9 Best Magic Games That You Should Know Update 05/2024

best magic games

When you think of “magic,” you might think of witches and wizards from stories like Harry Potter. You wave a wand, say a spell, and a spell is cast. In video games, magic is often shown in a similar way. Make your choice from your hotbar, wait for a few seconds, and then the spell is ready to cast. There’s something about magic that makes it seem a little dull, doesn’t there?

There are some video games that don’t follow the same path when it comes to how they use magic. Here are some games that make magic come to life. You can make your own spells, make magic with resources, and even draw your own sigils in these games.

The Wizards

The Wizards

When you play The Wizards, you are a student of the great wizard Aurelius. Aurelius wants you to become a master spellcaster, so you must learn from him. The Wizards is similar to Arx Fatalis in that you use your VR motion controllers to make hand gestures that cause certain spells to be cast, just like in that game.

In The Wizards, you fight hordes of fantasy monsters in virtual reality, use your hands to cast spells, and even solve difficult RPG-style puzzles. This makes the game stand out not only from other VR games, but also from other magic-themed RPGs.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The Witcher’s magic system can be very different from source to source, but there are some things that stay the same. Magic is made from Chaos, and while anyone can use Chaos to make simple spells, some people called Sources have a natural ability to make Chaos work for them. Simple spells that witchers use take a lot of energy to cast on Netflix’s The Witcher, even if they’re not very powerful. It takes more magic and the spell is more powerful to take a toll on your body.

This new version of the system is likely based on The Witcher 3. In that game, Geralt has an arsenal of basic spells called Signs that he can use, but they require a full stamina bar to use them. The Witcher’s magic philosophy is more interesting than the game mechanic itself, but the use of spells in The Witcher 3 is satisfying and very important to winning hard fights.



Wizard101 is a free-to-play MMORPG with collectible card spell mechanics. It’s likely to be the closest thing you’ll ever get to going to Hogwarts. In 2008, the game was released. Despite that, the game is still getting new features and has a lot of people who play it.

Before this, you’re going to be sorted into a school of wizardry and get your first set of cards, which are your abilities. Check out Wizard101 if you like deck-building games with a little bit of fun animations and smart spell choices, like deck-building games. A lot of the game is free to play, but there are a lot of places that require you to pay to get into.

Blade And Sorcery

There are a lot of sword fights in Blade and Sorcery, so you might wonder if it can be a good magic game. Well, what if we told you that you could use a fireball spell to set your sword on fire? Not only can you fight your way through enemies in this physics-based VR combat game, but you can also burn them to ashes as well!

While the game doesn’t have a clear goal, there is still a lot of fun to be had playing around with new combinations of spells, weapons, and other parts of your environment as you try to become the best battle mage.

Wizard of Legend

Wizard of Legend

You might have heard of the meme about anime fights where the characters are so powerful that the human eye can’t see their moves. In Wizard of Legend, you get to see that kind of magical power for yourself.

In this game, speed is more important than anything else. Build your character with magic so that you can chain together as many spell combinations as possible, which is the most important thing. The synergy between quick spell casting and fast-paced movement really shakes up the standard spell casting procedure.

Pillars Of Eternity

Crowdfunded fantasy RPG Dungeons and Dragons isn’t the only source of inspiration for this game. It also has a lot of clever ideas for how to make characters like those in Dungeons and Dragons. If you’re playing Pillars of Eternity, you can play as a Barbarian. You can also play as a Rogue or a Ranger or something else like that. The “Chanter” class is similar to Bards in almost every way except for the name. It’s unique because you can make your own spells or “chants” by stringing together phrases you’ve learned.

You can only be a “Priest” in the game. Your abilities are based on what you do in the game and whether or not they are “in line” with your deity.



What makes the magic in Noita truly unique isn’t how you can make your own spells, but how you use the spells in the world around you. The “falling sand roguelite” is the name of the game. Every pixel in Noita works according to real-world rules. There are places where water pools and wood starts to burn. Lava can be cooled, and there are places where water pools. You get the idea.

This might not sound like much at first, but it means that as a player, you have a rare chance to not only use spells against your enemies but to change the environment in your favour.

Chris Livingston: Outward

A lot of people have already praised Outward’s magic system. I’m a big fan of it, too (and Outward in general). A lot of fantasy games give you a basic fireball spell just for being a level one magic user, but Outward is about survival as much as it is about fantasy, and even getting to “basic” takes a lot of work. A dangerous world called Outward has a quest to get to the centre of a mountain. You then have to decide how much of your physical health and stamina to give up in order to gain mana. Investing in magic means that you will lose some of your physical strength and health. Then, you get a Spark spell, which is like a small fireball. It’s good for lighting campfires, but it’s not very good at fighting. Welcome to the magic!

Make sure you use Spark with another spell called Sigil of Fire. This spell makes a magic circle that you can stand inside of. From inside the circle, you can use Spark to make a real fireball, but if you step outside, you’re back to throwing lit matches again. To cast the Sigil of Fire, you’ll need a Fire Stone, which you’ll find or make first. This means that you won’t be spamming magic like it’s a resource that never runs out. If you just stand in one place, your body temperature will go up, which isn’t good if you’re already dying in the desert. A lot of things about Outward’s magic system aren’t easy, which is what makes it so great.

Andy Kelly: Final Fantasy 8

Andy Kelly Final Fantasy 8

Look, I don’t think the junction system in FF8 is the best, but I’ve always found it interesting. Putting magic on your characters can help them get better and change their stats. For example, add Junction 100 fire magic to Squall’s attack, and you’ll get a big boost to your melee strength and do more fire damage. That’s true, but if you use a lot of fire spells from your stockpile, these effects will be less powerful. Fun: It was hard to figure out whether to use spells or keep your stats. It was possible to take advantage of the system and make your party very powerful, but I wasn’t complaining about the later fights in FF8.