9 Best Capcom Games That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Best Capcom Games

Capcom is one of the biggest video game companies in the world in terms of well-known brands. They make games like Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Street Fighter, and many more. Because these games are so popular, there will always be heated arguments about which ones are the best that Capcom has ever made.

After hundreds of gamers voted on Ranker for the best Capcom games of all time, these are the ones that have stood the test of time and made it to the top.

Resident Evil — Code: Veronica (2000)

Resident Evil — Code Veronica (2000)

Even though it has an odd name, Resident Evil: Code: Veronica is very much a mainline Resident Evil game. It comes after Resident Evil 2 and is a sequel to that game. The game stays true to the intense survival horror gameplay that made the series popular. It follows Claire Redfield and her brother Chris as they try to survive a new virus outbreak.

The game’s real-time 3D environments were a first for the series. They gave the game a more dynamic feel and gave the player more control over how the camera moved. The game also had some of the best cutscenes the series had ever seen. Along with a memorable plot that took the characters from a remote prison island to a secret research facility in the Antarctic, these things made it a fan favourite.

Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening (2005)

Devil May Cry 3 was a big step in the right direction for the action-adventure series. It was a prequel to the first Devil May Cry and told some of the story of how the series’ main character came to be. The story, which is about a younger Dante and his shop that hasn’t been named yet, is interesting, but Devil May Cry 3 stands out because of how the fighting has been changed.

The reworked gameplay focuses on hitting the stylish combos that the series is known for, with different combat styles and weapons and the ability to switch between them smoothly while fighting. It is still one of the best combat systems Capcom has made, and it has enough depth to always keep things interesting.

Resident Evil (1996)

Resident Evil (1996)

Resident Evil is one of Capcom’s most well-known franchises, and this game was where it all began. Surprisingly, the game was originally meant to be a remake of their survival horror RPG Sweet Home, which came out in 1989. However, it ended up being much bigger than the earlier game and creating a whole new genre of atmospheric survival horror games.

Resident Evil has aged more than other games because it uses simple 3D models on pre-rendered backgrounds, has fixed camera angles, and has some hard-to-understand game mechanics. However, the game’s tense atmosphere can’t be denied. Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine, two of the most well-known characters in the series, made their first appearances in Resident Evil.

Mega Man II (1991)

Mega Man II for the Gameboy is not to be confused with Mega Man 2 for the SNES, which some people consider to be the best Mega Man game. Instead, voters on Ranker chose Mega Man II for the Gameboy as the second-best Mega Man game. There are a lot of good reasons why this game is so popular. It took the best parts of the NES Mega Man games and put them together in a portable version that showed off the best of the series so far.

Mega Man II wasn’t the first Mega Man game for a handheld console, but it showed how well the fun action and platforming gameplay worked on a smaller screen. The boss fights against the Robot Masters are all very satisfying to win.

Mega Man X (1993)

Mega Man X (1993)

Mega Man X is a fun side-scrolling platformer game that brought Mega Man to the Super Nintendo in style. It also started the Mega Man X series. This game was named after the new main character, Mega Man X, and took place a century after the previous games. It also marked a shift in the series toward more mature stories.

The new version of Mega Man has to fight against rogue androids led by Sigma, who wants to wipe out humanity, and the player is thrown right into the action. Even though Mega Man X plays pretty much the same as the other Mega Man games, it has a lot of new content and customization options that have helped it stay a popular game.

Street Fighter II (1992)

After it came out, Street Fighter II became one of the most popular and well-known arcade games in the world. It is without a doubt one of Capcom’s best arcade games of all time. Even though the first Street Fighter wasn’t a huge hit, Street Fighter II took Ryu and Ken, the main characters, added a tonne of new, equally memorable characters, and changed the way 1v1 fighting games would be played from then on.

Street Fighter II also looked great, and it still looks great today. The game’s special moves and combos were unique and fun to pull off, and they set the standard for every good fighting game since then. The game that brought arcades back into style in the early 1990s should be counted among the best Capcom games of all time.

Super Street Fighter II (1993)

Super Street Fighter II (1993)

There’s only one game that could beat Street Fighter II as Capcom’s best fighting game, and that’s the improved version of Street Fighter II that came out a year after Street Fighter II. Super Street Fighter II made the original cast even better by adding four new characters and making some other changes. Cammy and T. Hawk, for example, would go on to become series mainstays.

At this point, Super Street Fighter II was a part of one of Capcom’s best fighting game series, so there were a lot of high expectations. However, it still managed to beat them. With the improved graphics and sound, one-on-one combat has never looked or sounded so good. According to Ranker, this is the reason why it is the most popular game in the series.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (90)

Even though it’s called “Marvel vs. Capcom 2,” this is actually the fourth game in the Marvel vs. Capcom series. It came out in 2000 on the Dreamcast and in arcades. The game features a fantastic roster of characters that include Marvel superheroes and villains like Spider-Man, Captain America, The Hulk, and Doctor Doom; as well as having Capcom greats like Mega-Man and Ryu.

The tag-team style of play in Marvel vs. Capcom 2 set it apart from the Street Fighter games of the time. Players can put together teams of three characters, and they can switch between teams at any time during a match. During the match, teammates who aren’t on-screen can give “Assists,” which means they can jump in to help their teammate attack or heal.

Viewtiful Joe (93)

Viewtiful Joe (93)

Viewtiful Joe is a throwback to the days when Capcom made arcade side-scrolling beat ’em ups. The main character, Joe, who loves movies, has to save his girlfriend from being kidnapped. Joe’s “Viewtiful Effects Power” is the key to the fights and the many puzzles you have to solve. Joe has three abilities that can slow down time, make him move as fast as lightning, or temporarily make him do more damage.

Capcom got a lot of praise for their work on Viewtiful Joe, just like they did for their remake of Resident Evil 2. IGN gave it the GameCube Game of the Year award, and GameSpy gave it the Most Stylish award. A little over a year later, Viewtiful Joe 2 came out, which got a good score of 86 on Metacritic.