entertaining, but it’s difficult to connect with the characters. When confronted with a big sea monster, I doubt many of us would prepare to fight.

In Attack on Titan, the creators do a fantastic job at conveying real-world human emotions to its viewers. Sadly, all of these feelings are pretty depressing. Anxiety, paranoia, and bewilderment are all on the menu in this action anime. How long do you think you could last if you were Eren?

10) Zero no Tsukaima (Familiar of Zero)

Battle monstrous beasts and travel to faraway locations do not have to be the only methods to have an exciting adventure. Emotional journeys demand the same level of mental toughness as any other. Rather than simply using love to enhance the story’s action sequences, Zero no Tsukaima makes the central relationship a central plot point.

An Isekai anime, Zero no Tsukaima is set in a futuristic world. Saito, who spent his childhood and adolescent years in Tokyo, is suddenly transported to the fabled realm of Halkeginia for reasons unknown. His new role requires him to become a familiar to Louise, a young student magician.


Someone just…confessed, didn’t they? Is there a plot in my anime? As I sling magic wands and swing swords, “They know?” rings in my ears. ‘Are you kidding me?!’ exclaims the anime adventure series?

It’s true, of course. Few modern Shounen series, like Zero no Tsukaima, are afraid to delve into the love lives of their protagonists. Affair will be hinted about in other anime. That, or have any intimate moments disrupted by a phone ring, door knock, or enormous monolithic sandworm attack (I’m looking at you, Cardcaptor Sakura).

Zero no Tsukaima, like Sword Art Online, shows us the adventure of entering a new relationship. First there is attraction, then there is infatuation, and finally there is love. When the going gets difficult, you have to battle for the relationship you’ve built.

The majority of us have been on a romantic journey like this before. Zero no Tsukaima does an excellent job of evoking memories of a bygone era. In Zero no Tsukaima, people who have yet to find a mate are given a taste of what to expect.