10 Robin Williams Best Movies That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

Robin Williams Best Movies

As a performer, Robin Williams was a one-of-a-kind artist. On Rotten Tomatoes, these are the movies that have the highest approval ratings for the venerable actor.

It’s hard to deny that Robin Williams was a comedy genius, whether you like his movies or not. In addition to making people laugh, he had a unique ability to connect with them on a personal level. He became a household name and a comedic deity as a result of his uncanny ability to connect with audiences.

Despite the fact that Williams’ comedic films are the most well-known of his work, that genre only spoke to a small portion of his acting ability. Even in the same scene, Robin Williams could make audiences laugh and cry. It was his way of saying thank you to all of us. According to Rotten Tomatoes, these are Robin Williams’ finest films.

1. One Hour Photo – 81%

One Hour Photo

Without a doubt, Robin Williams was the most popular comedian of the 1990s. When he appeared in Aladdin, Ms. Doubtfire, and Jumanji, he enthralled viewers over the world; nevertheless, it was during his more serious parts in the early 21st century that fans got a feel of his genuine acting ability.

Williams had a cameo in 2002’s One Hour Photo as a lone photo technician who became obsessed with a few of his clients. Overall, it was one of William’s most fascinating and darkest portrayals.

2. The Fisher King – 83%

Robbin Williams took a break from his humorous performances to join the cast of The Fisher King in the height of his stardom.

His on-air rants have resulted in the deaths of innocent people, and he is about to commit suicide.

When Lucas is about to take his own life, a homeless man named Parry (played by Williams) persuades him that his salvation rests in finding the Holy Grail. Instead of a magical treasure, Lucas is saved by the good deed that he performs for Parry.

3. Dead Poets Society – 84%

Dead Poets Society

One of Robin Williams’ most successful films, the Dead Poet Society earned a devastating amount of negative reviews, yet viewers still went to watch it, making it one of Williams’ most popular films. The movie was set in a prep school in the 1950s, when students were expected to adhere to a strict set of rules.

New teacher Robbin Williams motivates his students to think about history and life in an entirely new way than they had previously thought about it. The movie was an instant hit and is still regularly seen today.

4. Moscow On The Hudson – 86%

On the Hudson River in Moscow

In 1984, the film was released in theaters. It was Williams’ first attempt to veer away from the pure comedy pictures he was used to making at the time. A Russian saxophone player who works in a circus is the focus of this Cold War-era film.

As soon as the circus arrives in New York, William’s character leaves his native country to pursue his goals in a new one. While Moscow on the Hudson isn’t one of Williams’ most popular films, it features one of his best acting performances.

5. Awakenings – 88%


Oliver Slack’s memoir, Awakenings, serves as the basis for the film. When a doctor in 1969 (Robin Williams) decides to provide a new medicine to those in a coma for decades due to an outbreak of encephalitis, it’s a devastating film.

The patients wake up from their slumber to find a world they have no idea how to navigate. De Niro plays one of these patients in the film, which follows him as he falls in love only to discover that the effects of the medicine are only transitory, allowing him only a brief window of opportunity to enjoy the world around him.

6. World’s Greatest Dad – 88%

In 2009’s World’s Greatest Dad, Robin Williams found himself at the heart of a dark comedy/drama. The film tells the story of a lonesome, unsuccessful, and loathed poetry instructor at a school where he teaches.

Williams writes a heartfelt suicide note in memory of his son, who died of auto-erotic asphyxiation. It’s a letter he’s written that brings him fame and book deals, but he quickly realizes that being around dishonest people isn’t worth the effort.

7. Good Morning, Vietnam – 90%

Good Morning, Vietnam

Welcom to the Day. Robbin Williams was nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe for his performance in Vietnam, which was one of his most successful films. As a war picture, it’s rare to see a good mix of comedy and drama.

While in Vietnam, Williams’ character plays a service DJ. Through comedy, he is attempting to alleviate the stress of the soldiers around him, while also dealing with his own feelings about the war and the way his commanders are doing it.

8. Insomnia – 92%

Al Pacino and Christopher Nolan are two actors you might not associate with a Robin Williams film. That being said, despite a lack of experience with Robin William’s films, the cast and director managed to pull it off, providing compelling performances all around.

The story of Insomnia takes place in a small Alaskan town where a slew of killings have gone unexplained. When a Los Angeles police investigator is ordered to investigate the murders, he discovers that a local crime writer played by Robin Williams is the murderer.

9. Aladdin – 95%


His performance as the Genie of the lamp in Aladdin is one of Robin William’s most valued possessions in the animated film. Fans and critics alike hailed the picture as one of the greatest animated Disney movies ever made. Aladdin, a burglar, frees Williams’ Genie from his lamp prison.

Genie gives Aladdin three wishes, realizing that their relationship is more than just a master and a slave. BothWilliams’ performances in this film, both musical and comic, were flawless.

10. Good Will Hunting – 97%

Even though Williams was a versatile actor, his performance in the 1997 picture Good Will Hunting gained him the acclaim from critics and fans alike.

Matt Damon portrays a 20-year-old Bostonian who is ordered to attend counseling after attacking a police officer. A psychologist played by Robin Williams helps Damon to accept his genius-level intellect while making significant life changes to improve his personal and professional circumstances.