9 Best Selling Ps2 Games That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Best Selling Ps2 Games

In this video, we’re going back in time to look at the best-selling PS2 games of all time.

Everybody agrees that Sony’s PS2 was very good at what it did. It beat Sega’s Dreamcast and Nintendo’s GameCube and even Microsoft’s first Xbox.

People couldn’t keep up with it because of clever marketing, its predecessor’s success, and a lot of great console exclusives and strong first-party games.

By the time Sony released the final sales figures for the console in 2012, it had sold 155 million units. At that point in 2012, more than a billion games had been sold.

It’s a lot easier to pick the best games to sell because they all use the same system. Over 160 games sold more than 1 million copies each, but which ones sold the most?

Let’s find out as we look at the Best-Selling PS2 Games of All Time to find out.

1. Kingdom Hearts (2002)

Kingdom Hearts (2002)

If you want to protect your favorite Disney worlds from evil creatures called the “Heartless,” you should play the first Kingdom Hearts game. It was an amazing game that surpassed almost all expectations from both a critical and commercial point of view.

Given that it was made with the help of two huge entertainment companies, Square Enix and Disney, it’s not surprising that the RPG Kingdom Hearts was made with a lot of care and attention. It has a lot of characters from a lot of different Disney movies and cartoons.

Given how well-known everyone involved is, it might not be surprising that the game was a big hit or that it led to a long-running franchise that is still going strong today 20 years later. As many as 5.9 million copies of the first Kingdom Hearts game were sold on the PlayStation 2 at the time. The game has since sold even more thanks to remasters and rereleases of the game on other platforms.

It’s a real cultural phenomenon with real cross-over appeal, and it’s still one of the best video games of all time. It’s on the list of the Best Selling PS2 Games of All Time.

2. Final Fantasy XII (2006)

It’s another Square Enix game that makes it into the top 10. Final Fantasy XII is number 10.

Square was a big fan of Nintendo until they decided to keep using cartridges instead of CDs on the N64. Square moved production of Final Fantasy VII to the PS1 instead. That game became a real hit, and Square’s games, as well as the Final Fantasy series as a whole, became linked to the PlayStation brand.

So it’s not a surprise to see Final Fantasy XII on this list. It was one of the first games in the series to have an open world instead of the more linear, separate areas of previous games. Another new feature was the removal of random encounters.

Final Fantasy XI already had this feature, but this was the first time it was removed from a single player game.

When Famitsu gave Final Fantasy XII a perfect 40/40 score, it was only the sixth time in history that a game had been given that score. So the fact that it went on to sell six million copies shouldn’t come as a surprise.

3. Tekken 5 (2005)

Tekken 5 (2005)

Though Battle Arena Toshinden was the first 3D fighting game I saw run on a PlayStation in 1995, it was quickly overtaken by Namco’s Tekken, which was a great, easy-to-use fighting game (which itself had already appeared in arcades in 1994).

The Tekken series has been linked to PlayStation for years, just like Namco’s Ridge Racer games have. It wasn’t until the port of Tekken 6 in 2009 that the series made its way to a non-Sony platform.

So Tekken 5 was going to be a big deal for the PlayStation 2. But how well it did is the real story here.

Tekken 5 was a huge commercial and critical hit when it came out. It sold 6 million copies to become the best fighting game on the system.

As a bonus, it’s the only PS2 game to make it into the top 10 best-selling PS2 games of all time. You can also find it on our list of the best PS2 games.

4. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (2001)

The first Metal Gear Solid game was a big deal in the history of video games because of its stealth-based gameplay and frequent fourth wall-breaking elements. This shot Hideo Kojima’s name and reputation into the stratosphere, and the game is still regarded as one of the best video games ever made.

Some people were very excited about the second game, and a sample from a game made by Kojima was even more exciting.

One of the most cutting-edge games of its time. It had great cinematic sequences and a complicated, rich story that became a trademark of not just the Metal Gear series, but also Kojima’s work in general.

For the majority of the game’s length, players took control of Raiden, not Solid Snake. This caused some people to be upset. Many people didn’t like it when they saw this change before the game came out. It’s still a problem for some people.

However, it didn’t seem to hurt the game’s sales, because it went on to sell 7.03 million copies.

5. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker

There’s a good chance Link will show up on this site. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker is probably one of the less-played games in the series because it was made for the GameCube. It still had the same great mix of combat, puzzles, and exploration that the Legend of Zelda series is known for, though. It also had one of the best visual styles the series has ever used.

Because of its cartoonish look, the Wind Waker looked like a cartoon that was real. But the game used its over-the-top graphics to tell a deep and emotional story. Link would also hop on a boat and sail between islands in this game. Even two decades after The Wind Waker came out, it’s still beautiful to look at.

The Wind Waker may have been harmed by its platform, but it still stands out as one of the best games in a series that has always been good. An HD remaster came out later so more people could play the game. It was released, of course, for the Wii U.

6. The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

How did The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim come out in 2011? A lot of different versions, mods, remakes, and ports have been made. It would be easy to guess that the game was released a few years ago, because there have been so many. A decade-old game that doesn’t have any multiplayer is still in the top half of Steam’s player count lists.

People who play Skyrim take on the role of the Dragonborn, a legendary warrior who can learn powerful, magical skills. More than that, it gives people who want to be adventurers a place to run around, flex their role-playing muscles, and come up with a nearly infinite number of ways to build characters and go on quests. Skyrim is a good game for people to play, the AV Club said in its review “feel like the game is happening to them and they are alive in it, not just parts of a pre-made game. That’s what makes Skyrim different from some of its peers.” Every open-world game tries to do this, but not all of them really do.

7. Tekken 3

Tekken 3

Everyone who plays a fighting game needs a lot of skill and practice to get good at it. Many fighting games, like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat, have professional scenes and complex webs of mechanics to learn. Tekken, on the other hand, is one of the most complex fighting games out there, and Tekken 3 is one of the most beloved games in its franchise.

In Tekken 3, like any good fighting game, there were demons, corporations, and a tournament that decides the fate of the world, just like in any good game. This game is even better because it has a wide range of well-balanced characters and a deep combo system and move list. It looks and feels great, too. Tekken 2 was also a great game, and the second and third games are still the best in the series. Pure PlayStation said that Tekken 3 is “a better than arcade overall game translation here that will truly stand the test of time, and may even be best fighting game we have ever seen.”