9 Best Nancy Drew Games That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Best Nancy Drew Games

1. Stay Tuned For Danger

Stay Tuned For Danger

In the end, this game isn’t that bad. It’s very old. It was made at a time when soap stars were still important. In half, there are videos, faxes, and Floppy Disks. People leave you a lot of handwritten notes next to a landline telephone. It’s one of the things Maddy says about Ned’s voice that makes me laugh. Before social media, strangers might have thought your boyfriend was hot because they didn’t know about it. It’s even funnier because Ned is voiced by a completely different actor in this episode than in the rest of the series. This is a great joke.

However, in the end, none of this matters. I had to restart the whole game or wait 45 real minutes for time to pass in the game so I could go back and get an item I had forgotten to get in one area. This game is in last place because of this. Look, this game came out in 1999. It’s literally old enough to drink now that it has grown up. However, after you try to play this game, you’ll need a drink, too.

2. Captive Curse

As a whole, this is Nancy’s WORST vacation of all time. As if that wasn’t bad enough, she takes a 9-hour flight where her luggage is lost. They also send her to the most boring place she has ever been. “Hold my beer!” This game says when you stay in a castle in another country where a monster is running around, it won’t be boring.

To make things even worse, every suspect in this game has an over-the-top German accent. They are also weirdly obsessed with playing board games, which makes things even worse. Because this place has the worst cell phone reception in the world, this may be the reason. Yes! When we play this game, we have to use a landline just like Nancy Drew did in the early days. The least inconvenient thing about this game is the fact that you can’t play it on your phone. This game has the most annoying underground tunnels of all time, which is a lot. Also, the suspects in this game are just plain dumb. Nobody likes any of them. It’s good that we can call Ned and the Hardy Boys, but we fight with Ned a lot and listen to him mope about how our lives are more exciting than his. He should have known. The most exciting thing that happens in the whole game is that we can tell Frank Hardy that we have problems with intimacy. Thrilling! This game made me more excited than any clock. A NEIN from me:

3. Creature of Kapu Cave

Creature of Kapu Cave

Most of Nancy’s time in this game is spent looking at bug poop. This game is set in Hawaii. In middle school, I would have gotten a “C” on the hardest puzzle in the whole game. It’s like a science lab that I would have done well in. The Hardy Boys are in this game, but they don’t look like they did in Last Train To Blue Moon Canyon, which came out before this. They also look a lot worse than they did in that game.

Because this game is so bad at making Nancy do boring things for money, it’s also one of the worst Nancy Drew games ever made. This means a lot, given how often she has to do it. Because all of her cases and high-profile jobs (including this one, of course) are unpaid, though, she must have had to fight for every penny. Ned, who is this game’s phone contact, also gets points for reminding us that the Hardy Boys get paid for their risky detective work and that we are being scammed.

It turns out that Ned tried to tell Nancy that he was depressed, but Nancy didn’t listen. Instead, she hung up on him so we could go out with the Hardy Boys. She should get points for being a straight-up G, right? Can’t say that about this game, though.

4. The Shattered Medallion

You know what? I love reality TV, but even I can’t stand this game. A Who’s Line Is It Anyway? episode. In this case, everything is made up. The points don’t even matter. In the middle of the story, you get to the main mystery and it’s…aliens? Then it gets even worse. There isn’t even a person to blame. I don’t think there are a lot of good puzzles around here. When George breaks her leg, it’s the best thing that can happen. He is here, but I would rather not be.

5. Tomb of the Lost Queen

Tomb of the Lost Queen

A curse on a missing mummy is what Tomb of the Lost Queen is about, but Nancy’s favorite thing to do is to look in the luggage of people who don’t know her very well. Let me be clear: I know Nancy is a fan of good books and tunnels, but this whole game is made up of tunnels and references. Even the puzzles aren’t fun. You should look at Dylan because he almost dies a third of the way through this game. As soon as the phone call ends, we don’t see him again.

A snake that is left on Nancy’s bed to kill her looks as good to me as this game. Rather than avoid it, she decides to catch and release the animal as if she were living in her apartment and there was a mouse there. A bad choice for a bad game. This is not a good choice.

6. Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake

This game is so dull. The most interesting people are either dead or have a phone number. A suspect asks Nancy if she smokes, which is very risque for a Nancy Drew game. This game is like a real vacation in a broken-down cabin in the middle of nowhere. It’s a real downer.

7. Secrets Can Kill, The Remastered Edition

Secrets Can Kill, The Remastered Edition

According to someone who has played (and re-played) every game in the series, there is no easy way to rank these games. So, it had to be done in terms of how much fun it was. Secrets Can Kill had to be on this list because it was the first one. Also, it was so big that it came on two CDs. For both nostalgia and the excitement of a high school mystery, this is the least popular book in the top 10. It is still in the top 10. The remaster fixed all the problems that were there before, making this a game that will be in the books for a long time.

8. Message In A Haunted Mansion

A message in a haunted house was so amazing because it was so scary. As a true detective knows, there’s always a scientific reason for the bumps in the night. There are a lot of other games that have similar themes. In this case, they were found behind secret doors and with codes that could be read. As far as I can remember, this is what made the Her Interactive series so great. It had shady characters and Victorian decor.

9. The Ghost Of Thornton Hall

The Ghost Of Thornton Hall

The Ghost of Thornton Hall was a big hit because it had a scary story and interesting characters. Many fans were surprised by how dark the game was. The story was undoubtedly a favorite and was a lot of fun to solve. But fans persevered and were rewarded with one of the best Her Interactive games to date.

10. The Silent Spy

This game was done very well because it was one of the last PC games to come out. The story was also very good, but then again, aren’t all stories good? Her mother is unknown to us, but through this game we learned more about how she lived.

Kate Drew’s past in Scotland is up to the player to work through. They must take on the same job that she did years ago. As well as being easy to figure out, the gameplay was perfect in this game. In this game, there was never a dull moment. A little danger isn’t bad.