9 Best Steam Workshop Games That You Should Know Update 04/2024

best steam workshop games

Tabletop games can be a lot of fun to play with other people and can be very rewarding, but being limited to the real world does have its downsides. People have often wanted to play a game but couldn’t because they didn’t have enough room or there wasn’t anyone else around who wanted to play.

Tabletop Simulator helps with this. The base game is a sandbox that lets you recreate almost any tabletop game you can think of. Its large modding community has worked hard to bring some of the most popular tabletop games to a wider audience. But there are so many mods out there, how do you know which ones are worth your time? Here are the best board games that you can play right now on Tabletop Simulator.

Descent (2e)

Descent (2e)

Descent is one of the most popular tabletop dungeon crawlers. It stands out because the Dungeon Master, or “Overlord” as they’re called in Descent, is an active enemy who wants to fight against the party to win. A group of heroes will go through a dungeon and try to finish it, while the Overlord puts traps, monsters, and other things in their way to try to stop them.

The Descent 2e Main Table Setup mod includes the base game and all of its expansions, such as Lost Legends, The Chains That Rust, Lair of the Wyrm, and Trollfens, as well as hero and monster expansions and Lieutenant packs that add new, detailed units for the Overlord to use.

Digimon Card Game

Did you think Pokemon would be the best trading card game on this list? Or the card game Magic: The Gathering? Or how about Yu-Gi-Oh! Well, you might be surprised to learn that none of them are even close to as popular as the Digimon Card Game on Tabletop Simulator. Part of this is probably because it’s a new game with fewer players and it’s harder to get in some places.

The other reason is that the Digimon Card Game is great. It lets you build your deck around a partner Digimon. To win, you need to use different support cards and evolve your Digimon into bigger and stronger versions of themselves.

This mod by Zaffy is updated often so that it has every newly announced and translated card as soon as possible. It also has the premade decks that Bandai Namco recommends new players use to learn the game.



In Codenames, there are two teams of players who compete for a grid of 25 codeword cards that are secretly split between them. The “Spymasters” are the only players who know which cards belong to which team. They have to try to lead their team by giving vague, one-word clues. If a team finds its own codeword, it’s still their turn. If they take the other team’s codeword by accident, the turn is over and the other team has an advantage.

It’s a very popular party game that’s full of secrets and coded language. Rob Ford’s TTS-Codenames mod makes it even better by letting users add their own decks to the official ones.

The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls (+ Requiem)

Based on the hugely popular roguelike game The Binding of Isaac, Four Souls is an official card game adaptation that puts four players in a race to be the first to collect the game’s namesake four souls.

It’s a bit like Magic: The Gathering in that creatures have power and toughness stats and can do things when you tap them, but it has the same cute-but-dark art style that made The Binding of Isaac so popular. There are also many references to other independent games. For example, some cards are based on QWOP, Oddworld, Gish, and Hollow Knight.

This mod’s cool feature is that it’s official. This is a completely legal and approved version of the game. It was made by the creators of Four Souls with help from Edmund McMillen, who made Isaac, and Maestro Media, which published Four Souls.



Root is an asymmetrical war game with a rural twist. It puts you in charge of different groups of animals fighting in a big war in the woods, and you have to fight for control of the area. For example, the Cat forces of the Maquise de Cat must keep control of the area through careful logistics and law enforcement, while the Alliance plays a much sneakier game of conspiracies before grabbing a victory at the last minute. The Eyrie, on the other hand, just wants to grab as much land as it can while it can, and the Vagabonds are a group whose goals are unknown.

Dr. HaZaRd’s mod has all of the game’s expansions up to the fifth edition. It also has unique 3D model pieces that give the different animal armies a more detailed look than the physical game.

There is also an official version of Root, which was made by Dire Wolf and put out forștii.


Villainous puts you in the role of some of Disney’s most famous bad guys, like Maleficent and Prince John. It’s as much about making your opponents’ lives difficult as it is about reaching your own goal. As is often the case in their movies, each villain can become their own worst enemy when other players use their own cards against them to slow them down.

The version of the Villainous mod that is at the top of the Steam workshop is not the one that is recommended, as it has been taken down. The new version has both the original game and its add-ons (Wicked to the Core, Evil Comes Prepared, Perfectly Wretched, and Despicable Plots). It also comes with the Marvel-themed Villainous: Infinite Power and its expansion, Mischief & Malice. However, these are not made to work with the Disney sets.

Eldritch Horror

Eldritch Horror

In this co-op game based on the work of H.P. Lovecraft, you and up to seven other players must explore the world and figure out how to stop one of the many Ancient Ones from destroying everything. As you travel the world, you might run into monsters and enemies who can hurt you physically and mentally in horrible ways. The clock is also against you, because some things may get worse over time, while the Ancient One’s power keeps growing.

King in Yellow’s Eldritch Horror Complete mod includes the base game, all of its expansions, and a number of fan-made additions that make the game even better.

Portal 2 – Gelocity Time Trial

We’re still holding out for Portal 3 (and Half-Life 3, for that matter), but that hasn’t stopped the community from cooking up some fresh Portal 2 challenges for you to take on with your portal gun – and not all of them are brainteasers either. The Gelocity race maps that Steam user Raidix made are a work of art. You have to beat the clock to get to the finish line as fast as you can. You’ll need to use all your skills to get to the end, and you’ll need to master the bunny hop if you want to set a lightning-fast time. One track isn’t enough, either, because Raidix has made three for you to race on. You can get them here, here, or here.

Goat Simulator – Zero Gravity Generator

Goat Simulator – Zero Gravity Generator

Goat Simulator is already pretty weird, so it doesn’t need any more nonsense. However, if you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you let the zero gravity factory’s powers loose in the rest of the gameworld, Geneosis’s mod does exactly what it says on the box. Say goodbye to Newtonian physics and hello to a world where goats, beach balls, exploding cars, and lolling tongues all float around. It’s much more fun than the jetpack, so get it here.