15 Best Games For Girls That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Best Games For Girls

Who said that only men like to play games? Girls and boys both like to play games, but when there are girls games available, things get crazy. Girls can also spend hours and hours working on the most complicated puzzles, revving up cars, giving Barbie the coolest makeover, setting up a new restaurant, or even killing the other army in a deadly battle, just like boys do. Make sure not to bother a girl who is playing games, because it could be very dangerous.

If you’re a girl who likes to have a lot of fun, we have a list of games that are sure to make you happy. If you want to have the best time of your life, play these games for girls.

1. Gems of the Aztecs

Gems of the Aztecs

When did you want to find a hidden treasure? This game is for you. In the ruins of an old city, there are treasures that need to be found by a hero who needs to show his girlfriend’s father that he’s good enough for her. Help this hero look for this treasure in the old buildings. In this game, there are 120 different levels and exciting three-in-a-row play. It’s very fun.

2. Season Match 4

Puzzle games are fun, aren’t they? Urse Games has made a new, exciting game that you can help solve the most difficult and difficult puzzles. One of the magical kingdoms has been attacked by an evil Crow, and you have to help get it back together again. The game has new characters and new levels that are fun to play. The size of the game is just 35 MB and it’s easy to download.

3. The Chronicles of Noah’s Ark

The Chronicles of Noah’s Ark

You must have heard about Noah and the Ark he built all your life. Do you think you could have helped him with this? You can try now! Noah needs your help to get food, wood, and animals from every kind of animal in the world. The game has five unique chapters and some of the best music. Girls games are great, aren’t they?

4. Jewel Match Winter Wonderland

Before Candy Crush, did you play it? Instead of candies, we have every girl’s most important thing, jewels. Stack the jewels and keep smashing ice boxes in this fun game! The game has 150 hard levels, an amazing soundtrack, and two different levels of difficulty.

5. Fruit Lockers Reborn

Fruit Lockers is back, but this time with a new and interesting twist on it! Fun extras like a bubble, hammer and fruit blaster make Fruit Lockers Reborn a lot of fun. There are more than 100 levels in the new game. This match-three game can be easily downloaded and played for free.

6. Uphill Rush ( Android / iOS )

Uphill Rush

If you play this crazy water park simulator, you are sure to love the cool graphics as you speed down the water slide. In this action-packed, thrilling game, you can do crazy things at some of the best water parks. There is a game that needs Android 4.0 and up.

7. Girl Games Voo Box ( Android )

This is by far the best collection of games for girls that you can download. There are so many games in this fun box that you won’t want to play them all. It has make-up games, dress-up games, and cooking games, as well as other games. The Girl Games Box has a long list of games for girls.

8. Time Princess: Dress Up ( iOS )

Do you ever want to look like a princess? We have a game for you that lets you make your character look like a real princess. Five princesses and a prince can be chosen for them in this game. You can add your favourite jewellery, spice up the music, and have a lot of fun taking pictures of the two of them together.

9. Cooking Games – Sweet Cookies

Cooking Games

Baking sweet cookies is a fun cooking game. It’s a good game for people who like to put things in or watch their parents cook. So even though it’s just a game, it actually makes food with all of these same ingredients that you would use in the real recipe. Curious? Just click on the link below to get it.

10. Magical Hair Salon 2

No, I don’t like games with this genre. For those of you who love to do makeup, this salon game is for you. It’s exciting to cut hair and scrub with cream to make people feel at home. One of the goals in this game is to cut and dye her hair to make her look beautiful.

11. Star Girl

Star Girl

Star Girl is the next best Android game for girls. This game is also for Android phones. Besides having a good story, this game is interesting because you don’t need to connect to the Internet to play. If you play this game, you’ll feel like an artist.

12. Makeup Me

Because of the name alone, it’s clear that this game has a make-up game. If you like to make your face look better or learn about new makeup tools, this game is for you. It’s also free to play, and it doesn’t need an internet connection to play.

13. Fashion Model

Fashion Model

Fun: Walking on the Fashion Show Carpet makes us feel proud and can be seen by many people. When you see the title of this game, you know that it’s a game like this. In the future, my friend will be a model, waddling on a carpet in a beautiful dress and with pretty makeup on her face. There are a lot of things to do, like match clothes and more.

14. Frozen Free Fall

In the next Best Girls Android Game, there is a game called frozen free fall. This one game is very exciting. You should play this game if you like the characters from frozen Disney movies, because it’s very interesting. There are lots of girls who play the Frozen Free Ball Game all over the world.

15. Inside Out Emotion Bubble

Inside Out (PG, 2015)

Using a few of the bubbles that are already there to pop bubbles may sound boring. When there is an interesting colour combination of fund character, though, it will be even more exciting It’s very good to play when you’re BETE. Where this game has a lot of cute characters, it is certain that girls will love this one game.