8 Best Gamecube Racing Games That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Best Gamecube Racing Games

It’s time for us to do a Top 10 list of the best racing games for one of your favourite video game systems again. Our topic today is the Nintendo GameCube, which many people don’t know about but still love

Third-party companies didn’t seem to want to work on games for Nintendo’s purple box because they thought the N64 left them with a bad taste. As a group, this was one of the most difficult jobs we’ve done so far. It’s hard to find a good game for the Cube that isn’t made by Nintendo, let alone a good racing game for the Cube. These are the results we came up with. We tried our best.

Again, we went to the IGN Cube archives and found the ten best racing games that Matt and the rest of the team thought were the best. We posted the results here. If you don’t like this list, don’t yell at us. Instead, tell Matt.

This place has a lot of good things to offer, though. As you might expect, a few of the top 10 games are made by Nintendo. Some of these racing games don’t even use cars at all, but they’re still fun.

Most game stores should be selling these games for a lot less than they should because only a small group of people love Nintendo. You don’t have a reason to not own these games. They are great. If you want them, go to your local game store and get them right now!

F-Zero GX

F-Zero GX

IGN Cube Score: 9.3

Those who played games when they were younger will remember F-Zero as Nintendo’s first racing game. As soon as F-Zero came out on the SNES, it shocked people with its speed and gameplay, as well as its graphics in Mode 7. In the past, there were very few things like the rotating track that we have today. The speed of F-Zero went up as technology got better, and so did its speed. Nintendo made the F-Zero game for the GameCube the fastest yet. It’s also one of the most difficult, so be ready to throw your controller at the wall when you get stuck. Take a few extra controllers with you when you buy the game. The game has R.O.B.! Love R.O.B. when he works. This is the must-have game for the Cube.

Wave Race: Blue Storm

IGN Cube Score: 9.2

The GameCube came out with this game as its first game, so it is older than all the other games in this group. But that doesn’t mean that Wave Race is an old game. There are a lot of great water effects and huge waves in Wave Race, but it isn’t as pretty as some of the Xbox 360 and PS3 tech demo games that were shown off at the show. A lot of fun. If Nintendo made the game, you wouldn’t expect anything less, would you? I think you can get this game for 3 bucks used or something. Make sure you don’t buy a cheeseburger today so you can add this to your collection.

NASCAR 2005: Chase for the Cup

NASCAR 2005 Chase for the Cup

IGN Cube Score: 9.0

It won’t be a problem for NASCAR in the United States because its fans will always be there. NASCAR is already the most popular “sport” in the United States, but it keeps coming up with new ways to get its name out there to younger people. When NASCAR wants to reach people who are younger, they use video games. Duh. Start off as a street racer (wha?), get hired by a professional team, and then spend an entire race season turning left. NASCAR 2005: Chase for the Cup does this, too. So we didn’t do that!

Need For Speed: Underground

IGN Cube Score: 8.8

NFS:2 was the game to show off Brooke Burke. We can’t say how we met Brooke Burke. Oh, that’s right! We just did it now! Score! What’s up? For Need For Speed Underground, players go into the world of underground tuner-car street racing. What do you think of when you think of The Fast and the Furious but without Paul Walker? Special effects people from Hollywood were also hired to make this game look and feel like it was going at a high speed and with style. After you finish the game, your car is gone. It’s a shame.

XG3 Extreme G Racing

XG3 Extreme G Racing

IGN Cube Score: 8.5

Think of F-Zero or Wipeout, but with futuristic bikes. While the N64 Xtreme G games were not very good, the UK development studio Acclaim Cheltenham made this new version a real rival to the other futuristic racing games that were on the N64. This game runs at 60 fps and has a soundtrack by The Ministry of Sound. The GameCube version can play with four people at the same time, so play this one with your friends.

The Simpsons: Road Rage

Release Data: Radical Entertainment/Electronic Arts, 2001

Genre: Racing » Arcade » Automobile

For some people, The Simpsons Road Rage might have some replay value if they can see past its flaws

It’s possible to play against one other person in a split-screen mode. You can drive as any character in any location that you’ve unlocked in a mode without a clock.

Spy Hunter

Spy Hunter

Release Data: Point of View/Midway, 2002

Genre: Racing » Arcade » Automobile

The PlayStation 2 version of Spy Hunter was a pleasant surprise. It did well in all the areas that a Spy Hunter fan would expect it to do.

It’s almost the same as the PlayStation 2 version, but the GameCube version is a little less appealing because of the choppy, pixelated graphics.


Release Data: Rainbow Studios/THQ, 2006

Genre: Racing » Arcade » Automobile

Even though Cars is likely to take you less than 10 hours to finish, there are two-player multiplayer and bonus materials to play with.

It’s not just that Cars’ content is good enough to make up for its small size.