5 Best Mobile Otome Games That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Best Mobile Otome Games

Otome games are hard to describe, so we’ll start by explaining what the word “otome” means. Then we’ll talk about a variety of exciting games that will keep your heart racing and your thumbs tapping for a long time. This is your one-stop shop for the best otome games you can play on your phone, whether you want to build a harem of handsome husbands to admire or get lost in a bunch of strange but beautiful stories.

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Before we start talking about our list of otome games, we should probably talk about what otome is. Otome gemu, which is also called otoge, means “maid game” in Japanese. The most common way to describe them is as story-driven games, often in the form of a visual novel with dating sim elements, aimed at women. Most of the time, the main goal of otome games is to build a relationship between the main female character and one or more of the male love interests you choose.

Many people think that otome games and dating sims are the same thing. But this isn’t always the case. Manga.Tokyo says in this article that otome is more of a catch-all term for a number of sub-genres, such as dating sims and visual novels. But they point out that the biggest difference between otome games and dating sims is that otome games don’t have to have romantic plots, while dating sims usually only have romantic plots.

Galge and eroge are two other words that are often used together with otome. Galge is a lot like otome, but the words are written backwards. These books are usually written for heterosexual men, and the main character is usually a man who has a few different female love interests. Eroge, on the other hand, is a term for games that have explicit sexual content and can be played by any adult.

For this guide, we’ll focus on story-driven games for women that are either Japanese or heavily influenced by Japanese games in the same genre. And, of course, all of our picks have at least one handsome husbando for you to swoon over.


Here are our top picks for the best English-language otome games for Android and iOS mobile devices.



Obey Me! is one of my favourites. It is a Shall We Date game from otome giants NTT Solmare Corp. in which you play an exchange student from Earth in the Devildom. You’re surrounded by strange people, including seven demon brothers who are very different from each other. You have to do your best to fit in and get through the mountain of tasks you’re given while also sorting out their fights and problems.

This one has a little bit of everything. There are fun dance battles based on cards, a gacha system, interactive menus, date options, phone calls and chat logs, limited-time events, and multiple paths to take. And, to be honest, the characters are so interesting and strong that I was less interested in the romance and more interested in their crazy relationships with each other. They really are a crazy bunch.

Check out our guide to the characters in Obey Me to learn more about them and find out what gifts they like best. If you like this one, there are many more great Shall We Date games from NTT Solmare Corp. that you should check out.

You can get Obey Me on both Google Play and the AppStore.



Have you ever thought about what it would be like if important historical figures like Napoleon Bonaparte, Joan of Arc, Marie Curie, and William Shakespeare were cute anime boys that you could date? No? Now, I bet you’re at least a little bit interested, right? Ikemen Vampire is here to help you find the answer to that question. Dive into a lively, romantic story and be swept into the world of these beautiful, dangerous men. Can you resist their charms?

Check out our Ikemen Vampire characters and walkthrough guide if you want to go on this exciting journey. It has all the answers you need to win the hearts of the vampires.

This is a series of games, and Ikemen Vampire isn’t the only one. Ikemen otome games on Cyrbid cover a wide range of romantic situations, so if you like one, you’ll probably like the others as well. Check out our guide to the characters in Ikemen Prince to find out more.

You can find Ikemen Vampire on both Google Play and the AppStore.



Even though Hoyoverse (formerly Mihoyo) is best known for its massive, open-world hit Genshin Impact and its popular ARPG Honkai Impact 3rd, that hasn’t stopped it from dipping its toes into the otome world, which it has done to great success. Tears of Themis has parts of a crime story, a love story, and a drama. It also has beautiful art, great music, and a teamștiinștiiștii voiceștiiștii. This game puts you in a fast-paced, engrossing world where you can find delicate evidence or get to know your handsome coworkers. It’s hard to put down.

Check out our guides for Tears of Themis cards and Tears of Themis characters if you need a little extra help as you try to figure out what’s going on.

You can get Tears of Themis from Google Play and the AppStore.



In Feral Hearts, you play as a PR assistant-turned-agent who is put in charge of four of Tokyo’s hottest heartthrobs while your boss is sick. But things aren’t exactly as they seem, and these boys are hiding a dangerous secret behind the perfect faces they show the public. Get close to the hypnotic and alluring rockstar Masaki, the sweet and sexy top model Taiki, the smouldering playboy actor Kyo, and the ambitious and sensational K-pop star Hansol as you help them through their busy lives and keep them safe. But what happens when it’s your turn to be saved?

The story is great. It’s full of mystery, romance, and otherworldly things, and it’s set in the crazy world of fame. No matter which way you go, these wild hearts will take you on a wild ride.

You can get Feral Hearts on Google Play.


The Chinese game developer miHoYo, who also made Genshin Impact, made Tears of Themis. It is an otome adventure game. Tears of Themis came out in mainland China in 2020, and a version with Japanese and English voiceovers came out later in 2021 for the rest of the world. Players take on the role of a new lawyer who just started working for the Themis law firm. They look for evidence at crime scenes and talk to NPCs to find out about different cases.

We like it because: The story in Tears of Themis is my favourite thing about the book. You’ll talk to each of the four main characters, Marius, Vyn, Luke, and Artem, in separate chapters. They’ll help you solve the NXX files’ cases. I just love how the main character interacts with the rest of the cast. Even during the beta, when the text wasn’t finalised, I found myself playing the game for hours on end, and I’m excited to see who we’ll meet in the next chapters of the main story.