7 Best Building Games Ps4 That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Best Building Games Ps4

If you want to play some new PlayStation 4 building games, there are a lot of good ones we can show you. The location of a structure is just as important as the structure itself. This is true whether you were looking to build structures during your journey, build cities, or make sure a group was safe. The best games you can play right now are going to be on this list. With that said, these aren’t games that are ranked in any way because there are a lot of different building games on the PlayStation 4.



Platform: PC, Android, iOS, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, PS Vita, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, New 3DS

Release Date: November 18, 2011

Building in video games is almost always one of the first things that comes to mind. In the past, Minecraft has been around for a long time. It won’t be going away any time soon. With new updates and content, this game keeps getting better and better. The game’s core, however, stays the same. In the end, there are really only two ways to play: in Survival mode and in Creative mode. Survival is a game where people are just trying to make it through the day. This means that you’ll have to fight against different mobs that appear at night, like skeletons and zombies, as well as avoid dangerous things like lava, to get through the game. To build a base, find resources, mine, make food, and expand your territory, you’ll need to work on these things. As a result, there are a lot of different game worlds that you could end up with.

A lot of games might have a lot of different biomes with a lot of different valuable resources that you need to keep your character alive and well. There’s also the chance that you could run into a situation where there aren’t many different biomes. If you’re a fan, you might enjoy more difficult game world seeds that make it even more difficult to stay alive for a long time in the game. This game also has a “Creative” mode, which makes the game safe for you. There will still be a lot of mobs, but you won’t be attacked or hurt by them. No one needs to build a base before the sun goes down. The person you’re playing will never starve to death. What this mode has to offer is all of the resources that are already in the player’s inventory. When you’re done, it’s just a way to build up whatever you want to build so that players can let their imaginations run wild.

Dragon Quest Builders

Platform: PS3, PS4, PlayStation Vita Nintendo Switch

Release Date : PS3 January 28, 2016, / PS4, PS Vita October 11, 2016

Genre: Action role-playing, sandbox 

Dragon Quest is a big RPG series, and chances are you’ve heard of it before now. There might not be as many people who love this game as there are people who love Final Fantasy. Among games for the PlayStation 4, there is one that stands out. It’s called Dragon Quest Builders. If you want to play games like Minecraft, you should check out this one. There are two games, but they both do the same thing. For this list, we’ll only talk about the first one.

Dragon Quest Builders takes place in a different world than the first Dragon Quest game. During the title, the hero of Dragon Quest agrees to split the world into two kingdoms, with each having a side to rule. As a result, the whole world was taken over, leaving nothing but decay and destruction behind it.

Monsters are now all over the place, but a new hero comes forward to help rebuild the world. A new builder is taking on the role of a player who must get different resources and build up the land. You’ll build bases and rooms, and you’ll also move into new places. This isn’t all, though. There are also a lot of monsters to fight as well. If you play this game, you’ll find that it has a “day and night” cycle. During the day you’ll fight weaker monsters while at night the monsters become more difficult to fight. You and the buildings you’ve built will have to deal with them, too, As we said, there is a sequel to Dragon Quest II. The title is very similar to Dragon Quest Builders, so if you enjoy the game, you’re likely to enjoy the sequel just as much.



Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One, macOS, iOS, Android

Release Date : PC April 24, 2018 / PS4, Xbox One October 11, 2019 / macOS February 24, 2021 / iOS 2021 AndroidTBD

Genre: City-building, survival

Frostpunk is a city-building game that has a lot of different strategies that players need to keep moving forward. When the game takes place in 1886, the world is in the grips of a volcanic winter. There are dangerous temperatures outside. If humanity wants to live, it will have to plan very carefully. Game: You play as a leader who has gone out into the world with some other people who have been left behind. You’ll build a camp around a huge generator that makes a lot of heat but needs coal to run. It’s here that the game starts. You’ll send workers out to get resources and build up the area over time so that it can be safe during this winter storm. It’s going to be your job to take care of the men, women, and kids as you build homes around the generator. You’ll also need to get resources and keep the heat going.

However, there are also a lot of other areas that need to be improved or new buildings built. Aside from making medical tents, you’ll also have to make food for the people who are living there. To find more resources in the wild, you can send out a team to look for more survivors who want to join your group. As time goes on, you’ll have to manage resources, keep growing, and keep an eye on the well-being of your community. You’ll also have to make moral decisions. All of these things, like religion and politics, play a part in your neighbourhood. If you don’t do well enough, the community can take over and end the game. Check out the DLC releases as well if you find this game interesting. They bring in a new scenario or set of problems for you to deal with.

Cities Skylines

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One, MacOS, Linux, Nintendo Switch

Release Date : PC, MacOS, Linux 10 March 2015 / Xbox One 21 April 2017 / PS4 15 August 2017 / Nintendo Switch 13 September 2018

Genre: City-building, construction and management simulation

if you don’t want to deal with a game about winter tundra, there’s Cities Skylines, which is a city-building game that’s been around since 2015. It came to the PlayStation 4 in 2017. If you’ve ever played city-building games like SimCity, you should be able to figure out how this game works. SimCity doesn’t work on the PlayStation 4, so this is a good alternative for people who want to play. In this title, you’ll learn about how to build a city where you can control everything from zoning to taxes to public services to roads.

It’s possible to play this game in a “sandbox” mode, which means that you have more control over how a city looks and where it is. Meanwhile, you have to keep an eye on the people in your city to make sure they’re happy. You might have to change your budget, figure out how to deal with pollution, or make sure there are jobs available. While this game has been out for a while, it has also had a lot of extras added to it to make it even better to play. It’s possible to buy expansions that add natural disasters, more tourism attractions, and more different businesses to the game.

The Forest

The Forest

Platform: PC, PS4

Release Date : PC 30 April 2018 / PS4 6 November 2018

Genre: Survival horror

The Forest is a survival horror game, so some people might not like it right away because it’s so scary. If you give this game a chance, you can get some building parts. While not going too far, let’s say the game is about the main character and his son as they travel on a plane together. However, when something goes wrong and the plane crashes down, you find that no one survived, even though your son is still out there. Find your son and look for clues about the island where the plane went down, and that’s what you want to do. One thing the player can figure out right away is that there are cannibalistic mutated tribes on the island.

You’ll have to be careful with these enemies, because they can be a pain to deal with. However, because these characters have AI built into them, they won’t go out and attack people. Instead, they’ll keep an eye on you and see if you have the courage to start testing your weapons or making up false charges to see if you’ll fight back. The game is also about building a base with a lot of different structures to choose from. You’ll be able to change the size of your structure and where you put it, too. After that, you’ll need to get the different things it needs to be built. Keep an eye on the base, of course. The tribe could go through and try to take down your buildings.

Tropico 5: Complete Collection (2017)

The ages In colonial times, you can start your rule. You can survive world wars and economic crises, stay alive through the Cold War, and lead your country to a bright future, among other things. They are members of your extended family who live on the island. They can be hired as rulers, managers or diplomats. Research and Improve With new buildings, technologies, and resources, you can make your country more modern.

Tropico 5 (2014)

Tropico 5 (2014)

When you come back to Tropico, you’ll have to deal with new problems, like advanced trading mechanics, technology, and scientific research, as well as cooperative and competitive MULTIPLAYER. You’ll have to work together and compete against each other.