6 Best Crime Games That You Should Know Update 02/2024


With that in mind, crime-themed games are popular because they’re not something you’d (hopefully) try in real life. Since the RPG game Grand Theft Auto gave players the goal of getting as many Wanted stars as possible, gamers have been pushing the limits of risky behaviour and being generally bad.

So, we made a list of the best crime games like GTA that you can play, and we think at least one of them will make you an offer you can’t refuse. We have something for everyone, from modern-day crime epics to online heists to fights in faraway places to a trip back in time to the criminal empires of the past.


Grand Theft Auto

Let’s start with one of the most obvious crime games: GTA 5 is the king of games, and this latest instalment is the crown jewel.

GTA 5 is one of the best open-world games of all time, as well as a character-driven drama, a black comedy, a send-up of the world we lived in back in 2013, and one of the most popular games-as-a-service titles out there today.

Its single-player mode lets you play as wide-eyed Franklin, washed-up criminal Michael, and truly unhinged psychopath Trevor as they fight the police in the huge Los Santos county.

But that’s only half the story. The game’s online mode, GTA Online, is a huge role-playing game where players can build their own criminal empire, team up with other players to pull off heists, and generally cause a lot of chaos. Players have even used GTA 5 mods to make a place where they can roleplay. If you want to find out more, our GTA RP guide is a good place to start.

It’s not surprising that it’s the third-most-bought game ever. Years of updates, like the huge GTA Diamond Casino expansion, have completely changed the game. Now, players can plan and carry out complicated heists, run a wide range of businesses, and, of course, put together a collection of new GTA cars that would make Jay Leno blush.


Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar knows a little bit about being a criminal, and Red Dead Redemption 2 did what many people thought was impossible: it made a great prequel to the original Red Dead Redemption, which is easily one of the best western PC games.

Now that it is finally available on PC, you can see the insane level of detail in every part of its huge version of the North American west. It is a world that is both alive and beautiful. Even when you aren’t around, characters and animals go about their business. This gives every random NPC a level of realism that is usually reserved for named characters.

After you finish the 70-hour campaign, which is incredibly emotional, you can play Red Dead Online. As with GTA Online, the game keeps getting bigger and better at an amazing rate. The latest Red Dead Redemption 2 Online update added a whole new way to play (Moonshiners, rejoice! ), and it keeps getting better with each new legendary bounty and career path. There are also RDR2 Roleplay servers where you can roam the Wild West as a lawman, an outlaw, a drunk with a bad attitude, or any other character you can think of. You could also download some of the best mods for Red Dead Redemption 2 and play the single-player mode as The Joker or a fish.


Mafia 2

Even though it’s been out for ten years, there’s no doubt that Mafia 2 is the best of the Mafia games, even though Mafia 3 had some good ideas that were lost in its more repetitive gameplay.

In Mafia 2, you play as Vito Scaletta, a soldier who comes back from war and, by accident, joins the mob. The whole story is beautifully written and has a lot of action to keep you turning the pages quickly. Even after all these years, the cliffhanger ending is still easy to remember.

The fact that the game still works well also helps. Even though the cover system is weird, gunplay feels tight, and while driving doesn’t feel as responsive, getting from A to B is never a chore, even though the open world isn’t very big. Plus, 2K Czech did a great job of making the Tommy gun feel like a rattling, inaccurate bullet hose that rips apart anything in its way.



Payday 2 is one of our favourite multiplayer games, but it doesn’t have the best graphics. What it lacks in graphics, it makes up for in content.

The PC version is the best because the co-op shooter, which started out as a mix of Michael Mann’s Heat and Left 4 Dead, is updated almost all the time. In fact, there are still updates planned for the next few months and years.

What started as a bank robbery with friends has turned into a criminal empire with its own art galleries, meth labs, and even secret government bases. And since the list of thieves, skills, and weapons is always growing, no two heists are ever the same.


Sleeping Dogs

Too often, this game is written off as a Hong Kong version of Grand Theft Auto. However, it’s more like Infernal Affairs (or The Departed) for crime games, and it’s much better than the sum of its already great parts.

The John Woo-inspired gunplay and crunching melee fights will get you interested at first, but it doesn’t take long for the story of the main character, an undercover cop named Wei Shen, to hook you as he tries to find a balance between breaking the law and joining the Sun On Yee triad.

It doesn’t take long before the idea of obeying the law goes out the window, and you’re free to kill enemies with a variety of random melee finishers, like slamming someone’s head into a ventilation fan or sticking someone on a frozen swordfish. Square Enix’s open-world Hong Kong is also worth mentioning, and not just because it includes as many landmarks as possible. Instead, it gets every detail right, from the Cantonese slang used by street food vendors to the constant crush of shop signs that try to get your attention as you walk down any street.



The official trailer for Omerta: City of Gangsters With Omerta: City of Gangsters, we start this list with a new take on the crime game genre. In this tactical turn-based simulation game, you play as an immigrant who just moved to Atlantic City in the 1920s, when alcohol was illegal. Your goal is to move up the criminal ranks and become the most powerful criminal boss in Atlantic City. You can send teams of mobsters to attack enemy bases, build your own place of business to hide your illegal actions, and even make other crime bosses fight each other to your advantage. This is the right mix for you if you like both strategy games and crime games.

You can even finally live out your dream of beating up Ku Klux Klan members in this game. You couldn’t ask for anything better.

You can live out your dream of shooting up an Italian restaurant that is used to hide the fact that money is being laundered. Don’t sell canollis with money from people who have died.