8 Best Offline Games For Xbox One That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Scarlet Nexus

Even though modern technology has made video games much better, it also means that some people sometimes get left behind. Many parts of modern games can’t be played if you don’t have access to the internet or if you have bad internet service.

As video games have gotten better as a whole, single-player games that don’t need an internet connection have also gotten better. Even though the Xbox One almost came out as an online-only console, it now has a lot of great games that you can play without an internet connection. What are the best Xbox One games that you can play without an internet connection?



Cuphead, a game that is now available on other consoles, was a crown jewel for the Xbox when it first came out. The beautiful animation in the run-and-shoot boss rush game makes more than just the art department feel nostalgic. The game is hard and sometimes even unfair, but it rarely gets so bad that the player wants to stop playing. Running into a boss over and over again as you try to get that big win is just so addicting.

Cuphead is a great game to play when you don’t have your Xbox One with you. All of the content can be downloaded or bought as a hard copy. It even has couch co-op, which is pretty rare in games these days. It’s a cheap game with just the right amount of fun. Even on a rainy day, it’s fun to play.

Ori And The Will of the Wisps

Ori and the Blind Forest was a Metroidvania game with beautiful graphics, great music, and amazing level design. Other Metroidvania games tend to be too long and boring, but Ori was just the right length and knew exactly when to tug at the player’s heartstrings. Will of the Wisps being given the go-ahead wasn’t a big surprise.

Will of the Wisps is one of the best new Xbox games because it has everything good about the first game, but the art style and story are even better. The game is beautiful, fun to play, and tells a sad story without a lot of dialogue. The game is also available on the Nintendo Switch, but it was made for the Xbox first and plays best on that system. It’s a great game to play without the internet because it doesn’t have any online features.

Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive by Insomniac Games has been kind of forgotten since it came out in 2014 as an early Xbox One exclusive. The PC version of the game let more people play it, but it still doesn’t stand out as much as Insomniac’s other recent games, like Marvel’s Spider-Man and Ratchet & Clank. Sunset Overdrive, which takes place in a city where grind rails are the best way to get around, gets movement just right, making the simple act of moving around a lot of fun.

Sunset Overdrive’s gameplay adds to the feeling of chaos with bright graphics and a funny tone, even if the jokes don’t always land. If you liked the studio’s other work, you shouldn’t miss this one.

Divinity: Original Sin 2

In the past few years, top-down CRPGs have been making a comeback. Even though they don’t sell as many copies as RPGs like Bethesda, they can tell amazing stories and have very strategic gameplay. In these games, role-playing is often the main focus, and there are a lot of small choices that can be made to help build a character. Divinity: Original Sin 2 helps bring this type of game, which was previously only available on PC, to consoles.

D:OS 2 is a big step up from the first version. Even though the combos and use of the environment are still clever, the writing strikes a great balance. The player will no longer fail exposition checks and get knocked out by text. It’s hard to find a better fantasy RPG to play by yourself than this one.

Scarlet Nexus

Scarlet Nexus

When it comes to JRPGs, Bandai Namco had a pretty good 2021. Scarlet Nexus is a new IP that takes place in a world where people have learned special skills that will help them fight off the Others. Kasane Randall and Yuito Sumeragi’s lives soon took a lot of strange turns after they joined the Other Suppression Force.

Scarlet Nexus has two main characters who are at the centre of the story. Each of them has their own campaign, which has parts that are very different from the other. The hack-and-slash combat system is surprisingly complicated, especially once players get into the skills system in Scarlet Nexus.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

FromSoftware is known for making games that helped shape an action RPG genre and a whole generation of games in that genre. Souls-like games only exist because the team did such amazing work before. But online interactions and PVP are good for Souls games. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, a single-player action-adventure game where players are pushed to their limits in terms of difficulty, is not like this.

Like the other Soulsborne games, Sekiro has a great atmosphere and a story that flows naturally. Sekiro, on the other hand, is a much more polished game, with a set character and a set of skills that don’t change too much over the course of the game. If the player wants to beat the game, they have to learn Sekiro’s moves well. This game was so good that it won Game of the Year at the 2019 Game Awards, and you should play it any time.

Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3

Wasteland 3 is the same as Divinity: Original Sin 2 in every way. But the game was definitely made with consoles in mind, since it came out on both PC and console at the same time. In Wasteland 3, the player goes to a post-apocalyptic America and joins a task force to help keep things under control. Of course, it’s up to each player to decide if they want to complete this mission or not, but that’s part of the fun.

Wasteland 3 lets you create and play as amazing characters. The player can make their own characters and add them to the world. There are a lot of options for both min-maxers and role-players, as the traits can be useful or just weird. It’s a fun game that can be played by yourself for a long time.

Gears 5

Gears of War has been a lot of fun for Xbox gamers ever since it came out. It’s one of the best offline co-op games for Xbox One, and what’s even better is that Gears 5 has great graphics. This game can be played with other people, and Gears 5 is best when played with friends. Gears 5 also has the ability to work together. Isn’t this a cool thing that the Gears of War series has to offer?

Gears 5 can be broken up into three parts. Two of the three parts, Escape and Horde, can only be found online. You can still play them, but since we’re only interested in offline games, we’ll only talk about the third group. The third part is the first part, which is called “campaign co-op.” Here, you can make a team with your friends offline (you can also connect with online players), which is a great feature.